Algarve, Portugal

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legal status: Marijuana possession for personal use is no longer a criminal offence in Portugal, and the law authorities have very little interest in Marijuana smokers. Any less than ten days reasonable dosage is legal

Law Enforcement: Police rarely approach anyone, but if someone (usually drunk) is causing trouble they will get beaten up. just stay chilled and you will be fine.

The Police are not very interested in tourists smoking weed or hash, although if you are apprehended a bribe might be the best way to straighten things out (a 50 Euro note would do nicely). I wouldn’t recommend walking down the street smoking a joint, that would be asking for trouble. If you see a cop coming your way it is best just to put the joint out.

Where to buy Marijuana in the Algarve: the poorer black guys on the street will try and sell you “hashish” but it’s always poor quality hash wih candle wax in it. there are hundreds of reps from the uk who try to get punters into the clubs and bars, they are really easy going and you WILL get to know them. if you ask subtly they will probably be able to get you some or show you where to get it. usually high quality

Marijuana is very hard to come by in Portugal, although you WILL be offered “weed” by various dodgy looking individuals in the street, DO NOT buy anything from these people, they will charge you a lot and sell you crap (Often just herbs or leaves).

Hash is much easier to get, just look for stoner types and ask them, or if you see a headshop they can usually hook you up. Again, DO NOT buy the hash that you are offered on the streets, it will be extremely low quality and they will rip you off.

Algarve Marijuana Prices: for candlewax soapbar anything from 1 euro a gram to 10 euros a gram tourist prices. for good hash between 10 and 20 euros for an eighth. cheaper than england, reasonable for the quality

The average price for Marijuana when it is available is €10 a gram.

Algarve Hash Prices: Hash is readily available; it is much cheaper than weed. You can usually buy a minimum of €10 which gets you an eighth (3.5g).

Brands: The weed is usually medium to high quality when found, although you have little choice over strain etc. The hash is the poorer quality “Soap-Bar” hash that is found all over the U.K. and Europe.

Country: Portugal

Time Zone: UTC/GMT

Dialing codes: + 351 (U.K.)

Lisbon, Portugal

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana possession for personal use is no longer a criminal offence in Portugal, and the law authorities have no interest in Marijuana smokers.

Law Enforcement: The police are usually quite friendly and will generally not disturb you as long as you are not causing trouble, but of course, this is not a strict rule. If you do get caught, 2 things can happen:

–>You can be fined and possibly forced to stay in jail overnight.

–>or the cops may just confiscate your weed and let you go.

Where to buy marijuana in Lisbon: Downtown, near the Baixa (where all the tourists go, & with good reason – it’s delightful), go to Praחa Martim Moniz. There are African guys hanging out there, sitting on the wall by the oleander bushes. I didn’t even need to ask around, they asked first: “queres fumar?” (do you want to smoke, pronounced “keresh fum’).

I also got approached on the main street going up from Martim Moniz, rua da Palma (you won’t miss it – it’s the street with the tram lines: a trip on the old trams being a must for any visit to Lisbon)

I have very rarely bought on the street, but it seemed safe enough & not at all seedy, though the area around there is rather run-down. There seem to be no shortage of dealers, all perfectly normal-looking young black men (some with the rasta look).

There were cops around the area, including a van load round the back of the market on the square, but they are clearly not bothered about the trade.

DO NOT buy pot from the streets, especially on the city center. It is rammed of pickpockets that sell fakes, and you will be surprised how hordes of them come to talk to you and by any means try to sell the supposed marijuana, hash, pills…. whatever, or finally pick your wallet.

Brands: Even though marijuana is very common in portugal, it is rarely found as actual bud. Instead, you often have to buy hash. There are several important names to keep in mind when buying in portugal:

Ganza – General name for marijuana

Charro – Joint

Bongo – Bong

Erva – This is the actual plant. Price varies according to dealer/quality.

Shamon – Low quality hash, very cheap, very shitty…

Pollen – Medium quality hash – usually about 5€ a gram Bolota/Paki – High quality hash – about 10€ a gram

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Depending on who you ask, these names may be different, but they tend to be the most used.

Lisbon Marijuana Prices: A better deal than the Dutch coffee shops: 10 € for 2 or so grams of excellent hash – fragrant & putty-like, up there with the best I’ve had. 10 € deals seem to be the norm.

More information: As you can mostly find hash here joint’s have to be rolled using tobacco. If you smoke cigarrettes, and want to use the tobacco from those, I find the best are lucky strikes and the blue “portugues suave”. If you prefer to use rolling tobacco, go for either drum or samson.

Country: Portugal

time zone: No UTC/GMT offset

Dialing codes: 351 (Portugal)

Area code: 21

Porto, Portugal

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2


Law enforcement:

Where to buy marijuana: One of the guaranteed places is the river side of town, called Ribeira. Walk around for a while and when you see young men just go and ask. The basic price is 5€ por a dose that can get you to roll 4/5 joints, but you’re likely to be rip-off, but don’t pick a fight for your sake.

At night you should go to a local out-door bar, Piolho, next to Praça da Cordoaria. There it would be wise to ask the students to help you or the bums that are parking cars for tips.

Marijuana prices: 5€ – good ash that lasts to 4/5 joints

Marijuana brands:

More information: