Beaufort, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: ACTION: Possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana, or 10 grams or less of hashish.

PENALTY: 1st offense – Not more than 30 days or not less than $100 nor more than $200.

2nd or subsequent offenses – Not more than 1 year and/or $200 to $1,000.

Law enforcement: Varies. Some cops will take it and send you on your way, but others will give you a ticket. Simple possession can be upwards of $500. Usually 1st time offenders can get community service and have it off their record, but some of the judges are anal.

Where to buy marijuana: Lots of people in Beaufort smoke. On the beach look for people who look like they smoke. If you don’t act sketched, they might smoke with you or sell you some. Lots of young people, black and white, smoke. St Helena island and Grays Hill are good, but be careful out there. Look for people hanging out at gas stations, and ask them if they smoke. Go with someone who knows the area and you shouldn’t have a problem. Good luck finding hash, it isn’t common at all. Cigars and papers can be purchased at most gas stations.

Marijuana prices: $10 will get you 1-2 grams $30-50 will get you a quarter oz. (7 grams) $100-140 will get you an oz

Marijuana brands: You might be able to find dro, purple haze, or kush if you find the right guy.

More information: Don’t walk around smoking in downtown Port Royal or Beaufort. Find a place in the woods, preferably a place you can walk to. It’s pretty hard to find a good spot, so just find someones house if you can.

Aiken, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level: (1-5) 2

Legislation: Possession: Less than 1 oz – $566 fine or 30 days

More than 1 oz- $1000- $5000 fine and/or 1-5 years

Law enforcement: Cops in the city of Aiken are on patrol for young high school students. In most cases, police enforce the maximum punishment by law. The County Sheriffs are more lenient. They are concerned more about Meth production and will tend to let a few grams of marijuana slide.

Where to buy marijuana in Aiken: The mall area, South Side outside of conveinience stores, Work- it’s everywhere

Aiken marijuana prices:
Shwag- $40 1/2, $70 oz
Mids- $50 1/4, $80 1/2, $ 140 0z
KB- $100 1/4, $190 1/2, $340 oz

More information: The South Side of Aiken is known for the rich drug market due to wealthy neighborhoods and young kids with plenty of money to spend and nothing to spend it on but drugs.

Anderson, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: SC’s pot laws are very strict. Stay away from schools. County will usually confiscate the contraband and issue an appearance ticket. For first time offenders there is the possibility of diversion sentencing and community service in lieu of cash fines or jail time. City is slightly more harsh and will usually jail you until such time as you can be arraigned.

Law enforcement: Anderson is a police state. There are plenty of city, county, and state cops just waiting for action to break out. These are especially prevelent at night in the bar areas and up on Clemson Boulevard near the nightclubs.

Where to buy marijuana: If a street is named with one letter and one letter only, there is a decent chance you will find a dealer on it. The local housing projects also have their dealers but this is where the pigs are so beware. Look for typical dealer signs, but also people sitting on their porch or watching the street from their lawn. In the daytime braver souls would be advised to walk the streets rather than slowly driving up and down them. There are also niches in the area that frequent bars, fast food establishments, gas stations, and shady areas. Generally these are opportunisitic con artists looking to market schwag as kind and make a killing. Sections of town include Fairview Gardens, Belton Woods, South/East End of Town, Whittner Street, Fant Street, River Street, Murray Ave, S. Main and adjacent areas. Remember, this is old news to cops so be careful.

another reporter added: “Intersection of fall st. and spencer st. soth mcduffie st. near the “rock shop” convience store. alphabet streets, h and i st.”

Marijuana prices: $60 to $250 oz

Stacked Dime Bags of Bud/Leaf Shake 2.5 – 4g for $10

Marijuana brands: mexican brick (unfortunately too common) flake schwag (very common, solid small nugs with a characteristic flake and plenty of seeds mids (juicy fruit, cat piss) kind bud (blueberry, ak-47, kush, purple haze) Mids and kind usually come in from the road (Florida, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Columbia, Asheville) and are a rarity.

Schwag and Lower quality mids are abundant here and usually locally grown in “patches,” sun rooms, and greenhouses. Most of it is basically the same shit from the same growers.

More information: usually purchased in larger quantities, most commonly 1/4 oz which you can pick up for about $20-50/bag depending…

younger dealers sell better product at smaller quantities and higher prices

Weed is a secondary drug in this town. The primary drug of choice is “crank”, while “blow” and “H” come in second. Pharmeceutical drugs are also sold on the street such as “OC’s” As a general rule you should avoid cold buying in this town. It’s just too risky, the product isn’t worth the risk, etc. but if you can find a reliable connection then you are set.