Clemson, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: If caught with 2 oz or more you are charged with dealing and face a fine and however many days in jail. An additional fine is also added if you are caught with 2 oz or more within 300 ft. onf a school. Anything less and you’re just charged with simple possesion and have your licence suspended if caught while driving.

It’s illegal. Posession of less than an ounce is a 200 dollar fine or so. Posession of more or multiple baggies may get you a distribution charge and jail time.

Law enforcement: The cops on campus are absolute assholes about drugs, they’ve been known to bust into rooms on the mere mention there might be pot. Don’t smoke or sell on campus, you are just asking for trouble. The city cops aren’t as bad though they’d still bust you if they found it. Smoke indoors or on porches and there shouldn’t be a problem.

Where to buy marijuana: Students are the best resource, though on campus the police use narcs alot. I’d recommend looking in town at the bars. Being a college town there are lots of stoners/dealers around. Just be cool about approaching people, be honest and you shouldn’t have trouble finding some bud by the end of the day.

Marijuana prices: 50 an 1/8th, 300 an ounce for decent nugget. For shwag, umm, just don’t buy the shwag here. Some will have it but it’s absolute shit in my opinion. I wouldn’t let my dog smoke it.

Marijuana brands: Some stuff comes from Atlanta with this name or that but mainly it’s just generic BC bud.

More information: I can’t stress the need for discretion on campus. I’ve never been caught there but have had too many close calls in my 9 months of living on campus. Actually more than any other time in my life. Just be cool and explain why you don’t already have some from a friend and you shouldn’t have too much problems. Just look for fellow stoners and be friendly. Oh and dont smoke at tailgates during football season. They ship in like 500 cops for those things and those guys have absolutely nothing better to do for 90 percent of the tailgating time.