Lugano, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Growing is legal, purchasing is legal but smoking isn’t.

Law Enforcement: The cops are almost not even there. It is tough to find places to smoke because the cops ride motorcycles and they can sneak up on you a little. That said, people openly smoke pot in public at the park so im guessing the cops might be a little lax. Also, this place to go has been for a couple years with the same dude so i figure if there worth there weight in salt they would do something if they cared. So my advice to you is relax and indulge but if you see cops anywhere I would skat.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Lugano: There is a park by the lake – It’s big so you will find it for sure. Inside the park there is one path that is a circle. You follow that until you see a shelter looking structure and there will usually be chilling there. Make sure you go after 2 though because they do not usually get there until then. Anyways, there should be a scroungy looking guy there that has a brown and white pitt bull that he sometimes chills with. He will most likely approach you but if he doesn’t walk by him and say “Dove Ganja”. He is stingy and won’t negotiate on prices but hey that’s the spot i know…

Latest updates say: Bar oops…take the bus towards pregassona to stop Sacro Coure. Turn left off the bus and then its right in front of you, look for guys around the church and hanging in front of the glass windows

Lugano Marijuana Prices: I paid 50 francs which is like 40 dollars maybe a little more. In the US i would not pay that much for the quality or quantity I received BUT like i said before thats the spot i know.

Marijuana Brands: The weed he sells is decent. Its not anything that would be sold in Amsterdam but its not bad. There might be a seed or two. The buds have very dark hairs brown in color. I smoked two joints (one big one small) between 4 people and the high was nice and lasted for about 4 hours. It gave me bad cottonmouth but it might be a result drinking enough water.

latest prices: 50 francs for 3-5 grams…mostly 3…sometimes 2.5

if there stingy. 5 grams is usually not so great outdoor leafy bud

All depends on your luck. I’ve had really good indoor and really shitty outdoor, good hash though, u never go wrong with the hash, which is more readily available than weed most the time.

More Information: Lugano is awesome, there will usually be people indulging in some sort of mind altering experience in the park and there is a nice lake with beaches. There are tons of mountains and everyone should check it out.

Zurich, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Switzerland is a federal state and the law on drugs is the same for all provinces. According to the Swiss law- it is illegal to own or carry pot or hash, except for private smoking involving small quantities in a private place.

Law Enforcement: Smoking is usually not risky on most spots, as there aren’t really that many cops. . If you do get in trouble, the police will write you a ticket and fine. Teenagers under 18 who are caught smoking pot, will be arrested until released by their parents.

Near the lake is probably the least safe place to smoke outdoors, while smoking indoors is safe.

Where to buy Marijuana in Zurich: in CH there are no more head shop after 2004 (i live there)..its so difficult now to find anything!!!

Buying Mrijuana or hash on the street is not recommended, but if you get to the Langstrasse area (which is also the red light district of Zurich), you will find street dealers.

Zurich Marijuana Prices: 4 grams of top quality pot costs about 50 francs = 40 USD.

For the same price, you may also get approx. 7 grams of top quality Hash.

The prices in Zurich have been stable for the last few years.

Weed Brands: Only top quality pot is sold in Zurich, and you may find all Amsterdam brands for sale.

Country: Switzerland

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1

Telephone Area Code: +41

Zurich isn’t just the largest city and financial centre of Switzerland; it is also the most drug-friendly city in the mountainous nation.

Like all cities in Switzerland, Zurich is enjoying a period of relaxed – an possibly reformed — drug laws that allow less-than-discreet pot and hash smoking around the city.

“Almost any drugs can be had on the street here. At the moment the scene happens along the river just near the station, a road called Sihl Quai,” said Wolf from the United States, who lived in Zurich for several months.

“Almost instantly you will run into a group of people selling hash. They stand on the sidewalk, just by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for customers.”

The best way to get to Sihl Quai from the central train station — Hauptbahnhof — is to head past the National Museum and over the Gessner Bridge that crosses the Sihl River.

If you can’t find a hash or pot dealer on the street, head for a local hemp or head shop, where both Super Skunk and Northern Lights bud is available in abundance. Keep an eye out for local dealers who have an unfortunate tendency to dilute their wares with tobacco. Still, locals swear by the hash.

“There are usually at least 5 to ten people selling hash — you get a reasonable choice,” Wolf said. “I have also seen some grass, but not a lot and mostly miserable quality.”

The Langstrasse area is the red light district of Zurich. “Sometimes you have to pay attention so that you don’t get robbed and there are drug dealers,” said Gabe, an American living in Zurich. “Remember, where drug dealers are, there is always also the police. So take care what ever you do.”

