Puebla, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: You can have with you 3 gr and will be considered as a personal consume thats what the law says but not to many pigsss know that law up tp 3 gr is considered as a crimminal offense with fines about 5,000 pesos 500 dollars and one year in prison.

Law enforcement: if the cops got ya with a fat joint in your mouth in front of them smoking it, of course you’ll get prosecuted try to smoke in parks with not too much crowd “ganja is not quite accepted by the community” , the cool thing is that corruption is the greatest thing in mexico so you can always offer a bribe and it will be accepted.

Where to buy marijuana in Pubela: puebla have a lot of residence areas with mansions and expensives houses you can go to one named “arboledas” where you’ll find 5 to 10 dealers in the street (funny people, suspicious characters) they will be able to hook ya up with one of the best weeds in mexico ( some imported), they will also sell hard drugs like cocaine lsd crack and some of them anfetamines, but that’s definetly the place to look all the rich kids buy from them so that’s why they have high potency GaNjA!

You can also try downtown in the bars and pubs finding nice youth free smoke people is not HARD, but they will have lower quality “mota”.

Pubela marijuana prices: hydro and indoor grown : you can get 5 grams for 100 pesos ten dollars …::::IMPORTED WEED::::….

White widow this a very rare kind of weed in mexico you will only find it in puebla, mexico city and queretaro city…1 gr:10 dollars if you get a good dealer you can get 3 gr for the price of ten dollars.

Blueberry weed: also another kind of weed you’ll only find in mexico city puebla and queretaro, believe high potency ganja , the mexicans are not used to that quite of high potency ganja so if you get you will be able to bloooooow some locals they will be sooo high!!!


is a lot cheaper but the quality is not the same but if you only want to get HIGH you’ll get HIGH……40 and 50gr for the cost of only 10 bucks..

Brands: White widow ūüôā

blueberry ūüôā

hydro ūüôā

Lima-Limon: this a good quality mexican weed you wiil find it and all downtown puebla you will get high…

More information: the city of puebla counts with some beatiful green areas and parks good places to smoke some of the best marijuana of all over the country!!!!


Puerto de Veracruz, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and city’s are more “illegal” than others.

Marijuana is illegal in mexico and so in veracruz and any related activity (smoking,dealing;carrying, etc) now it is a new law that says that u can carry up to 3 grams and not need to be a crime offense. (but most of the officers dont know that law)

Law Enforcement: basically if u r catchaed with weed (small amounts) you can offer a bribe it be always accepted depending on the quantity of money you offer, but if you are caught with a big amount you’ll be sent to the police deparment.

Where to buy marijuana in Puerto de Veracruz: if you are a tourist the best place you can try is in the beach next to the city aquarium you can ask to the guys that are over there offering boat rides they will be able to hook you up!. Go between 12:oopm to 7 or 8 pm they are alaways there.

Puerto de Veracruz marijuana Prices: as a tourist you will have to pay higher prices:

1 joint: 20 pesos:2 dollars

you can get 7 joints for 100 pesos:10 us dollars

Puerto de Veracruz marijuana Brands: is almost oaxaca imported weed good quality basing on mexican cannabis , you also can find home grown weed is also good.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illagal in Mexico, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: Don’t smoke in public, but in your hotel rooms it’s cool! Not a lot of cops around to bug you.

Large presence, but not in your face. Be respectful¬†and don’t stand out. Keep an eye out on beaches, they patrol on foot and by¬†4 wheeler, I believe some are also horseback. Also everyone says not to get¬†involved with the Federales, national police. I didn’t have any problems¬†but if you aren’t in good condition to be searched you’ll want to be¬†careful of them stopping you, no need for probable cause down here. They had¬†one public beach gaited off and were spot checking people as they came in. I¬†was on my way out and had they been searching I would have been in a wee¬†pickle.

Where to buy marijuana: Bought from a guy selling parasailing on the beach. He had what must have been an ounce of goodlooking almost seedless lime green buds in a baggie. He offered it for 50USD but I told him it was too much. I was only going to be there a week and wanted less. He was unhappy about it but eventually split the bag in half and let us take that for 25.

I did not haggle with him because I had been offered other bags of weed, though for only 2 or 3 dollars that were bone dry and mostly seeds and stems, I was so happy to have found such nice green I quickly payed the price.

