Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Consumption of both opium and cannabis are traditional in Bangladesh. There are no real local laws that relate to marijuana – just some international treaties that don’t mean much.

Law enforcement: No laws to be forced, and Normally police dont care about tourists

Where to buy marijuana in Dhaka: Gulshan – accross from navana tower (a lady called rani appa) Dhanmondi – green road in a small alley behind a garbage bin. Cannabis is cultivated particularly in the districts of Naogaon, Rajshahi, Jamalpur and Nerrokona in the northwestern region, as well as the hilly districts near Cox’s Bazaar, Banderban, Khagrachhari and Rangamati in the southeast (bordering Myanmar). another reporter added: “Gulshan area or any area..look for small tobacco stalls..(there are many of them).

While buying a single cig ask for ganja….either they sell it or know a tobacco stall that does….its sold in prepackaged cones..mostly shwag..but very cheap. Also ask for “choclate” if you are looking for hash” and also: “road 33 gulshan 1 behind road 126 gulshan 1 near the lake

Dhaka marijuana prices: 10 taka is the norm for about a gram – that’s about 13-15 cents USD another reporter added: “dirt cheap….1 dollar for a 1/4”

More information: Although the tolerance or lack of laws on these substance is remarkable the country itself is actually very unsafe and completely unstable with executions happening in the street by the government without trial by jury. “The country continues to suffer from extensive corruption,[15] disorder and political violence…Obstacles to growth include frequent cyclones and floods, inefficient state-owned enterprises, mismanaged port facilities, a growth in the labour force that has outpaced jobs, inefficient use of energy resources (such as natural gas), insufficient power supplies, slow implementation of economic reforms, political infighting and corruption. According to the World Bank’s July 2005 Country Brief, “Among Bangladesh’s most significant obstacles to growth are poor governance and weak public institutions.”[27]” “Bangladesh tops most corrupt list (BBC)” So it’s been the most corrupt country for about 4 years in a row as of 2007. Besid es the government and policemen going around murdering anybody who is different or they don’t like there is widespread theft and rape and the government there is responsible for at least part of those rapes and extortions/thefts. An average person there may only make $2100 a year by the way so keep in mind if you are a foreigner how desperately they will want your money if you have the utter bravery to travel there.

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  • Sameed

    1). Ask the rickshaw wallahs in front of Hotel Lake Castle (near the American club); they do pot runs for expats and American school kids all the time

    2). Go to Aslam Lighting in Gulshan-2 circle (just look up), ask for Aslam bhai – he’s one of Dhaka’s favorite dealers and will deliver

    3). Absolutely any of the cigarette stalls in Gulshan – 2 circle

    4). If you want wholesale prices for insane amounts (1-2 kilos), go to Tongi and ask any cigarette stall. The more rural the area, the cheaper the prices

  • Sameed

    its not legal you dumbass