Aside from the typical red light diversions, the district is a decent place to find some hash or a post-smoke falafel before nightfall in Zurich. Because rent in the area is surprisingly cheap — by Swiss standards – a lot of immigrants live near Langstrasse, which translates to a lot of highly edible, cheap eats to fix the munchies.

But be sure to keep a hand on your wallet. If hunger isn’t a problem, wander down to Helvetia platz at one end of Langstrasse and check out the Kanslei flea market on Saturday. Although most items are simple junk, there are a few good deals to be found. But if slightly more expensive market shopping is your style, a more costly market with better junk is at Burkli platz by the lake and a high-class market can be found in Rosenhof. But don’t skimp on the tram or bus tickets in Zurich. “You have to take a ticket our of the machine at every station, Gabe said. “If they catch you will have to pay [almost $10] or more if you don`t pay on the spot.”

Nearby Neiderdorf is the main drag for traditional tourists. Lined with a nice selection of bars and some talented street performers, Neiderdorf also hosts the young and hip section of Old Town on the right bank of the river.

Head to the area for a few — rather expensive — drinks during a night out on the town.

While it is technically illegal to light up that hash pipe while kicking back and taking in the sights, most police officers and locals will turn a blind eye and nose to your heavily scented smoke as long as your indulgence is subtle, and you’re over 18. If you do get in trouble, the police will write you a ticket and fine. Teenagers under 18 who are caught smoking pot, will be arrested until released by their parents.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Federal Commission for Drug Issues are both pushing for liberalization of the nation’s drug laws to make dealing and smoking pot and hash a legal pastime.

“Altered habits of consumption have turned [cannabis] into a recreational drug enjoyed by a large percentage of the population, unaccompanied by any feelings of wrong doing and a world away from the consumption of ‘hard’ drugs,” the office of Public Health said.

The government is currently debating whether to adopt a system making personal consumption legal — similar to the situation in Amsterdam – or establish a completely legal cannabis marketplace.

Chur, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4-5

Legislation: Very legal. If you get caught, you might get a fine, depending on the amount you are carrying with you. (100-300 Sfr ). But usually you will be let off with a warning.

Growing and purchasing is legal, smoking isnt. However, no worries!

Law enforcement: Swiss police are not to be messed with, but if you smoke, just dont draw too much attention to yourself. It’s only for your best!

Smoking green on trains was only banned since Dec 12th 2005.

Where to buy marijuana: Well, if you ask anyone in the city centre who looks like a stoner, a snowboarder, or even 16, 17 year old kids, they will know. Or you could discretely ask in some of the bars and pubs in the old town.

Marijuana prices: Sfr 50.- for 5 grams.

Sfr 100.- for 10 grams

buy for 200 and get a 50 for free or 300 and get 100 for free. Good deal, innit!?

(hash and bud are sold for the same price per gram.)

Marijuana brands: Bud

Indoor: Various types, extreamly high levels of THC. EXteamly good in taste, appearance and effectiveness.(White Widdow, Super Skunk etc)

Outdoor: Good stuff, as good as any French indoor stuff.

Hash: Green Morrocan, and the ocasional black.

More information: Small city, 35000 people. A wide range of people smoke, and is generally accepted. Swiss people have been very tolerant with public smokin, even in night clubs, bars and caffees.

Good smoking point: SSTH Passugg! Visit the Paulaner´s Restaurant, with brilliant bavarian food, fresh tapped beer. And there are a bunch of Hotelschool students who could hook you up.

It’s worth the trip!!

Geneva, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Switzerland is a federal state and the law on drugs is the same for all provinces. According to the Swiss law- it is illegal to own or carry pot or hash, except for private smoking involving small quantities in a private place.

In Switzerland there are many cantons, which each have there own rules so depending where you are marijuana is legal. In Zürich and Bern it has been legalized.

In Geneva the legalization of Marijuana is a big topic of debate, though due to huge demand it should be legalized quite soon.

Law Enforcement: In most of Switzerland where marijuana has not YET been legalized, its smoking is quiet tolerated by police and the general public as long as you are not causing any trouble.

Geneva is alot less strict that most other places I’ve been to, its pretty easy just to go to a small park and smoke quietly with some friends.

as long as u don’t make too much noise or cause trouble, and try not to smoke around police areas, then the police force doesn’t generally give you too much hassle. if you are caught it depends on the officer and your age, but they usually take it away from u and give you a warning (unless you have more than 1g or 2gs).

another reporter added: “In Geneva, the police are far more interested in the dealers than the customers, and if you smoke quietly in a park or a forest you should be fine. ”

most of the time their cops usually around the docks and in the train station but its easy to find a place to chill try a place close to the bus stops making getting home blazed a lot easier.

