Calgary, Canada


It is against the law to possess marijuana in Canada. If you have baggies, scales or other selling paraphenalia, you may be charged with trafficking.

Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law enforcement

It is against the law, but as with the rest of Canada it’s pretty slack on the enforcement. However Calgary, over the past few years has been starting to crack down on alot of grow-ops. And they will bust you (depending on the cop). Most of them are pretty nice people, and might just ask you to put it out. However because of the recent grow-op busts some can be pretty gun-ho. Best bet is to never carry more then you need to, and don’t act all dumb. And if the police do try to talk to you, be polite and respectful, and you should be fine.

Where to buy marijuana in Calgary

The best places are along 17th ave SW or Stephen Ave in the downtown core. If you know a buddy in the city it can make things a little easier. It’s always better to go with a local rather then a downtown corner guy. You’ll get better deals, better stuff. But it’s pretty easy around Stampede time, you can walk just about anywhere downtown and find someone toking away in a park. Or you’ll have the guys walk by you selling bud.

If you keep your eyes open you can prolly find some locals toking away, but try to avoid asking people around the clubs, as sometimes they can be a litttle testy.

Calgary Marijuana prices

Pretty average prices. 10-g , 60-80-1/4 , 160-200-O. If you get stuck buying from runners along 17th or Stephen try to stick to dimebags.


Mostly BC Bud, although you can find most anything if you put your mind to it and have some resources to work with. However if your just visiting the city, chances are you wont have much of a selection other then hash or weed. Avoid buying off people that also sell hard drugs, they usally have lower quality stuff, and sometimes it can be shake.

More information

Calgary isn’t really a place you go just to smoke a lil pot. Although you’re probably safe just to walk down any street puffing on a joint, some cops may try to harrass you, or even dump your bag. But as a general rule if you’re not bothering anyone, they won’t bother you.

Calgary is also home to the Calgary Stampede, and this is one good old type fun. The whole city stirs up into a frenzy, and they love to welcome people from all over the world. The people here are very nice, and have no problem welcoming a stranger.

Also the beauty of the landscape is something to behold. Calgary is one of the world’s cleanest cities. Great parks, a wonderful zoo, and some of the best steak anywhere. It’s definitly a great place to visit!

Brantford, Canada

Cannabis Laws

Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law enforcement

Cops are chill if your under 28g’s, some cops will say under 14g’s. BUT it has to be in one bag you see.. if you nickel and dime it out ~Wham!!!! = you might just get nailed with trafficking. One bag you can get away with personal use. Stay away from behind the wheel and do NOT I repeat do NOT be rude with the police in b-dot. They put you in a choker and put you to sleep to wake up in jail!

Where to buy marijuana in Brantford

Anywhere. Stop by any random house party. Downtown, eagle place, Reserve. Ask around I bet 1 out of 8 people in Brantford knows where you can pick up… really everyone is high off something and most of them are friendly.

If you want mail order marijuana use

Marijuana prices

10 $- gets you a gram
25-30$- gets you half q
50-60$- gets you quad
80-100$- gets you half o
180-220$- gets you an ounze
400-470$- gets you a QP

Marijuana brands

Some crazy outdoor budd, all kinda of cloned strains going around Brantford, depends on who, where,when and how much money your willing to spend. you have to know your shit or else u are gonna get jiped

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Cannabis Laws

It is against the law to possess marijuana in Canada. If you have baggies, scales or other selling paraphenalia, you may be charged with trafficking.

Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law enforcement

Edmonton, like calgary, is very casual. although you can be able to find people who smoke in public, it isn’t terribly common. Police have larger issues to deal with and like the majority of Canada, it is tolerated in small amounts. You are unlikely to be charged if carrying personal use.

“If cops find you with weed they will usually just take it. Or if you get an asshole he’ll take it use it as evidence and try to charge (Only if you have alot or your lippy to him)”

Where to buy marijuana in Edmonton

Whyte avenue is your best bet if you don’t know anyone local. chances are a local can hook you up extremely easily. If not, the myriad of bars, pubs, skate shops, and weed accessory shops will point you in the right direction.

