Fort St. John, BC, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5


Law enforcement: Fort St. John is a booming Northern Oil Town. Law enforcement is made up RCMP. For whatever reason, even in light of a growing crime rate, there is no local police force, but even if there was, let’s face it, they wouldn’t waste their time on someone who is smoking a joint and minding their own business.

Just remain respectful and intelligent regarding your habits and you will have no problems. You will find more people smoke in this area than don’t. Just remember, draw the line at pot 🙂

Where to buy marijuana: Go to the condill strip bar. watch a couple shows. you will find it.

Marijuana prices:

Marijuana brands: not even close to the caliber you can acquire in Vancouver; but it will get the job done NO PROB!

More information: business is booming up here; a good time to buy in this area.