Denver, CO, Colorado

Denver Marijuana Guide

Laws and Regulations

Colorado has passed Amendment 64 which allows possession of up to 1 ounce per adult 21 years or older. CO Residents can buy up to an ounce per purchase. Non-residents can buy up to a quarter ounce per purchase.

You may give to or trade marijuana with any adult, but you may not sell it to them. That means you’re allowed to trade your Sour Diesel with your friend’s Blue Dream, but you can’t take cash for marijuana.

You MAY NOT take any marijuana products out of the state.

It’s not legal to smoke in public. It’s a fineable offense. With that being said, most people and most cops generally won’t hassle you if you’re not being an asshole about it. Go find somewhere secluded if you want to smoke outside. Like the top of a mountain, for a start.

You can be charged with having an open container of marijuana in your car. It needs to be in a sealed container anywhere that is not accessible to the driver. The trunk is the best place to store your weed at all times.

Marijuana possession has been banned in the Denver Airport, and is still technically illegal in National Parks under federal law. State and local parks are still okay. Public transportation is okay also.

It is legal to ‘display’ marijuana in public spaces, meaning that you’re allowed to walk around town holding a bag of weed above your head, singing “BAG OF WEED, BAG OF WEED, EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH A BAG OF WEED”

Where can I buy marijuana in Colorado? is by far the best resource for finding dispensaries. Take a look at their map, click on a dispensary, and take a look at their menu and pricing. The prices are currently hovering around $350-$400 / ounce plus about 30% tax.

Craigslist is still a resource for cheaper black-market weed. Legally, the buyer is at no risk since it isn’t illegal to purchase marijuana, however buy at your own risk because these are not licensed dispensaries. Of course we all would prefer that you pay tax in the recreational dispensaries, though.

Neat shit to do

Weekly event listings in Denver (thanks to /u/rDenverPosts[7] )
Illusionz Glass Gallery is a top-of-the-line headshop that contains pipes and bongs that are described better as works of art, including this giant, fully smokeable motherfuckin pirate ship[8] selling for like $30,000. Complete with chillum cannons. On every 1st Friday of the month and on 4/20 they have a free live glass-blowing demonstration with a few kegs and a smokeout tent out back for anyone 21+. Definitely worth checking out, if nothing else just to get baked out back and see all the glass.

Smoking Clubs and Lounges, such as iBake Lounge in Denver[9] , or Speak Easy Vape Lounge in Colorado Springs[10]

Go hiking! The mountains are super close, and are absolutely beautiful all year round. Denver is just another big city, for the most part, so it would be a huge shame if you came all the way out here and didn’t enjoy the natural beauty of our state. Make sure to take all your trash (including your roaches!) with you, because we Coloradoans love our open spaces and want to keep them clean. Blazing up at the top of a mountain with a few good friends is definitely a moment you can’t put a price tag on. SO DO IT!

Red Rocks[11] is a must-see. It is widely regarded as the greatest and one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world. During the day it is a city park with lots of great hiking, beautiful scenery, interesting geology and a pretty sweet museum. Even the amphitheater is open to the public during the day, which is hella cool because you can walk around the stage that so many super famous people have played on. If you get a chance to see any concert, DO IT. I’m honored to live so close to such a legendary place. The concerts are also mostly tree-friendly, as long as you’re not doing it right in front of security.

Boulder is a nearby college town right on the front range of the Rockies. Almost anywhere in town you have a sweet view of the mountains. In fact, you can hike straight into the mountains from downtown. It is my home, and I love every minute of living here.

Skiing/Snowboarding is of course what Colorado is most famous for. Some favorite spots are: Vail, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Keystone and Winter Park

Other neat shit to do[12] – Scroll down to “See” and “Do”.

Neat shit to do on 4/20

Civic Center Park 4/20 Rally[13] – Ever have the urge to smoke with tens of thousands of other people in front of the state capital and a bunch of cops? Go here. It’s widely considered the largest smokeout in the world, and it’s free and open to the public. The cops will give out MIPs, so only go if you’re 21+. Hopefully we don’t get any assholes shooting people this year…

The High Times Cannabis Cup[14] – A world-famous competition to find the best marijuana, edibles, and concentrates. It’s essentially a trade-show for cannabis vendors. Event-goers last year waited in line to get free dabs and bong rips from the different booths. There’s a smokeout at 4:20 on 4/20, but is much smaller than the one in Civic Center Park. Want a local’s suggestion? Leave the Cup at around 3:30, go to Civic Center for 4:20, then go back to the Cup if you so desire. You won’t regret it. Last year’s Cup had reports of overcrowding, but this year’s event is at the Denver Mart, a much larger venue.

Food and Beer

You’re in a different place, so don’t get the same shit you could get at home. Hit up some good local restaurants and breweries, because Colorado is home to some outstanding craft beers. If whiskey is your thing, we also have a great craft whiskey market.

Lucille’s[15] – Seriously the dankest breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. Their homemade sausage is the best.
Snooze[16] – This get’s the silver medal for breakfasts. Locations in Denver and Boulder.
Vine St. Pub[17] – Good burgers and a great selection of craft beers. My favorite is the Vagabond IPA. Locations in Denver and Boulder.
Falling Rock Taphouse[18] – The bar is meh, but they’ve also got a great selection of beers and is right in the middle of downtown.
Casa Bonita[19] – The same Casa Bonita featured in the South Park episode. Shitty cafeteria food, bad acting, mediocre cliff divers, but still worth the experience.
A more detailed list of local restaurants can be found in the /r/Denver FAQ[20]

Other Tips

Altitude sickness sucks. At a mile high in Denver, you may have trouble catching your breath and a slight, persistent headache. At higher altitudes, say if you’re going into the mountains, you may feel dizzy and nauseous. Drink lots of water and if you’re really not feeling well, pick up some Diamox from the drug store.
Even if it’s warm during the day, it usually gets really cold when the sun goes down even during the summer. Always have a jacket with you if you’re planning on being out past sundown.

Not in a smoking room? Don’t know where to smoke? Ask the hotel front desk. They’ve been asked the question hundreds of times before, so no need to be embarrassed. They will tell you where the safest place to smoke is.

Buy a cheap pipe that you won’t mind throwing away, because you can’t take a used pipe out of the state. Support the local glassblowers.

Watch how much you drink and smoke. The altitude does funny things to your body and you will get drunker much quicker. The first night I moved here, I went to the bars and was hammered after just a few beers. The altitude doesn’t affect how high you get, though, but be careful because you’re smoking some of the best bud that the world has to offer.

Like anywhere else, you get what you pay for here in Colorado. If you buy weed on the cheap side, don’t be surprised if it isn’t dried and cured properly. While you’re here, spring for the top-shelf buds. You’re not obligated to buy anything if you’re not impressed with the quality.

If you’re coming for 4/20, note that the big 4/20 smokeout on the CU Boulder campus has been stamped out by CU Administration and the local police. You will be escorted off campus if you don’t have a CU student ID on 4/20.

We Coloradoans cherish our parks and open spaces. Littering really rustles our jimmies.
We’re also quite flammable, so don’t flick your cigarettes or roaches.