Bonaire, Netherland Antilles

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Bonaire is in the Dutch Carribean, however Dutch law doesn’t apply and marijuana is considered illegal.

Law enforcement: Very few cops on the island, conjugated with upper-middle class tourism, means that tourists won’t be bothered with that

Where to buy marijuana: One of the very rare places in the Caribbean where people don’t propose you. However, marijuana is easily available, you just have to look for it. To get some, try to find teenagers fitting the profile hanging around Karel/ KFC/ Kaya Grandi and just ask them. You will have to drive with them into one of the suburbs to a dealer’s house. It is usually pretty safe, especially if you do it during the day. An other option is to directly cruise around with your vehicle in one of the suburbs (Tera Kora or Antriol for instance) and ask teenagers around,

Marijuana prices: Expensive: one small bag for 10$

Marijuana brands: Jamaican usually

More information: Bonaire is not your typical Caribbean island, it is almost deserted and you can forget the white sand beaches except on the inhabited Klein Bonaire. However, it is home to one of the best activities to do when you are stoned: snorkeling. It has the most protected reefs in the Caribbean and the fish life is amazing. And all sites are accessible from the shore, so you just smoke your stuff and jump into the water. Great experience !

St. Martin, Netherland Antilles

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal.

Law enforcement: Never found out! There’s a Dutch side, and a French side to the Island. Just guessing, but I would imagine the Dutch side is more tolerant.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s readily available, but usually you have to ask for it. Basically, if you’re in a neighborhood where the Island people live, it’s cool to ask, and you’ll usually get a good deal. Quality can range from cheap Columbian on up. In 8 years, I was sold poor quality weed only once. I’ve also never had a problem locating it.

Marijuana prices: $20.00 will buy you a nice sized bag.

Willemstad, Netherland Antilles

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Illegal

Law enforcement: Cops tend to look the other way and can be easily bribed. If you are caught, most of the time they will simply take your stash.

However You can get busted by using it, but usually they take the dope and leave you alone… if your under 18 you will be taken to the police office and you will need a parent or supervisor to pick you up.

Where to buy marijuana: You can find people selling in all the big clubs. If you walk around Punda and fit the profile (young male tourist) you will tend to have a few people offering it. Often times these dealers are selling crappy Columbian, but it’s better than nothing.

Our intrepid local reported filled us in with some great info:

There are alot of places where you can buy marijuana… Here are some Popular places:

#1 – Penstraat-Drivethru – This is the most popular place in Curacao, the weed ain’t great quality but you will get pretty stoned… they sell Jamaican weed here… they also sell other stuff, but i do not recommend that. You will drive through a small street in punda, if your a tourist it will look pretty scary, but there is nothing wrong with the place as long as you act normal… stop in the street and 1 of the people will come to your window and ask what you want ask for “Chaiba” (local word for weed) and tell them for how much you want… they sell 1 pack for 5 guilders.

#2 Pinkhouse – This one is located near Jan Sofat and the richer part of town, they have different stuff, hasj, Jamaica weed, skunk, overall quality is ‘ok’… same as above, you tell them how much you want and they will bring you the stuff.

#3 – Marchena Hardware – This is pretty close to the airport, and if you are near it… get it there, the overall quality is pretty good, good green skunk also sold in packs of 5 guilders… usually around 0,5 gram a pack. Its very deep into the ghetto and sold by Jamaican rasta’s… if your alone, do not go there.

#4 – The Clubs – They do sell it in clubs, just look for a black skinny guy that just looks awesome to be in a club… he will probably have weed and other merchandise on him… quality of this varies, but usually it is bad…

#5 – Local – The best way, for the best price and quality is to know somebody local which you will have a phone# of… they usually deliver (not for 1 gr. of course) and will get you the best weed, the best way. If you want that well… know a experienced stoner on Curacao, like me.

Marijuana prices: $60 for about 25g

Marijuana brands: Skunk and Purple haze is pretty common. Often times you’ll be sold Dutch varieties but is actually grown locally. This is not a bad thing as the local soil and climate produces some very potent weed with an amazing flavor.