East Valley, Arizona

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Marijuana possession is a criminal offense – For possession of an amount less than two pounds the sentence can range from 6 mos. – 1.5 years and a fine of $750 – $150,000. Possession of two or more pounds but less than four pounds is punishable by 9 mos. – 2 years in jail and a fine of $750 – $150,000. Possession of four pounds or more is punishable by 1.5 – 3 years in prison and a fine of $750 – $150,000.

Law Enforcement: Most schools have a zero-tolerance policy; keep your buds out of school. Don’t smoke in public – cops are desparet.

Where to buy Marijuana in East Valley Arizona: In most cases, you have to know somebody. Hit up a local mall and keep your eyes peeled for punk rockers, junkies etc.. Don’t mistake a punk rocker for an emo kid, though. They’re “straight-edge”.

East Valley Marijuana Prices: Low-mid quality: 20$ 7g, 30$ 14g, 60$ 28g. Expect to pay more if you don’t have a connect.

Highs: 15$-20$/1g 45$-55$/3.5g 90$-105$/7g 150$-175$/14g 270$-310$/28g

Marijuana Strains: Trainwreck and purple bud are probably the most popular.