Corvallis, OR, Oregon

Marijuana Laws
On November 4th, 2014 the citizens of Oregon voted yes on Measure 91 which will legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon. Legal marijuana stores will not be operational in Oregon until anywhere from July 2015 to 2016. The OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) must put laws in place to accept applicants for recreational sales of marijuana by January 1, 2016.

Law enforcement 
Police here enforce the laws and do not like marijuana. This is a somewhat conservative college town (as conservative as a college town in Oregon can get I guess), so the police are dicks. DO NOT drive while high, your chances of being pulled over for any reason are high here, and if you’re baked they will find out and give you as much punishment as they can.

and also: “some cops are chill, some cops aren’t. some cops let you go if you’re honest, so if you’re car reeks and you’re basically fu**ed be honest. DO NOT lie to the cops here, they take it real personal. just be chill and don’t look suspicious. if you’re black or chill with blacks and have an urban look they will try to stop you. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Corvallis 
Anywhere near the Oregon state campus is your best bet. Hang out near dorms or on the north side of campus between King’s and 30th street. Ask people you see who look like they might know where you can get some herb. If all else fails, head to bad habits (the local head shop) and ask the clerks in a discreet manner.

Marijuana prices: 
Fairly standard pricing, a dime bag of 0.7-1.0 grams is 10 bucks, a dub of 1.6-2.2g is 20. Eighths for 40, etc.

Marijuana brands: its all CHRONIC. its rare to encounter stress or mids. its all high end. “Snow Cap” “Trainwreck” “Afghani” “Orange” “Lemon” “Purple” “Blueberry” “Oregon Red” “White Widow” etc…

More information: just be chill, dont look or act like a narc. hit up the teenagers and early 20s, college students. anyone who looks stoned. the bud is exceptional, it will not disappoint. good places to smoke are Walnut Park, Avery Park and any other park that has some seclusion.