My friend and I later rolled a spliff and smoked it in the hotel room. Just after we got done a guy from the security staff knocked on the door and said “huele como marijuana aqui” which means “it smells like marijuana out here(in the hallway)” We returned blank and somewhat apprehentious stares. Then he asked for some coca cola. More blank stares. I then said in spanish that we didn’t have any coca cola, only pepsi. After a few more moments he smiled and said goodbye. It was only then that my friend clued in to the fact that the guard was asking for cocaine. Anyway, he knew we were blitzed and let us off with a smile. And we spent the rest of our time in Puerto Vallarta blissfully stoned on some excellent reefer.

and also: ” Anywhere, but taking a trip out to yelapa is¬†probably your safest bet. Buy from a Gringo because you run less risk that¬†way. In my time there I saw a truckload of cops unloading in front of the¬†police station one with a visible badge and gun wearing a teeshirt with a¬†large weed leaf on it and carrying a black backpack..same as the vendors¬†you see on the beach.

Marijuana prices: $200 Pesos ($20 US) decent amount of good green sticky bud. I had to dry it out to smoke it because it was very wet.¬†and also: “Anywhere from a QP, yeah you heard right, for 20 US¬†to 50 for an ounce, this was nearly sensi, light green, sticky but not so¬†potent herb.”

Marijuana brands: No names, mostly local, most outdoor, some indoor.

More information: This place is really touristy and best seen early in the season or if you can stand the heat and humidity then come during the rainy season, which incidentally is High fungus season! and: Smooth moke- lots of giggles and munchies!!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: A new bill, passed by the Mexican Federal Legislature in late April 2006, has not yet been signed into law, but would decriminalize very small amounts of cannabis (under 5g) but would stiffen penalties for larger amounts and remove current discretion judges about the definition of “personal use amounts”.

Cannabis is illegal in all forms in Mexico and possession can result in stiff fines and long jail sentences. Police can often be bribed on the spot and it is said that police plant cannabis on innocent bystanders near the U.S. border in order to solicit bribes from tourists. (Unconfirmed, thanks MW and JH)

Law enforcement: Cabo is a tourist funded city, and as such the cops try not to scare many people away by busting them.

Where to buy marijuana: The main beach vendors or any of the small local trinket shops If for some reason you havent been aproached by one any of the beach vendors can either sell you some or point you to one of the many guys on the beach who can. Any of the trinket shops selling pipes will too.

Marijuana prices: approx. 10 grams for 30 dollars. Never take the first price they offer, they will go down quickly when they realize your not a chump and will bring the price down fast. In under a minute i went from 70 for aprox 10 grams to 30 and got a free wooden pipe. They make their money on dumb tourists who pay us prices

Marijuana brands: Not sure, medium strong Sativa, by no means brown frown. compressed, probaly from a brick at one point. dont be decived by “small” sized bags.

More information: It is hard to find rolling papers in alot of the stores and most of the cigars are useless for blunts. If they are not branded they could be a cheap mexican ciggarette wraped in a tobbaco leaf stuck into a plastic mouthpeice , i was tricked int o buying one of these useless things.

If you find a store with rolling papers or a machine made cigars buy them they are hard to come by.

Queretaro, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Weed in queretaro is registrated as a soft drug and so te penaltys it will always depend on the cuantity of ganja youre cathced with. Nowadays there is a law that sayas you can carry up to five grams and no need no te be considered as a crimminal offense.

Law enforcement: if you are a tourist try to smoke in safe places like houses or even cars don’t smoke in public – the police are continously searching for weed and if you get caught you wiil have to let go some pesos to the officers.

Where to buy marijuana in Queretaro: One of the best places you can check is in an skatepark located in queretaro named “Patinerama” – it is a small skatepark located in neighborhood named ALAMOS in front of a school named HISPANO you can check with the local skaters they are always carrying weed or depending on the mood the will tell you the right direction, Other place you can check is downtown where you will notice a lot of free youth smoke community you can ask , Other place you can check is plaza “Boulevares” on fridays and saturday nights, Try to learn the word “Mota” that’s mexican for weed.

Queretaro Marijuana prices: If u can find a good dealer you will get =good weed= low prices= nice quantity.

Weed is cheap in queretaro you can get 45 grams for 100 pesos= 10 dolars You can get one kilo for 1000 pesos 100 dollars aprox.

Brands: You can get everything from serious crap to very nice quality weed:

lima-limon: is the best you can get

uva:also a very nice ganja no munchis!


and local weed: if u get of that one it is beacuse you have been ripped off

More Information: There are beatifull places to smoke in queretaro weed is everywhere and with everyone just ask!!! pleaseeee.

Cancun, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and cities are more “illegal” than others.

Law Enforcement: Police are all corrupt and will look for big money off you if caught. The average cop in Cancun retires at 45!

Where to buy marijuana in Cancun: Flea Markets. Taxi drivers. Bought some decent bud at the local flea market where the guys had it stashed under some t-shirts for sale!

Bought the best smoke on the isla Mejeures trip where the guy had nice bags stashed inside a hi-fi which also doubled as a till for money.