“Everywhere. Go downtown to Jasper Ave, or White Ave theres alot of places you could ask. Just ask Random Pot heads if they can score you some trees and they’ll probably just want to smoke it with you”

If you are looking for a reliable mail order marijuana service to have your buds shipped directly to your door, WeBeHigh recommends, and as always, check the comments below.

Edmondton Marijuana prices

Alberta weed is just as good as bc bud. All hydroponic typically. 1/4’s go for about 50, 1/2’s around

another report is: “45 for a Quarter 1/4, 90 for a half 1/2, 180 for an ounce”

Usually you can get better deals but most dealers sell it for this much.

Normal Prices:
$60 – 65 for a quarter
$100 – 120 for a half
$200 – 220 for an ounce

I’ve found that a lot of dealers try to push the shake on newbies, but tell them you want the kush… trust me, it’s worth the extra $20!

Marijuana brands

No specific brands here mostly all good weed No hydro and stuff not like in the USA where you have to pay more for Kind bud You dont call it that up there all weed is preatty good

More information

On april 20th go to the legislator and smoke weed with 1000 other pot heads cops won’t bother you

Montreal, QC, Canada


Marijuana is legal only for medical use in Montreal, with a doctor’s permit. Small amounts may be discarded but don’t carry more than you have to. Always be on the lookout for suspicious situations. Just because pot is widely tolerated it doesnt make it cool to flaunt. Cannabis remains illegal under law in Canada, yet you will find Canada has one of the most tolerant cultures despite this.

Law Enforcement

Watch out for cops. If you’re a white person with money and a little pot you’ll get away. If you’re a minority they might give you a ticket. They may take your weed and jail you. Just try to not be so obvious. More importantly don’t carry large amounts. Especially don’t carry it individually bagged, as this shows you are trafficking.

WeBeHigh User Reports:
“Thought I saw a cop wave to me while I took a toke from my pipe one evening after dinner.”

“Most cops that i have encountered were pretty cool about the pot, they just gave it back and told me to have a nice day, but other cops will ether throw it out or if the cops having a bad day, will fine you ”

“Police are very very easy with weed here. I once was walking downtown with a spliff and I walked by a police car. The officers looked at me and drove off. As long as you don’t look sketchy or like a dealer they wont do much. If you like to smoke in parks it’s amazing because not many people will bother you. Unless you go to certain parks with security, like in the area of Westmount there are Public Security Officers Aka PSO’s and even Banana PoPo(this name is given to them because of their bright yellow give-a-way jeeps) and they will be annoying. They cant do much but kick you out or call the actual police on you. So if you’re ever in the area remember to just walk away.”

“It’s only legal to have it for medicinal usage but police don’t care much about tourists.”

Where to buy Marijuana in Montreal

Try the place Mont-Royal. Ask the young “punks” there (there’re nice people, don’t worry), they’ll tell you to whom you should talk. Watch out for the time, they don’t come before noon!

Alternatively you can go on Ste-Catherine, next to the UQAM (Université du Québec A Montreal).

You can also stay in downtown and walk up along St-Denis.

The little cities around Montreal will sell better and cheaper pot! Especially Laval and St-eustache, that can be reached with a train for tourits, you just have to walk around and ask for a number that delivers! Often you get a gram or 2 in extra just because you bought something! According to recent reports it’s been a while (2-3 years) since anyone on the streets got caught! So in a way it’s safer than Montreal!

“In my opinion the west island Verdun and NDG are the BEST places to buy pot. Don’t buy off adult. You can ask for it in metros. Usually the teenagers from local high schools can tell you where to find it. If you’re dumb you will be served a point 8. You’re better off headed to see university or college students in the area and get more bang for your bucks. In NDG however you get a gram for 10 bucks an eigth for 25$ and a quarter from 40 to 50 bucks. If you know people you will find some of the best pot the world has to offer in this city.”

“Mont-Royal park had a great dealer, sold good sized grams for 10 (1/8 for 30, 1/4 for 50 bucks. He found me, didn’t have to look for him! Pot was great, very stony green, tasted good w/long lasting high!, Mont Royal station had two young punk dealers selling half g’s for 10, good and long lasting high so I didn’t feel ripped off.”

“Yes, it’s really easy to find weed in Montreal, for sure, and even easier than in Paris! I’ve lived over here for about one month, and I never had difficulties in finding something to smoke. Just walk downtown (St Catherine…) and you will be proposed weed (and others if you want…). The only thing is to negociate prices because in the street, teenagers want to sell you their weed about 50 % more expensive than what you can find through more regular ways, so don’t be affraid and ask them to lower the price.”

“Montreal is a great place for pot heads. You can virtually find weed anywhere in the city, parks, downtown, near wherever you’re staying. For tourists the BEST and most SIMPLE way of obtaining BOOM TREES is to go to “Mount Royal” on Sundays, at what is called the “Tam Tams” Most people go there to enjoy the Tams, buy stuff from street vendors, sword fight, and ESPECIALLY BUY GOOD CRONIC. If you look like a pot head or if you smoke cigarettes and walk up the mountain to get a good spot to sit on the grass. you will be offered by many different people. this means if you’re looking for bud, on the mountain the bud will find you. The best people to go to on the Mountain is the Rastas because they have the best chronic make sure you see the weed before you buy it because they will most of the time take your money and just leave. If you have hook ups you can almost get weed anywhere else. I personally have people who will drive to my house come inside and scale out what I want for me. Now thats called service.”

“I don’t really know where the locals go but as a tourist I found it amazing easy to locate. Rte. St-Denis is full of cheap hotels that don’t appear to be drug free and while drunkenly stumbling down it I was offered Crack and Marijuana. The much more reputable Rte Ste-Catherine or as it’s locally pronounced (Roo Saint Catrare) has alot of bars and clubs aswell as a few smoke shops, and while walking down the street after 2 AM I was often stopped and spoken to in French when I told them I only spoke English they paused and then asked if I wanted to buy any trees.”


In Montreal the more you buy the more you get.

10 for a gram
20 for a 2.5
25 for 30 or most of the times 3.5
45 for sets(7grams)
60-80 for half Oz
100-220 for Oz.

The pricing is amazing here. And can be even closer to $5/gram.


You can find virtually anything. Very well grown hydroponique M39 is easy to get your hands on at a very good price. As far as exotics go there’s alot of jack hair, quebec gold, skunk and some nebs. If you really have good hookups you can find blueberry, silver haze red rooster, jack hair and -bubblegum. Ak47 and afghan aren’t hard to find either. There’s many varieties of pot in this city and it’s very tolerated. You can literally buy what it is you need to grow from a pot shop.

“In montreal there are so many types of bud. I’ve only lived here for about 2 years and I’ve come across over 20 different types of bud. Unless you smoke a 3.5 everyday almost anything will get you high. if you want cheaper bud look for M-39 or exotics(exos) although if you meet the right people you can find much better tasting, smoking, high. from types like Jack variations(jack hair, tripple jack, jack berry. and I personnally love Jack because its also my name. You can also find other BOOM chronic like Blueberry, White Widow, Red Rooster, The Kush, Skunk, Apollo, Nebula. Its either you get compacted hydroponic m’s or fluffy beautiful Jack.”

More information

There are some masterpeices when it comes to pot in this town. One of my all time favorites was a cross between blueberry and skunk. This town is RICH in cannabis in all shapes and sizes. There are many oportunities to sample our pot and if you are a pot lover Odds are you’ll smoke for free. Canadians are waaay friendlier by nature than americans. So don’t be afraid to make friends. People will give you a ciggarette if you ask for it. And I have been given bud and joints FOR FREE!!!! And i still get it on the regular .17 to 22 is the age group that are best suited to help you. COME TO MONTREAL!! BLAZE IN THE CLUBS!! CHECK OUT THE HONEYS IN THE SUMMER!! AND DON’T JUST TRY THE POT, LET THE POT TRY YOU!

