Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Smoking tolerance level: [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Canada. It is treated as a schedule II drug and the maximum sentence you can receive for possession is 5 years in prison, but you’d have to be holding a hell of alot of green to receive that sentence.

Law enforcement: Really it depends on the cop that busts you to determine what will happen, but most cops will just take your weed and any paraphernalia you have on you. It’s very rare that you will go to court for possession on PEI. Don’t get caught. You might get off but not after going to court first. Its pretty easy to not get caught though. Common sense.

Where to buy marijuana: Latest reports tell us: “It’s fairly difficult to find weed on PEI unless you know people. So maybe start by hitting up the bars and pubs if you’re over 19, I’m sure there’ll somebody there who can hook you up. If that doesn’t work, or you’re under 19 just ask anyone downtown who looks like the smoke pot, you pretty much have 0 chance of anyone trying to mug you or harm you in any way. Stick to the main streets which are University Ave, and Queen because you won’t find many people walking around on the side streets. Also try the Waterfront around where the bars are, there are usually alot of people walking around drunk on the weekend. When trying to find marijuana in Charlottetown the only trouble you’ll run into are the cops.”

Local connections are needed. Charlottetown is very much the center of everything on PEI so you will find the nest bud within the city, as opposed to out in the sticks where it is all homegrown. Ask someone on the street and your more likely to get laughed at but I have seen it work. Check out the bars, there aren’t that many, if you can find someone who will help you out they probably aren’t going to rip you off.

Marijuana prices: Basically you’re looking at 10 a g, but when you start buying large quantities it really depends on who you are getting it from, and how much you’re buying. This is what you will most likely pay if you are a stranger on PEI:

10 a G.

30 for a 1/8.

60 for a 1/4.

100 for a 1/2

And anywhere from 200 to 240 for an ounce.

Other say: $10/gram. Never any cheaper, rarely more expensive. Possibly $15 a gram outside of the city.

Marijuana brands: Whatever happens to be around at the time. Its a very small place. On occasions I have made “new” connections only to find out its my dealer who happened to be out the day before.

More information: Make a friend here before you come. Otherwise you may be without pot.

There are alot of stoners on PEI, and in Charlottetown. If you see a party, there is weed there.