Another reporter added: “Was at my all inclusive hotel for ten minutes and just walked up to the first guy who looked like he partied and asked him if he knew where to get bud. He took me to his room and we toked a bowl of average, brown mexican weed. He gave me a phone number of a taxi driver who would hook me up. Taxi driver came within a few hours and I got some green and white cheap.”

and also: ” go to just about any small shop, there is a flea market right on the main road just go into one of the shops and look at pipes or something and somebody will usually come up and ask if u need any smoke or sniff. if you say yes they will bring you upstairs where you can get just about anything you want there.”

Cancun marijuana Prices: $100 for nice big bag probably around 10g. You can barter with the guys for a better price.

Another reporter added: “$20 U.S. for about a quarter ounce of dark-green (Indica maybe) average tasting weed, but the high was really good. Only needed a pinner for a great buzz.”

Cancun marijuana Brands: Don’t know but usual normal weed with a few seeds etc and not very sticky. The stuff from the Island was a laughing tonic and we did enjoy it.

Sayulita, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Mexico, and so is any related action

Law enforcement: Police patrol beaches frequently, do not smoke on them unless 100% clear

Where to buy marijuana: Ask people around the town square. Some of the young kids work with the police. I found the best deals from farmer type guys (blue jeans, cowboy hats, 30-50yrs old)

Marijuana prices: Best deal was $10 us for nearly an ounce of not bad nugget. Worst deal was 15 for less than an eighth of sticks seeds and brown crap.

Marijuana brands:

More information: Just like any other city in Mexico, carry bride money with you when you toke. Just keep looking for the good deal from the guy that probably grows it.

Hermosillo, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: illegal, but with corrupt police

Law enforcement: With 20 bucks every cop takes off, if you’re lucky with 10.

Where to buy marijuana: There’s Santa Fe, where you can find it very easy. And actually is very easy in every place, but watch out, because in poor places “sholos” will try to steal wathever you have.

Hermosillo is very small so you can call the diller and if you buy 50gr or more they even go to you.

Marijuana prices: 1 peso – 1 gram

80 or 90 pesos – 100 grams

500…800 – 1 kilo if you want a kilo is going to be harder to find

More information: Is very easy to find someone who can give you a phone number of a dealler, but there are times when it gets harder, specially on vacations when everyone is buying it.

Tijuana, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specify a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and cities are more “illegal” than others.

Legal for amounts up to one days use.

Law enforcement: can be bried easily ask them how much they want and then bargain down.

Where to buy marijuana: where not? Go to Revolution Street pay tourist prices. Go to anywhere else , just ask for maria

Ask around but dont pay until you see it. There are dealers in the red light district ask around discretely there are many police around. There is a skter shop and other similar stores between 8th and 9th in front of the samborns askthe people leaving the shop. They sell great cheap zig zags inside. If you are gutsy and speak spanish go to a poor colonia and ask around u will get some.

Marijuana prices: $20 an OZ , $5 bag 3gr

5 dlls for a 1-3 grams

averages between good and at least smokable cheat!!!!

More information: ur best bet is to look for someone reasonable and ask them to point you in the right direction in exchange for $$$ but pay only after u have it in ur hand

Maruata, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5.0

Legislation: carrying weed is a criminal offense in ALL mexico, so be careful, you will also have to have in mind that the NAVY is just 5 miles away from the beach, don¬īt worry they never come down the beach UP TO 10 GR. OF WEED YOU CAN SPEND ONE YEAR IN JAI IF YOU SELL IT- UP TO 20 YEARS IN PRISION

Law enforcement: There is no a law enforcement in this place. is a beach with no rules, in the case you get busted (rare), give the pigs ur watch or maybe an ipod as a bribe and they will release you ALWAYS. you can have fun with a lot of liberty in those places… MARUATA-NEXPA ETC all the beaches around.

Where to buy marijuana: You can find weed everywhere, dowtown, beach, hotels, cribs, the best place to look is in the beach where also you can stay with some native people just paying 4 or 5 bucks a day and also buying weed to them, believe they will hook u up with some of the best BUD you will ever try on mexico.

Marijuana prices: this is the best part, low prices-quality mota..you can get one quarto ( 250 gr) paying only 35 usd, if u find someone (surfers & natives) you¬īll be able to get the kilo (1000gr) by the cost of 80-90 usd, u can aslo find coke,lsd,opium,caldo de zopilote, shrooms, crack and some magic pills.

Marijuana brands: all MICHOACAN outdoor grown weed,,,,,green as the grass you walk every day to get school,sometimes purple, with some of the best smell of all the country you could find some imported weed (rare) blueberry purple white widow all of that stuff.

More information: Maruata and all of the places that are near are some great places to visit and to escape for the everyday life, if u get there u will notice that cocaine is also fuckin nice, a little bit expensive, but it worth it. TRUST ME, also try the food, SEAFOOD. MARUATA first market are the drugs. ūüėČ