Dalian, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in China, and so is any related action. Since Cannabis is quite a big industry in China (cloth making, rope making etc.), cannabis cultivation is legal.

Law enforcement: Not only do the police not want to hassle foreigners, they have no clue what this great plant is.

Where to buy marijuana: Kind of hard to find, ask the guys cooking meat on the side of the street, you might get lucky. By the way, you’ll only be getting some week hash that should cost you 100RMB for a small bag.

another reporter added: “The deals are pretty sketchy, with old ladies asking “you smoke?” in Chinese, and then following young couples back to their houses where they offer you opium (of terrible quality) and very fresh pot and powerful hash at ridiculously cheap prices (I bought hash made with over two ounces of bud in it for only 20 dollars or so).”

Marijuana prices: 100RMB for a small bag, you gotta have a good eye not to get ripped off.

More information: On the bright side. This shit grows wild around here. Look around the railroad tracks. I’ve already found around 20 plants. As soon as those buds get ripe I’ll be picking.