Where to buy Marijuana in Geneva: a park by the lake called parc de st jean is your best bet, its just by the bridge… go there and ask around… otherwise there are some rasta guys who sit by the port near rue du rhone, just go and ask them.

Although buying off the street is relatively risky as the police monitor many of the big dealers; the best places would be the park near the Jet d’eau (although all you can find there is hashish, but this tends to be relatively good quality), and the park across the bridge from the Stand tram stop. If you have problems finding just find some racailles (teenagers with tracksuits and baseball caps) and ask them. Most of them either deal or can direct you to the best weed in Geneva.

another report added: well you can try basicaly any of the parks around 10 at night or ask any of the teenagers with the white track suits on. go for the ones in white not blue the blue are French not swiss. any private dealer will give u a much better run for your money, don’t give the dealer the money befor u get the weed because a lot of time the guys in the park have weed hidden in a bush and go to get it.

a local reporter added:” In Geneva there are many places to buy weed off the street. The best being Parc de St Jean which is on the quai de sujet, only when it gets darker though as police have recently been surveying this area and busted many dealers.

Next it Jardin anglais located on the other side of Geneva with a beautiful lake view. Here you can buy hash from Arabs on bicycles however there is a tendency for them to rip you off for bad hash too.

A little along this park towards the fountain there is always a bunch of rastas with a radio or too who sell outdoor weed which isnt amazing but it gets you high …but they also like to really rip you off.

In Geneva people are quiet friendly so if you find a bunch of skaters ask them for your weed and most probably you will get better weed and cheaper.Good luck”

Geneva Marijuana Prices: For outdoor weed from the rastas you can only buy in 50’s which they serve you about 3 grams for, this is a real rip off but for some it is no choice.

In parc de st jean you can expect to pay a little less but the also generally sell in 50’s for about 3-4grams of indoor.

If your lucky enough to buy it from a nice guy on the street randomly you can get about 1g for 8-to 12fr depending on its quality.

Marijuana brands: northern lights, white Russian ,white widow and

Moroccan hash.

More information:

Interlaken, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It’s illegal to grow, posses and smoke. but you can buy seeds at many grow shops, go figure.

Law enforcement: Don’t walk around the main street with a spliff in your hand yelling I’m high.

Lots of nice secluded areas in and around the town were you can skin up and smoke away.

Where to buy marijuana in Interlaken, Bern: There are two train stations around interlaken (west and east(ost) and 1 main road connecting them.

Cruise to the west train station and walk under the station (the underpass to the other rail road tracks), just look for some younger swissie kids, they are very approachable, although a bit pricey for switzerland it’s still a good buy.

Interlaken Marijuana prices: I wouldnt pay them any more than 15 swiss francs per gram of indoor and not more than 10 for outdoor.

Brands: most outdoor in this area is decent stuff apart from havin seeds.

indoor does the job though sometimes its not properly flushed and doesnt have the full taste.

More information: Don’t be shy to ask, most younger swiss people in this area smoke.

Basel, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Growing is legal, purchasing is legal but smoking isn’t.

Law Enforcement: Although it’s still illegal to smoke dope, Basel’s city prosecutor is known to tolerate doses up to 30 grams of marijuana. Dealing, however, is verboten.

Where Buy Marijuana in Basel: Marijuana can be found all over the city – if you know where to look. The easiest place to buy though is by the Rhine in Klein Basel, in between MittleBrucke and JohaniteBruke. All along the river (especially in Summer) there are groups of Africans and Moraccans selling bud, and hashish. Quality varies wildly from group to group – most will try and sell you outdoor grown swiss weed – but if you ask for it you can usually find some great indoor grown skunk. Hashish is just as easy to find in the same places, but the quality is not normally as good as the bud.

Basel Marijuana Prices:

Typically 50chf for 3.5g of the outdoor weed, or for 2-3g of indoor.

Smaller bags are normally no problem – with prices at around 20chf for about 1g of indoor.

hashish is about the same price (50chf for an 8th) but most dealers will haggle a bit, especially if you want to buy alot.

brands:Only high potency no seeds weed is sold. You may find many brands for purchase.


Full country name: Swiss Confederation

Area: 41,290 sq km

Population: 7.31 million

Capital City: Bern (pop 130,000)

People: 74% German, 20% French, 4% Italian & 1% Romansch

Language: German, French, Italian, Raeto-Romance

Religion: 49% Roman Catholic & 48% Protestant

Government: federal republic

Head of State: President Pascal Couchepin

webehigh city’s tale:

Halcyon Haze

Many a would-be tourist traveling along Basel’s immediate outskirts has mistaken it for a drab industrial city and passed it by. Pity, because Basel possesses an ancient city center, the Marktplatz, where except for the prosperity it brings, the tourist will see no sign of the chemical industry or the chemical he once sought.

