Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation:As of Aug 4th 2012 police can issue tickets of 250-500 dollars for 15 grams or less marijuana.

Law Enforcement: Possession of 2.5 grams or less is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,500.

Possession of greater than 2.5 grams is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,500.

Possession of greater than 10 grams is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

All possession of greater than 30 grams is considered a felony. Possession of greater than 30 grams is punishable by 1 – 3 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

A local reporter noted that, from personal experience, you can easily “spend a night in central lockup on State Street for half a gram…”

Just pretty much depends on the neighborhood your in, If your not in like a really rich stuck up area, your pretty much ok. If they catch they might just have you dump what’s left.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Chicago: Marijuana use is widely accepted throughout Chicago, IL, so that asking a friendly person on the street is quite safe. Marijuana is also the most readily available drug in Illinois.

Purchasing Marijuana downtown (southwest of Michigan AVE. and South st.) in the after-dark hours is an option, as well as asking around the clubs and bars in the more quite and young neighborhoods such as LakeView.

Rockford is a great place to score pot very cheap, it is located about 80 miles westward and a little north of Chicago.

our most recent reports are; “There are many different places to by in Chicago being a big city. My best guide would be if your on the northside to buy in one of following neighborhoods, Lincoln Park, Old Town Rogers Park or Lake View. If your buying on the southside the best neighborhoods are Hyde Park, South Chicago, Ocassionaly the near southside neighborhood works. The biggest Places you can always buy are Washington Park, Engelwood, Woodlawn, Riverdale, however, beware washington park ect. Are very very dangerous neighborhoods. The best advice would be keep the windows up, doors locked, The name these neighborhoods “Chicago’s Jungels” they have been known to be the violent of the violent. Generally Jamaicans may approach the car looking friendly but suddenly pull out a gun.”

and: “Logan Square/Humbolt Park—Kimbal/Fullertion-Kimbal/North Ave 64”

Chicago Marijuana Prices: $30 (Mexican) to $60 (hydro) per 1/8 oz., and $60 to $120 per ¼ oz. depending on quality.

Brands: Quality changes, just as price changes are both dramatic. You can get high potency indoor no seed hydro weed, as well as low potency outdoor grown imported Mexican pot.

State: Illinois

Country: United States

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours

Dialing codes: + 1 (USA) Area codes: 312 / 872 / 773 / 464 / 708 / 331 / 630

More Information:

more information: Keep in mind that Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, meaning the level of tolerance and availability is rather uneven. More tolerant neighborhoods include Rogers Park (old skool hippie flavor with a lot of African, Caribbean, and South Asian immigrants), Wicker Park (heavy on hip nightlife, artists, musicians, activists), Hyde Park (intellectuals and jazz fans). I’ve either witnessed on multiple occasions or actually toked up myself outside in each of those neighborhoods, doing the casual in-the-park or walking-down-the-alley thing. On the other hand, there are also neighborhoods that are less than friendly toward heads. These might be Bridgeport and the northwest neighborhoods like Jefferson Park, where a lot of the hard-drinking city cops and firemen live. To a visitor, I’d say that the safest bets (safest from law enforcement, that is) for scores would be in the dj clubs in Wicker Park, North Halsted, or Rogers Park. Just look for the guy who isn’t i n club wear and isn’t dancing–he’s there for a reason. The so-called open air drug markets on parts of the West and South Sides are always hot with cops and, increasingly, surreveillance cams, so you’d do well to avoid those places. Best thing to do is to cultivate a few contacts before coming…friend of a friend kind of thing, getting a few references set up, in which case good quality stuff is easily had.


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9 Responses to “Chicago, IL, Illinois”

  1. Steve

    updated laws, now if you are caught with 15 grams or less it’s cops discression if they want to arrest or just give a fine.

  2. C

    Chicago is VERY pot-frierndly, as long as you’re low-profile and cool. I’ve had bike police roll up while smoking, they asked if I had more and left…me still smoking. You will need a good connect, if you want more than a dub, or dime…

  3. RoDoj

    Stay out of ROckford and go to the suburbs of Chicago. That is where I have seen it most. I am talking about the subuurbs inbetween Chicago and Rockford just north of Chicago about 45 miles. Go to bars and nightclubs in Scaumburg or Algonquin/Crystal lake and you will have absolutely no problem finding any.

  4. matt

    In Chicago weed is 4.9 basically legal if you are white and in your mid twenties but the darker your skin gets or the younger you get the more illegal it gets.

    there are 3 grades of weed, high mid and low quality,

    dank or nuggets or kind is 50 to 60 an eighth and 300 to 450 an ounce, this is the high quality named weed variety, kush, bubblegum, ak47 etc. this is almost exclusively indoor grown and nearly all from the USA or Canada

    then you have mids, can be indoor grown but mostly outdoor grown, this is mostly american grown weed too but some good outdoor tropical weeds fall in this category too, generally 50 or 60 a quarter and 120 to 180 an ounce, personally i prefer this weed, its generally what i want, nice tasting but not too strong and its sensi so very few if any seeds
    we dont know the strain names, some call it regs or regular,
    3rd category is the low quality stuff but if you got no money what do you do? commercial grade generally brick weed but sometimes just weak buds grown outside somewhere nearby, especially in the fall after the harves when you can actually get great tasting but weak (3%thc) weed from the midwest, but usually for this price you get the shit smelling and tasting harsh smoking weed, this is cheap as hell in the city, 50 to 60 an ounce maybe 80 to 100 in the suburbs

    hash also comes around but they want 20 a gram or more for it

  5. Theo

    Im sorry I was born and raised in Chicago and feel I should put in my two cents. I now live in a legal medicinal marijuana state of Michigan. I feel it is my duty too educate as many Chicagoan’s about weed as I can. I have never seen more ill educated people about weed it’s ok it isn’t legal there yet.
    Sensamilla has nothing to do with seeds or not being seedy. Sensamilla is a type of Strain of marijuana. If you want to look for good weed you need to look for outdoor Sativa grown weed. Sativa means big bushy plant, Indica means tall and skinny. There is also auto-flowering these days, but you will not want to grow those since they have a habit f becoming hermaphrodites. Meaning seeds. Typically when you get weed that has seeds in it it means either your grower started with auto-flowering plants because they didn’t know better or the grower stressed the plants when he was growing.
    Secondly people in Chicago always ask about hydro weed and think its the best. I doubt if anyone in Chicago that asks for hydro even knows what hydroponics is. Simply put Hydroponics is marijuana grown indoors ( or even outdoors long as electric is near by to run the pumps) in water that’s it. That’s the only difference between hydroponics and soil grown marijuana. Soil marijuana is typically sought after because most of the hydroponic growers don’t know when to stop putting nutrients into their water pots during the flowering of the plant, therefore most hydroponic or “hydro,” weed sucks( because u can taste the chemicles when you smoke it) and connesuirs typically go after soil grown weed because of the higher potency and taste. My two cents read some books Chicago. I do not recommend starting growing marijuana in hydroponics until you can get it right growing in soil Peace gonjagrower420

  6. Theo

    I will make a fortune once Illinois legalizes medicinal and they allow dispensary’s. I really need to give Chicago good buds. I call weed from Canada beasties.


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