Frankfurt, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Although marijuana is technically illegal, personal consumption is arguably decriminalized due to the “ban on excessive punishment” inherent in German law. According to federal guidelines prosecution can be declined in cases of up to 30 grams in several regions.

Law Enforcement: In the State Hessen (which is a state in Germany) up to 30 grams are considered just to be for own consumption. If you have more than 30 grams on you, you will probably be considered a Dealer. Yet, you might get arrested for only having 1 gram or even just a joint, it really is up to the police officer’s mood. On the other hand it is commonly known, that even Cops in Germany smoke up themselves. Sometimes when they catch you, they’ll just take you weed, say that the weed will be destroyed (probably by smoking it..) and you’re free to go.

Don’t smoke in public, but if you are chilling in a park it’s alright. The cops are pretty friendly but since possession is illegal in Germany watch out a bit, although they are not gonna check you. if you are 18 you r allowed to have it in your system, so things are pretty easy .

and also: “Your shit’ll be gone, but If you seem peaceful, don’t worry. They can’t even bust you. I once saw an argument between a crack-fiend or something, where the crack-fiend was really pissed off because they stopped him smoking his shit on the street, and they finally just took him with them, because it seemed he wanted to whop them.”

Where to buy marijuana in Frankfurt, Germany Our local reporter says “DO NOT BUY AT KONSTABLERWACHE! I am from Frankfurt, and absolutely NO1 buys there except tourists and stupid people who are on turkey. So PLEASE, do NOT buy at Konstablerwache (ok, you can buy stuff there, but you’ll most likely get dirty hash (real dirty) and it doesn’t even get you very high.”

In order to buy Marijuana just look out for it. As mentioned above, people smoke in parks, etc. so I guess that’s your best bet if you’re new in town.

Other tell us; Check near the Konstablerwache station. Look for the young “middle east” types, all of them seem to be selling hash. Some good quality, some bad. Two scores netted me a pretty good chunk (5 grams) of good quality Moroccan blonde, and a 4 gram score of very lousy quality I don’t know what. Be careful. Always check the shit before you walk away. If it doesn’t smell right, don’t buy it. The parks along the river near Romer mentioned in the original report don’t seem to have any smokers any more.

another reporter added: “Arabic people pretty much run the whole street-trading craft. Stick to them. As seen in your favourite gangster-movie it most probably will need some time to establish a connection to a person, that can take you deeper in the game. I think you really will find only hash at the beginning of strolling around searching. You go best with asking for a number, or if the dealer is more often around. Anyway, i would advise you to try to overjump the street-buying as fast as possible, because it’ll always be more expensive.

Konstablerwache is definitely the main spot. There is some area, close to the 2nd of 2 subway entrances (the first is the central one), which is not so crowded, even the city is full. Best times should be from 18:00, since then the city life already is calming down a little bit. Since a few months they got guards posted near the subway stations, i dunno if they’re there to look-out or just to verify no trouble in the city. Anyway keep an eye. German police can be recognized at the green suits. I think only the young officers are eager to catch you, as the older ones think that hash is not very harming. In Germany it’s more about expand already found contacs to search for a good one, because the good one is like 1 of 1000. If you’re only there for a short time and insist weed, let them know you are willing to spend money and this it be a problem. If the price is right, anything is no problem, alltough it can get cheeky.”

Marijuana prices: Since the Soccer World Championship in 2006 prices have risen dramatically. Before 2006 you had to pay around 5-7 Euros per gram. Nowadays prices range from 7-10 Euros (at Konstablerwache around 12 Euros, so again, avoid buying there)

Other reports say:

Hash 5.00 – 6.00 € / g

Weed 7.00 – 8.00€ / g

Marijuana brands: Various like a rainbow, that’s all i can say. You could get shit, that’ll take your mind to the universe, from where you can see the dessert, the chinese wall and your mama house. Or you just sitting there coughin’ and asking yourself: “Am i high? Am i high?”

More information: Just try it. It’s definately possible to get high between 1-2 hours, so you won’t starve. But try to get a feeling for how it’s done here. You will go the best with that.

Enjoy it there are some chill people to hang out with check out Bergerstrasse it is a cool little street to walk and they have the best hamburger’s this side of the pond.

Smoking in Public: The only place where I personally would be afraid to smoke up is the very city center. Everything around the city center is no problem, just watch out for the cops. People will not tell on you, they might look very briefly, but that’s it.

If you are a real stoner, you should also check out Frankfurt’s headshops! There, you will be able to find all kinds of gear!

Again, let me warn you, Konstablerwache is definitely NOT the place to go to. If you want the good stuff just ask some random German kids who look like stoners, that’ll do.

If you get busted, don’t worry, won’t be much of a big deal.

In order to get a fair price, you should get to know people. That way you’ll get a little bit more every time you pick up weed.

One last tip: There were several American settlements in Frankfurt one of which is still actively being maintained. This settlement you can find close to the U-Bahn (Subway) Station “Dornbusch” (Subway U1, U2 or U3) in direction of Ginnheim, Gonzenheim, and Hohenmark. Once you arrive at “Dornbusch”, just ask for this American settlement (2 Minute walk). In the settlement you can find American kids who have had the same problem you are currently having. Thus, you can feel more comfortable in getting help finding weed.