Tools for smoking, growing whatever your doing with weed, are easy to find. There are Head shops everywhere (E.g.: High Times, Boutique Rock, Le Rock, etc.) They carry MANY DIFFERENT types(Regular, King-size, 6 Inch papers, 12 Inch papers, Roll outs(to make the perfect size) and brands(zig-zag, smokings, bob marley, and my personal favorite OCB and even more)

Ottawa, ON, Canada


Cannabis is illegal in Ontario. Medical marijuana is a possiblity with a doctor’s perscription. In January 2003, a lower Ontario court ruled simple possession laws banning cannabis unconstitutional.

Law Enforcement

Usually pretty lenient towards just pot, be nice and respectful, usually just make you dump it or throw it away. Ottawa Police make little enforcement efforts, if any. If a cop sees you, they will either do nothing or toss your bag depending on the cop. Some cops can be harsh, but it all depends on who you encounter. Don’t blow smoke in their face and you’ll be fine. Smoking weed is pretty much legal here but it depends on where you go. There are a lot of places to smoke at Rideau (downtown) and at all the beaches/shorelines. basically if theres not too many people around you can light up.

Where to buy Marijuana in Ottawa

You might have trouble finding bud, if you are interested in mail-order-marijuana we highly recommend

Other Submitted Tips:
The west end is always a good bet for the best weed and least sketchy dealers. Many can be found in the suburbs at parks. It’s also a possibility to check terms on craigslist like “weed, pot, 420, marijuana”. We recommend you read the rest of this article and then scroll into the comments and look for anyone who can help you out.

Out of towner’s – head to all the bus stops downtown that are right in front of the Rideau mall. just hang around for a bit and see who doesn’t get on a bus. Go and subtlety ask. Pot is the hardest to find (quite common now a days) and be careful not to get ripped off. Out of about 20 purchases, have been ripped off 3 times. And never give your $ first.

A local reporter added: “Carleton University – ask around the residences for herb. you’ll either meet a dealer or a stoner who can help you find what your looking for. Go the canal area at Carleton university in the middle of the afternoon, there is almost always people smoking weed there. Go to Craig Henry park at night or evening and there will be stoners and dealers. Don’t buy on Rideau street because the counts are shitty, the weed is crap and there are cops everywhere”

Another reporter added:”You can buy weed at Rideau under the bridges near the Rideau Shopping Center but you’ll get decent bud at best and p7 grams. You can get some pretty good weed at Legacy Skatepark (take the bus to Baseline Station) if you talk to the right pople. If you can’t find weed anywhere you could try going to a high school and just ask around but DO NOT buy off gangsters most of them are thieves around here. Also Carleton University and Algonquin College which is right by Legacy Skatepark is a good place to find weed when there are people outside.”

and also :”Just wanted to add a good place for summer visitors to Ottawa.

“Major’s Hill Park” is a good place to find sellers, you can see large circles of people sitting in the grass under trees in the park, just go up and ask who’s selling, generally guaranteed there will be someone there to tell you. (Day or night)”

Ottawa Marijuana Prices

10 dollars a gram 50 a quarter 90 a half 170 oz 600ish qp12 hundred ish hp around 22-24 hundred for a p

$10 a gram everywhere $30 for 3.5 $40 for a Q (7g) of outdoor bud $50 for a Q (7g) of indoor/boom weed $80 for a HO (14g) of outdoor $90 for a HO (14g) of indoor/boom $150 for an OZ (28g) of outdoor $170 for an OZ (28g) of indoor/boom $550 for a QP (4OZ) of outdoor $600 for a QP (4OZ) of indoor/boom $1000 for a HP (8OZ) of outdoor $1100 for a HP (8OZ) of indoor/boom $1800 for a LB (16OZ) of outdoor $2000 for a LB (16OZ) of indoor/boom

