Clarence, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: State Law says it is illegal but the town is very liberal so its widely accepted by people and many wanted to legalize it.

Law enforcement: The town doesn’t have a police force but it does uses the county sherriffs department, they’ll only stop if they see it being dealt and it mainly depends on the officer, I’ve been stopped with 2 pounds in the passenger seat and they didn’t care, many can be bribed with a few grams if someone calls the police about it though they’ll arrest you.

Where to buy marijuana: At the local coffee shop Clarence Center Coffee Co. Cafe, a lot of teenagers hang out there and if they look like the type then they’ll sell, the Eastern Hills Mall, look for groups of kids that look like smokers if theyre young and smoke cigarettes chances are they have weed.

and also: ” At the Clarence Town Park on main street. There are always teenagers hanging out there, especially by the pond and back pavillion. Ask any one there and they will have weed. Its mostly good stuff!”

Marijuana prices: $10 a gram

Marijuana brands: Varies Ive gotten crappy stuff and most of the time damn good shit.

More information: Almost every one in Clarence Smokes weed even if they don’t look like the stoner type. You’d be surprised. So ask any one its very easy to find.