Doylestown, PA, Pennsylvania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: As with the rest of Pennsylvania, possession of 30g or less will most probably land you a misdemeanor, 30 days in jail, and a 500 USD fine. For first offenders the court may grant probation without a verdict and there is conditional release.

Law Enforcement: While it is entirely possible to smoke around town without anybody caring, the local bussinesses and citizens have really been forcing the town to enforce the streets a lot more than they have in the past. There is also legislation in the works to put cameras throughout the town. With that said, Doylestown, while being a major drug hub for eastern PA, is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and walking or driving a few miles to just outside the town will leave you surrounded by housing developments and farm land sans the fuzz.

Also, stay away from parks after dark. Cops often sit in the parking lots and will flash their lights and ask for ID, etc just for pulling in. During the day however, I’ve found that many of the large expansive parks in the area are often packed full of people puffing on joints.

Where to buy marijuana in Doylestown PA: On any night, especially on weekends, you can find it by asking most of the teenagers and younger adults there, many of them may have some already and be willing to sell. Most of these people are meandering around on State & Main St. and on the porch of the Fountainhouse which hosts the Starbucks. Also, the local college (Deleware Valley College) has leaf readily available when class is in session. Just ask around. Most of the weed in Doylestown comes directly from Philadelphia and thus is fairly inexpensive, but quality ranges.

Ask around town, but be wary of kids under the age of 18 that are selling pot. Not only is it just a little weird, but they almost always get ripped off for shitty pot and then try to rip you off for shitty pot to get their money back. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’re getting quality marijuana, nearby New Hope PA (a 10 minute drive at the most) is a drug haven and asking pretty much anybody on the street or in any of the hippie shops, etc. will usually land you some exceptional bud.

Doylestown PA marijuana Prices: While you can find average bud for $10 – $15 a gram, expect to pay $20 a gram for some good headies.

An 1/8th ounce will usually run you $40, but if you go for any of the true headies you’re gonna pay $50 or $55. Heavier amounts (and in my opinion higher quality buds) than that are best found in nearby New Hope PA.

Brands: Doylestown is a pretty big hub when it comes to the drug trade in eastern PA, but if you want anything other than the stuff brought up from Philly or from NYC head over to New Hope. I’ve seen everything from Bubblegum, to California and NYC Diesel, to Northern Lights and just good old VT and PA homegrown in New Hope.

More information: While I don’t necesarily condone driving while stoned, the endless laberinth of back roads around the town and by the river are by far the safest place to be when you’re smoking. In the ‘town’ I live in about a mile from Doylestown there is only 1 or 2 cops on duty at pretty much any random point in time and they are expected to cover a good amount of area, most of which is back roads and farm land. It’s really a beautiful area to explore on a nice day with a few friends and bag of marijuana.