A couple of years ago, if you were to take a walking tour through the tiny twisted Gässli, you’d not only feel Basel’s Celtic roots and Roman foundations but you’d have often got a whiff of cannabis. No longer, after viewing the Münster Cathedral while drifting across the Rhine on current-drawn ferry, will you detect the tell tale scent of pot along the Unter Rheinweg. There, if you looked about, you used to glimpse, luxuriating on a balcony or perhaps sunning in a courtyard, hemp plants growing like weed they are. Clearly, Baselers used to enjoy the occasional toke but those halcyon days are gone—underground.

Where have all the flowers gone? When once cannabis could be purchased legally all over the city, now it no longer can. The 10-gram Duftsäckli (aroma bags) meant to mothproof a closet or perfume the bath have disappeared. Insomniacs and asthmatics who could buy hemp pillows to waft their way to dreamland must now revert to feathers or foam.

Gone are the thirty-odd hemp retailers (Hanflade in Basel Deutsch) along with their large, obstructive sidewalk billboards. Gone is the skateboard repair shop and retailer who once sold grass. Gone are the exclusive well-appointed rooms above a goldsmith’s atelier and a snazzy shoe store. Gone, gone, gone are the lotions, creams, oils, tea, incense, cannabis paraphernalia, incense holders, “grow-your-own” instruction books and little Ziplock® jeweller’s sacks, neatly labelled with their price and evocative names like Skunk, Pink and Honolulu Haze.

Briefly, ever so briefly, there were more hemp stores in Basel than museums but museums now take the lead again. So while tourists to Basel may no longer bathe in hemp, perfume their hotel rooms with Duftsäcklis of grass or have their fill of cannabis tea, the city offers museums galore. For a real high, the museum enthusiast might want to consider buying the three-country museum pass valid in more than a hundred museums in the Basel area of Switzerland, Germany and France.

But if museums aren’t quite what the disappointed visitor had in mind, no matter; Basel offers an alternative soft drug, available all over the city, with a guaranteed high but none of the hassle of police, border guards or dogs. It is—you guessed it—Swiss chocolate.

webehigh thinks you should know:

Although technically illegal as a drug, marijuana production (agricultural and private) and distribution in the form of stores specializing in the sale of “hemp” products are found throughout the country. The report pointed out that marijuana cultivation in Switzerland had greatly increased during the 1990s and that most of the crop was destined for the illegal market rather than the legal one (e.g. as a renewable raw material for textile production). According to an investigation in all cantons, hashish was mainly sold on the street while marijuana was being sold more and more through hemp shops as “aromatic pillows.”

Switzerland is comprised of 26 states (cantons), each with its own constitution, parliament, government and court system as provided by the Federal Constitution. Understanding Switzerland’s political structure helps to understand its drug policy. It can be argued that Switzerland has 26 different drug polices, one for each canton and half-canton.

The police view is that the vast majority of hemp fields in Switzerland are used to produce cannabis supplied to the drug trade. It can be assumed that in 1998 considerably more than 100 metric tons of drug-grade cannabis were harvested. Today Switzerland has an almost nationwide network of 135 hemp shops. The big increase started in 1996 and led to the creation of major centers in the city and canton of Zurich (a total of 36), in the canton of St. Gallen (18), in Ticino (16) in Basel (7) and in the canton of Berne (6). Police information shows that between 85 and 95 percent of sales in most hemp shops come from drug products (“hemp pillows”, “aromatic bags”, “refills for aromatic bags”, “hemp coins” etc.) The THC content of cannabis sold in “aromatic bags” is frequently between 8 and 10 percent, for example.

Biel – Bienne, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: It is not legal to smoke pot in Switzerland, but very common.

Law enforcement: It depends a bit from the Cantons, sometimes strict, sometimes really easy.

If they catch you with a small amounth, the leave you. Sometimes you get a fine.

Where to buy marijuana: It is very easy to get weed and hash in a good quality. Go to the old town and ask young people there. Perhaps you get even a free smoke or even a good deal outside Restaurant St.Gervais.

Marijuana prices: Outdoor from 5 to 8 Swissfranc a gramm.

Indoor organic or hydroponic from 8 to 15 Swissfrancs.

Marocan, Lebanese or what ever Hash between 8 and 20 Francs.

Marijuana brands: Unbelievibel but thru, you get even a better choice then in Amsterdam.

All kind of out-and indoorweed, local hash and hash who comes from everywhere on this world. People from Biel are really cannabislovers.

More information: Biel is on a lovely lake, we speak german, french, also italian and spanish.

More then 136 different nationalitis live here, we are the meltingpot from Switzerland. Ceap accomondation in the Lagolodge Backpakers near by the lake. See u……