Dundee, Scotland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Like anywhere else in Scotland, the most you can be given if caught is a caution, provided you have under 2 ounces.

Law enforcement: As long as you aren’t asking a police officer there is a pretty low chance of getting caught.

Where to buy marijuana: If you go the church (steeple) you will find a lot of teenagers there, they will generally have a hook-up to buy weed and should help you get some.

Marijuana prices: £20 sterling (do not have coins, always have notes or you won’t get anything) for a “half q” which is half of a quarter of an ounce. (eighth)

Marijuana brands: I have never bought anything besides medium quality weed, though you can ask the dealer if they have any better brands as hey sometimes do. Do not expect to get hash resin, as this is rarely available.

More information: Do not always expect there to be people hanging at the steeple, but the best time to check is around 5-6pm onwards on weekends.