Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: It’s not ok to smoke the gange in front of a police man, but its pretty common to smell the sweet smell of mr green in most parks. Sometimes walking down the street you can even treat your nostrils.

Law enforcement: Police are likey to confiscate your treasure, and give you a caution, unless you have a football sized amount.

Where to buy marijuana: Ask any likely looking guy. Most bartenders will know someone, but be aware that they probably won’t do it for a stranger unless you give them some good chat or make it worth their while. If they get some, say you will give them a little bit as a thank you. I used to know a man who delivered

Marijuana prices: £20 for an eighth of an ounce of the green

Marijuana brands: Loads, mostly orange bud, there is alot of soapbar, but the majority you can get is kush and orange bud.

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