Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: No information yet.

Law enforcement: Saudi Arabia isn’t the place you want to get caught with shit because you’re probably asking to get yourself into serious shit. However, as long as you’re not a local you can probably pay your way out of the jail cell but you’ll definitely be at the station for at least a night and you’ll see some pretty sketchy shit there, not cool.

Where to buy marijuana: You actually won’t be able to find pot but hashish is everywhere. There are two pretty easy ways to find hash: 1- spend a lot of time on the corniche and just walk around, eventually you’ll find someone that looks like they blaze and if they don’t sell everyone knows who to get shit from…2- if that too hard the easiest thing in the world is aramco camp, find someone who can sign you on to the aramco compound and look for kids anywhere from ninth grade through college years. The only way they’ll get you shit is if you ask and don’t be a sketchball about it or they’ll rip the f*** out of you.

Dhahran marijuana prices: It’s awkward, weight has no significance and if you talk in grams people will think you’re a dumbass…for about 100 riyals you can get a piece of hash just a bit longer than your pinky finger…there is a small problem with some dealers, they only sell by 250 riyals and so they get to make more shit off of you. when you ask for a piece just be like “yo, do you have shit cuz i need a 100” something like that.

Brands: Most the stuff you find is going to be from saudi (another city called qatif). Also, its pretty common to find afghani shit and sometimes moroccan hash is available too. Try to stay away from “shegra” it’s blonde looking instead of brown but I’ve bought shegra that didn’t even get me buzzed so stay away from it, its too easy to get shitty stuff.

More information: The good thing about hash that isn’t possible with weed is the quality is easy to tell by the smell. When you get the piece break it open in the middle and check to make sure its not dark black and give it a little sniff, even if you can’t tell what the shit is its a good idea to do that because most likely you’ll make your hookup think that you know something about what you’re getting. However, no matter what you get never seem too pleased because its very common to rip people off and being pleased is like consent to letting people jip you.