Florianopolis, Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.9

Legislation: Import, export, send, make, buy, sell, expose to sell, offer, prescript, keep […] or deal drugs, even if for free: 5 to 15 years of jail and R$ 500 to R$ 1500 fine.

Marijuana is proibitted all over Brazil. It’s hard to get in trouble using weed in this city or in any place donw south. But sometimes we have stupid cops, be careful. The new legislation is better for the drug user, also for the grower, that now is not considered a drug dealer dependind on the amout of plants. Growing still a silent movement that you can’t see, but you know it happens.

Law enforcement: The year of 2006 started with a new country legislation that drug users will not be considered a criminal. It’s considered an offense, and you pay a fine. Be careful with big amounts in the car, because nation wide we have police stops with search for guns and big amouts of drugs. The three south states are the best for weed lovers because the cops are more gentle with the situation.

Where to buy marijuana in Florianopolis: Florianpolis is a weed city! There is a strong surf culture and among with that a lot of people smoke it. Nobody wants to be cauth by cops, but you can see people somking it all over the place. Downtown is problaly the worst place to somke. To buy weed you got to ask thet right people. Go to the beach and ask some surfer, you can buy cheap weed on the ‘favelas’ (poor hills) but don’t go there if you are a foreing. Althoug violence in the south of Brazil is A LOT better then the far north, the poor alleys can be dangerous as big drug dealers have always heavy ammo.

Florianopolis marijuana prices: Regular (sometimes poor weed, somtimes ok) 100 grams – U$50

Skunk (go to the rich people) 1 gram – U$20 or 25

Hydro (hard to find, try the richest again..) 1 gram – U$ 30 to 40

Brands: There is a lot of weed going on in Florianpolis and it’s a matter of knowing the right people. Musicians, artists and surfers love the ganja!!!!!!

Weed from brazil is very good quality indeed. in the north states we have the “manga rosa”, “racha-coco”, “cabeחa de nego” e “cabrobr”. also the weed which comes from mato grosso and mato grosso do sul states are very good. but here in south the biggest quantity comes from paraguay, and paraguay’s weed is very bad. is not good idea for foreigners in any part of the world look for marijuana on the ghettos, but here these places offer very good weed.

Enjoy Brazil’s coolest place!

More information: Some friends of mine had been cauth smoking weed in Florianpolis and the cops here just let them go. Some of my friends from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, had been caught and had been in big trouble, they take you to the police department and you have to give them money so they let you go.

Weed from brazil is very good quality indeed. in the north states we have the “manga rosa”, “racha-coco”, “cabea de nego” e cabrobro