I’m not certain on prices higher then that but the prices when you double them (like 1p to 2p indoor is $4000-$400 and then for 2p and 2p for 4p would be minus $800 and so on… )(1p and 1p to 2p outdoor would be $3600-200 and for 2p and 2p to 4p would be -$400 and so on…)


Lots of AK-47, Skunk 1 and lots of other skunk, Mighty Mite, BC God, BC sweetooth, BC Hydro, BC Grape/Bubblegum, Bubblegum, Purple Haze, purple indica, White Widow, Pure Indica, Montreal Boom, Blueberry Skunk, Yellow Mammoth, Northern Lights, Manitoba Hash Plant, Kush, Cocaine Bud

More information

If you won’t settle for decent bud and want to get some boom shit your best bet would be to find a Skatepark and ask some skateboarders that aren’t heatbag where you can find some good bud.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver Marijuana Laws

It is against the law to possess marijuana in Canada. Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law Enforcement

Cops are very lenient. If they find anything under an ounce on you most of the time they will just take it away. If they want to be a prick about it they can give you a ticket, it’s like a speeding ticket you just have to pay it. If you have a scale or baggies then you can be charged with trafficking, but again, if you have less then an ounce they will most likely just take your scale and baggies and weed.

Marijuana illegality is hardly enforced. If you were hiking around with a couple kilo’s in a see through backpack there might be some problem, but personal possession definitely isn’t high on law enforcement’s mind. The locals seem pretty insistent that whatever you buy isn’t meant to be for ‘export’ (to the USA).

There’s a cop shop not far from where most of the commercial pot buying and selling goes on in the middle of the city, but they seem more interested in traffic problems than people walking by trailing a cloud of BC Bud smoke.

If you smoke out in the public alot, for sure there will be a chance of getting busted, but don’t worry, just be cooperative, except for don’t rat out your dealer. The police will not do anything, maybe take away your weed for themselves to smoke. Everybody does it, but the cops are starting to get a little annoyed by everyone thinking they can do it where ever and whenever they want.

According to WBH’s local smoker: “Yes, people smoke in parks. That is a very popular spot. But they usually choose a quieter spot in the park where there are not too many people – unless it is a Cannabis celebratory holiday or something. Nobody wants to impose on those who do not smoke. Unless they are ignorant little punks. In movie houses? Well… that’s pushing it a little I’d say. If you do have the guts to smoke in a movie theater, just know that you most likely will either be asked to leave, or very rudely asked to leave. I would most definitely agree that it is just about on par with tobacco smoking in BC, and I would also agree that Vancouver (as well as Surrey, Chilliwack, and Coquitlam all in BC) is a very smoker-friendly place to be. ”

Where to buy Marijuana in Vancouver

If you want to purchase weed online, use They are legit and trustworthy and your product will be delivered in 2-3 days. Also worth noting is that is always an option to find someone. We highly recommend that you read the rest of this article and into our comments aswell.

Other Tips
Our ever vigilant local reporters have helped us once again get the best info in town: “ok, where to get reliable bud at reasonable prices in Vancouver. Go to the New Amsterdam cafe on hastings st. face the cafe entrance. look left. you’ll notice stairs leading up. go up the stairs. upstairs, mill about for a moment on the carpeted area. a rough and tumble biker-type dude may ask you what you want. just tell him you’re looking for something to smoke. they have you stand on a white line on the carpet, waiting your turn. when it’s your turn, approach the desk with the rough and tumble biker dude and tell him what you want—(ie 20, 40, 60, 80, 100) —they will hook you up better than anyone on the street. in fact, many street hustlers get their bud here, then repackage and resell it to you at vastly inflated prices. this may sound somewhat more confusing than it actually is. en pocas palabras, walk up the stairs to the left of the New Amsterdam cafe b4 7 pm on any given night, and the rest will be self explanatory. it’s as easy as that. ”

“If you go into the New Amsterdam Cafe located on WEST Hastings, next to the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, you may be able to find a fellow cannabis enthusiast amongst the many people at the tables who can hook you up. But do NOT ask the employees of the cafe if they will sell you marijuana. They are very clear that they do NOT do that.

