Chur, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4-5

Legislation: Very legal. If you get caught, you might get a fine, depending on the amount you are carrying with you. (100-300 Sfr ). But usually you will be let off with a warning.

Growing and purchasing is legal, smoking isnt. However, no worries!

Law enforcement: Swiss police are not to be messed with, but if you smoke, just dont draw too much attention to yourself. It’s only for your best!

Smoking green on trains was only banned since Dec 12th 2005.

Where to buy marijuana: Well, if you ask anyone in the city centre who looks like a stoner, a snowboarder, or even 16, 17 year old kids, they will know. Or you could discretely ask in some of the bars and pubs in the old town.

Marijuana prices: Sfr 50.- for 5 grams.

Sfr 100.- for 10 grams

buy for 200 and get a 50 for free or 300 and get 100 for free. Good deal, innit!?

(hash and bud are sold for the same price per gram.)

Marijuana brands: Bud

Indoor: Various types, extreamly high levels of THC. EXteamly good in taste, appearance and effectiveness.(White Widdow, Super Skunk etc)

Outdoor: Good stuff, as good as any French indoor stuff.

Hash: Green Morrocan, and the ocasional black.

More information: Small city, 35000 people. A wide range of people smoke, and is generally accepted. Swiss people have been very tolerant with public smokin, even in night clubs, bars and caffees.

Good smoking point: SSTH Passugg! Visit the Paulaner´s Restaurant, with brilliant bavarian food, fresh tapped beer. And there are a bunch of Hotelschool students who could hook you up.

It’s worth the trip!!