Detroit, MI, Michigan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The penalty for the use of marijuana is up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $100.

Possession of marijuana in any amount is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000, unless the possession occurred in a public or private park, which increases the penalty to a possible 2 years in prison.

Conditional discharge is available in all use and possession cases.

Law Enforcement: As long as you’re not doing anything stupid the cops don’t really care 7 out of 10 times if it’s under an ounce they take it for themselves, dump it out, put it on your hood and make you drive off, or something in the nature of you not having it though there have been many times where they just give it back. so users are pretty much safe from the police but if you’re selling thats when they make arrests. use common sense and you’ll be alright.

another reporter added: “Seems to be pretty lax. I was walking to a Tigers game, a scalper asked me if i wanted tickets I said no but what about that fire? he asked how much? i said a 20 he called a fellow scalper over and handed me the bag, this was a 3 pm game so it was in broad daylight with thousands of people walking around. me and a buddy also smoked a one hitter at the smoke deck in Comerica with hundreds of people around and didnt even get a glance from anybody. Also smoked in the hotel room at the Hilton alot with maids walking around and nobody said anything. ”

and also: “The law enforcement in Detroit is racially bias towards whites much as the pigs in the suburbs scrutinize blacks extra hard, remember if you are white you are the minority in Detroit so they will pull you over just to harass and ticket you, I’ve had friends get tickets for things as stupid as “loitering in a drug trafficking area” just for walking home

avoid cherry picking anywhere, if your looking for something be on the move and do NOT travel in predictable routes or patterns if you return”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Detroit: ” I’ve been a local to the burbs of Detroit all my life, and take it from someone whose been going to the city to buy anything from a bag to an oz. since i was a kid just take I-75 south and get off at 7 mile, you can cruise the one way streets starting one block west of the highway and usually will be approached by multiple individuals on each block – the first block being Omirah

as an out of towner id recommend skipping this street and starting at Andover as over 30 dead bodies were found on Omirah alone last year alone”

and also: “Going along 8 mile, in the Southfield area, going to gas stations and openly asking can score you a wide variety of products. Exercise caution later at night, try not to appear “rich”.

Don’t be afraid to ask people. The Marijuana trade is a staple of the economy in Detroit, and not something that is hard to find. However, be very careful where you go. If you are from out of town… you can get lost quickly… and Detroit is not the safest place. It is, however, an intersting place to see (let alone grow up in).”

a recent report we received: “You can easily score some bud by visiting the liquor stores on Fort Street. All of them from downtown to the city of Lincoln Park are worth a shot. Don’t go inside and ask, but as you park and get out of your car you will almost certainly be approached by someone. The suburbs around Schaefer Highway off of I-75 are also an easy score, just ask someone thats on the street and if they don’t have any on them they’ll either wave someone over to give it to you or tell you to drive around the block or something. Just remember you are in Detroit, and you can run into bad situations very easily if you enter the wrong suburbs or part of town. Always excerise caution. If your not a local then you need to remember your not in your safe lil town anymore.”

and also: “Take Southfield Freeway to Warren avenue. Look for some brothers playing basket ball, or a couple of guys hanging around in the neighborhoods off that freeway exit.”

and also: “I’ve found the safest and easiest area to buy in the D is 7 Mile around the Lodge. There are many neighborhoods just north and south of 7 mile and if you drive around them you should get lucky pretty quickly. Just try to blend in and be smart and you’ll be fine. Don’t expect to be able to get large amounts this way, however. The street dealers usually just have nickel and dime bags.”

Detroit Marijuana Prices: Prices in Detroit are generally based on 100 an Onion straight down the line, so if you ask for a bag from a straight dealer it should come out about 3 grams-ish

for regos theres good and bad regos the price will usally tell you a blunts worth is $10 quarter $30-40 half $50-60 ounce $80-150 quarter pound $300-500 half pound $600-900 pound $1000-1500

for dro

a blunts worth is $20

quarter $100-150

half $200-250

ounce $350-400

quarter pound $1200-1500

for purple haze

2 blunts $60ish

ounce $800ish

for blue berry

ounce $500-700

for gauns

a blunts worth $25

ounce $500-600

Metro Detroit (between 8 mile and 25 mile,I-94 and mound) Marijuana Prices:


gram $10-15

eigth $20-25

quarter $35-45

half $60ish

ounce $100-150


gram $20

eigth $50-75

quarter 100-150

half $200-250

ounce 350-450

another reporter added: “Expect to pay straight prices for straight bags, such as $10 for 2g, $25 quarter, $50 half, $100 for ounce.”

and another reporter added: “Prices can vary drastically depending on who you know and where you go. Generally speaking,

25- quarter

50- half

80- ounce

250- qp”

Brands:¬†: Detroit has a wide varity of regos from crappy to superb dros theres b.c.’s and straight up dro both are great those are the ones that you’ll usally find with ease but we have purple haze, bubble gum, gaun, blue berry, train wreck, ak-47, white widow, and every now and then there’s a couple others but to find any of these you have to know someone or be really lucky to stumble upon them.

and also: “Carry a variety of regos, but recently its been great Beasters with same price levels… no seeds, very nice orange hair and green. Sometimes have some premos, and expect to pay more.”

another reporter added: “I’ve only been able to get a hold of regs in Detroit, the quality varying from extremely seedy dirt weed to very decent regs.”

More information:¬†Generally safe, just don’t look like you have money, and just blend in. It is a ghetto area, but after going down there for a couple of years, and with normal precaution its generally safe. They do deal other drugs out there, and beware of anyone wanting you to go into houses for sale, as you may be asked to smoke with them (which can be laced, a buddy asked what it was, and it was “the good stuff”, ended up being a 51er). And do not approach them if they don’t look like its the normal day in day out, may end up a crack head trying to rob you. If its your first time, ask for small ammounts to avoid being jacked!

Just a fun place to be period. It was fun to smoke a blunt and then walk to Greektown for some chronic food.

Never get out of your car for any reason! Be aware of your surroundings and if the situation seems sketchy drive off, your life isn’t worth ten dollars and either is your car for that matter

Any out of town friends of mine I’d strongly recommend not to buy weed in Detroit

It is easy enough to find and cheap but for a little more money in the suburbs it can be bought in a much less dangerous setting for slightly more money

the cops in pretty much all suburbs take the sale of any kind of contraband seriously as the state is in a massive deficit be aware of ticket happy cops running around like its the end of the month at ALL times.