You can find weed almost anywhere in Vancouver … just casually ask around. “BC Bud?” “Hydro?” “Chronic?” Someone will respond. Surrey is great for some really amazing marijuana as well.

Also, Blunt Brothers burnt down a couple years back now, and has been replaced by The New Amsterdam Cafe. ”

and: ” i was in Vancouver in oct. 2007 and the Blunt Bros. burn down 3 yrs. ago. you still have to buy from street dealers. then you can go into some head shop and smoke your pot. Hastings Street West is still the best place to buy. the dealers will find you if you hang out around the head shops.”

“The best place for buying pot is on Hastings Street… and it’s not hard

to find. Turn right off the main drag onto Hastings, go about three blocks — and on the left hand of the street are a number of coffee shops, head shops, and taverns. Ask anyone working there where it is and they’ll tell you. ”

“Marijuana is available anywhere in Vancouver, you will have no trouble finding street dealers, but they don’t always sell you weed, and they never have the good stuff that made BC famous. There are a few secret stores in downtown Vancouver that sells premium quality pot with a large selection of variety, you enter by a password. There are also many full-time dealers working out of their homes….it’s extremely easy to meet very friendly stoners anywhere in Vancouver, or the whole province, once u gain their trust they will definitly hook you up with a consistent dealer. If you’re visiting, make some friends by the BCMP and nearby cafes. Good dealers deal out of their homes or in ‘secret’ stores that sells only pot.”

Cannabis Prices and Types

$25-$30 for an 1/8th.

$50-$65 for a quarter.

$80-$150 for a half ounce. Depends on quality/strain.

$220-$300 for one ounce.

“They are endless but most of the time it will be lemon hashplant, kush, OG kush, Master kush, Orange kush, purple kush, purple indica or just plain old BC big buds. ”

“Best thing about BC bud is its variety!!! A good dealer will have at least 3 different types of weed to choose from, and they will be glad to let you thoroughly check out the quality.”

More Information

In BC, people from all walks of life smoke pot. Lawyers, politicians, housewives, accountants, teachers, police. BC is definitely one of the top stoner paradises. Visit the Island in the fall, when people harvest their outdoor crop, those are the best of the best BC buds. Also, winter will have a lot more pot available than summer, thus there may be slight price difference between winter and summer. There is more pot during winter because because more electricity is used in the winter because of heater, and grow houses are less likely to get busted for the high amount of electricity usage.

Never smoke in the park across from the headshops on Hastings. Plain clothes cops all over that take your stash to smoke themselves.

Here is a great line up of recommended locales for having a good time after getting your smoke in Vancouver: now, once you have your bud (it will be exactly what you are after—-super potent, stinky, crystally bc bud) you can walk downstairs, order yourself a coffee in the new amsterdam cafe, and smoke a fat joint. if you like to mix tobacco in your joint, you will have to go into their special separate, glass-enclosed room for this purpose. the folks in there are generally chummy and amiable. once you are sufficiently stoned, allow me to recommend a few activities around town. if you like a good happy ending massage, hop in a cab and head over to miss cleo’s. prices are reasonable, and it can be a good way to further de-stress. you are on vacation, after all, so have fun. another fun activity while baked is to hop on one of the double decker tour buses frequently touring the sights in Vancouver. an all-day ticket is available at any hotel or hostel. a good place to stay and meet similar, like-minded young tourists, or even make a romantic connection (if you are smooth enough) is the hosteling international hostel. they have a kitchen, laundry facility, and a lounge with a computer, phone, etc. another fun activity while stoned is to take a meandering stroll through Vancouver’s Chinatown (better done during the daylight hours) and enjoy some tasty and authentic Chinese cuisine for your munchies (very reasonably priced). another fun thing to do, is to head over to Stanley park, recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world. you can take a stroll, be in nature, and be close enough to walk back to your hostel or hotel if you are feeling motivated enough. if you find that smoking such potent bud gives you a high level of paranoia—i suggest waking up early and going for a jog in stanley park prior to your smoke session—the endorphins released during sustained rhythmic exercise are great for counteracting pot-induced cerebral malaise. also, it will prime your lungs for the sweet smoke. another thing to keep in mind, is—no one has ever died from a pot overdose—there is no such thing. also, sometimes pot anxiety can be linked to a subconscious feeling of guilt when you smoke—you may be feeling you are doing something wrong and unhealthy when you smoke—nothing could be further from the truth— the following is excerpted, with link provided here:

