Durban, South Africa

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Posession is illegal, so bare in mind that if you are unlucky enough to get caught, you may be fined $20.

Law Enforcement: The police don’t really care to much for users in durbs, just the sellers that get owned.

Our local reporter added: “have been smoking for eight years and never busted. So unless you have really bad luck you could light up at a mall lot.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Durban: under any bridge, garage or street corner with a black guy standing on it.. for hydro you gonna need to go to some trouble since it’s pretty hard to get

Durban Marijuana prices: from about 5$ for swazi red but there is a lot of jut going around for about 2 rand a slope which is a couple of american cents.. Hydro is probabley about 30$ – 50$ a banky, and even though it’s Durban there is hardly any Durban poison unless you go to the Indian areas like sydnem where it is ripe with DP.

another reporter added : “R20, We are hooked up but a tourist would pay probably R40 for a half filled bank bag.”

Durban Marijuana Brands: Durban Poison , Hydro , Swazi , normal JUT , mindblender and alot more funky names.

More information: South Africa is a great place to come for stoners. Value for money weed.