Eugene, OR, Oregon

Marijuana Laws in Oregon

On November 4th, 2014 the citizens of Oregon voted yes on Measure 91 which will legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon. Legal marijuana stores will not be operational in Oregon until anywhere from July 2015 to 2016. The OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) must put laws in place to accept applicants for recreational sales of marijuana by January 1, 2016.

Until then, however, marijuana is legal in Oregon and adults may grow up to 4 plants in their homes, you pay also possess 8oz in your home or 1oz in public.

Oregon has had medical marijuana for over a decade and has many operational facilities for medical patients. See the law in detail on NORML. Law enforcement is fairly understanding of your rights these days.

Law Enforcement
The cops around here have more important things to do than look for stoners and hippies on a friday night… trust me. As long as you stay a respectable distance from johhny law he’ll give you a wide birth. There were a total of 6 marijuana related arrests in 2006 in Eugene.

another reporter added: “* With no prior felony convictions, if convicted of possession of less than one pound of marijuana a judge must impose a sentence of probation with mandatory drug treatment. If no treatment center exists within the jurisdiction, the judge may waive the treatment requirement. They judge can also waive all fines.

“Eugene police are not really pot-friendly although it depends on what part of town and what time of day or night. Certainly during the Saturday market is the lowest risk seeing how lots of people openly smoke on the square. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Eugene, Oragon

You can find it at open air events if you know what kind of people to look for. But don’t quote me on the quality, it can go from stuff that barely resembles weed, up to some of the most mind blowing sensemilla there is.”

“You can always find dank on the steps of the courthouse during Saturday market. Walk up, look around, and within 30 seconds someone will walk by saying “nugs, shrooms” under their breath, and you’ll turn around and someone else will look right at you and ask if you’re looking to buy weed. I have purchased this way (and I’ve never lived in this town) over the last TEN YEARS and have always been satisfied. I could only wish I knew of more locations like this. ”

another report we have is: “You really better know someone in this town. You can buy it on the street from strangers, but it will be extemely low quality herb and weight will be light.”

another reporter added: “Most of the time there is very little focus(if any) on marijuana smokers/dealers beings how so many people here smoke. Saturdays you can find many people openly smoking on the steps of the county court house, right next to the police station and sheriffs office. Saturdays between Spring and fall. In other parts of the town there are very little officers who will stop you for having/smoking as long as you stick to the older neighborhoods and by the river. Look under “more information” for more good smoking spots and other usful tips.”

Marijuana prices:

 “Like this site says it vaires from 35-45 an eighth here, but if you know someone and buy in bulk should be economical.”

and also:” $25-$40 for an 1/8 oz. depending on what is around at the time, although you can not find bad pot here, there are “flavers” that are in high demand. You will not find compressed nuggs here or “mexi nuggs”. The only pot you will find here is the kind that you can toss at a window from across the room and it will stick. I have seen every color of hair to every color of “keef” crystals under the rainbow.”

Marijuana brands: “If you know anything about the way weed is grown and prepared to be consumed… you’d know that with weed it’s 98 % nurture and 2 percent nature. so don’t pay any attention to the name or brand, just worry about the way it looks smells, feels and smokes. You’ll find some of the choicest herb here.”

Nothern Lights, Blueberry Trinity, Skunk Bud, 20 min creeper, Orange bud, Blueberry dreams, AK-47, G-13 – G-18, Lime, Sticky skunk

More information

Smoke spots: near the rose garden and on the lower trails of the river, Skinners butte, “420 Ghetto”, pretty much just walking down the street.

There is a statue of Ken Kesey reading a story to children on Broadway, close to ltd bus station, so you can imagine what the atmosphere around here is. He is one of the original hippies.