If one gets the idea of crossing the whole Canada by hitch-hiking (if you’re a girl, get a man with you, though), one will meet all kind of people, from farmers in the prairies, with their pick-up, to business men, all of them with their bag of pot hidden under the passenger seat, giving it to you and telling you with a big smile “Would you roll a joint? And here’s for you on your way…” Ha, if you especially come from Europe, be aware of the Canadian way of rolling joints. They use a single little rolling paper, and roll the weed without tobacco or anything else in it.

The weed usually smoked is hydroponic, although the sun is high enough to make some really good weed growing, particularly on the west side (no snow over there).

Vancouver is a bit different from Montreal, considering it’s in the English-speaking part. I’m talking here about the downtown Vancouver. Weed is sold all along Granville St., and the whole downtown in general. The Chinese town, next to the touristic area, is full of dealers, too. Watch your back there, though. All of them aren’t honest people, that’s all I can say in here. On Hastings, there are a few cafés in which you’re allowed to smoke weed (Blunt Brothers, and another one). A dealer is usually posted in front of them. He looks scetchy, but he’s a real one. Again, watch out, some of them are faking, and might as well run away with the money, while the real one’s reloading. Other places are beaches and parks during the summer. With a bit of luck on your side, you should find what you want.

Out of these cities, I’d say that weed is everywhere anyway. Talk to a few buddies on the street, you’ll get your way. Canadian people are very kind, you’ll have a hard time getting in trouble with them. On the west side, Kelowna is packed with weed, Penticton too (go on the beach, there). On the east side, same thing (except for the beaches part, haha), weed is everywhere for who knows where to look. Toronto’s particularly easy. The country side should require a bit more attention. You’ll have to talk to farmers and native people (be careful, they often smoke shake, which is gross).

Well, for me it’s all for now, so I wish you to enjoy your trip in Canada, and always stay safe!

Thanks to the many contributors for making this page what it is!

Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto Marijuana Laws

Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux, the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law Enforcement
Most police in Toronto are educated about where the real harm lies, and won’t charge you unless you are being an ass. Be discreet, be polite, and hope for the best. It really depends on what sort of cop you wind up encountering.

Where to buy Marijuana in Toronto

One option in Canada is to buy from a mail order service. WeBeHigh recommends Prices are a little more expensive (similar to US prices) and delivery will take 3-4 days, but the quality will be top notch. This is a legitimate service. There are not many risks associated with getting caught receiving personal amounts of weed in Canada. This is the most reliable connection.

If you don’t want to buy cannabis online, alternatively you can check In large cities people often advertise delivery services using craigslist. Search terms like “420, marijuana, cannabis” and you will definitely find some local services.

An old recommendation was to go to the Scarborough Town Centre (reachable by subway). When you exit the train station make a right and walk down the stairs – this is the Scarborough Civic Centre courtyard. There are skater kids all over the place here – ask a few of them and you’ll likely find. HOWEVER. Recent reports have not had much success in this area, it can be hit or miss.

I can recommend the medical clubs in town, but that’s not much help if you can’t get a Dr’s note or aren’t a Canadian citizen. Americans with a medical card issued by their State will be served at the Toronto Compassion Centre,, or the Cannabis as Living Medicine (CALM) at

Friendly neighborhoods where you can make friends who are holding: Kensington Market and Queen St. West you don’t need to look hard. In Kensington Market, go to one of the Jamaican “Rasta” bars or café’s and just ask. On Queen St. West there are many bars, café’s, small boutiques, record shops etc. If you ask politely no one will get offended and even probably try to help even if they are not into it themselves.

A webehigh user reported on this tip:

walked down to kensington market, bought weed from a really shady bald white guy on a bike in front of the hot box. I usually get my weed from Hamilton which is super strong and I get about a gram per $10. This guy charged me $10 for .7 and it was the shittiest weed I’ve ever had. It barely smells like weed, it burns really fast, and the high doesn’t even come on as strong as the Hamilton stuff, plus it’s a short high. I shouldn’t have trusted a shady guy so I blame myself but I was so desperate. Anyways, be careful!

The nightclubs around Richmond Street or Adelaide Street West, in the Area between Spadina and University Avenue are a good place to look. ”

and: “I found that walking up and down yonge street which is the same street that the hockey hall of fame is on works well. Walk south to the intersection of yonge street and college street (by Toronto University), there is a mission a little further south where you can get whatever you want. Ask the rastas, they will point you the right way.”

“If your new to town go hang around the hostels Located between Richmond St. and Adelaide St. there are always cool people hanging around, usually happy to help you find something, sometimes it is some SERIOUS good stuff!!”

Toronto Marijuana Prices and Quality

Canadian cannabis prices are very cheap compared to many other countries with laws forbidding it. It wouldn’t be uncommon to pay $5/g or less. Obviously quality will be a big determiner of prices. $10 Cdn per gram is reasonable. Hash is a little more expensive.

Local hydroponic is high quality. And the Ontario outdoor shows up around October. Sensimilla (seedless), organically grown, are very popular among the rasta looking locals. BC Hydro – More potent, but the same price as sensimilla.

More information

Great smoke friendly cafes:
Kindred Cafe on Breadalbane St.
Hot Box Cafe on Baldwin St.

Sayulita, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Mexico, and so is any related action

Law enforcement: Police patrol beaches frequently, do not smoke on them unless 100% clear

Where to buy marijuana: Ask people around the town square. Some of the young kids work with the police. I found the best deals from farmer type guys (blue jeans, cowboy hats, 30-50yrs old)

Marijuana prices: Best deal was $10 us for nearly an ounce of not bad nugget. Worst deal was 15 for less than an eighth of sticks seeds and brown crap.

Marijuana brands:

More information: Just like any other city in Mexico, carry bride money with you when you toke. Just keep looking for the good deal from the guy that probably grows it.

Hermosillo, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: illegal, but with corrupt police

Law enforcement: With 20 bucks every cop takes off, if you’re lucky with 10.

Where to buy marijuana: There’s Santa Fe, where you can find it very easy. And actually is very easy in every place, but watch out, because in poor places “sholos” will try to steal wathever you have.

Hermosillo is very small so you can call the diller and if you buy 50gr or more they even go to you.

Marijuana prices: 1 peso – 1 gram

80 or 90 pesos – 100 grams

500…800 – 1 kilo if you want a kilo is going to be harder to find

More information: Is very easy to find someone who can give you a phone number of a dealler, but there are times when it gets harder, specially on vacations when everyone is buying it.

Tijuana, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and cities are more “illegal” than others.

Legal for amounts up to one days use.

Law enforcement: can be bried easily ask them how much they want and then bargain down.

Where to buy marijuana: where not? Go to Revolution Street pay tourist prices. Go to anywhere else , just ask for maria

Ask around but dont pay until you see it. There are dealers in the red light district ask around discretely there are many police around. There is a skter shop and other similar stores between 8th and 9th in front of the samborns askthe people leaving the shop. They sell great cheap zig zags inside. If you are gutsy and speak spanish go to a poor colonia and ask around u will get some.

Marijuana prices: $20 an OZ , $5 bag 3gr

5 dlls for a 1-3 grams

averages between good and at least smokable cheat!!!!

More information: ur best bet is to look for someone reasonable and ask them to point you in the right direction in exchange for $$$ but pay only after u have it in ur hand