Rome, Italy


Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement

Cops are very relaxed in italy. They will aproach you if you are smoking in their face, but as long as you’re in a crowded piazza, or in your home, they don’t care at all. They are too busy flirting with girls and smoking cigarettes.

Where to buy marijuana in Rome

Definitely not campo!!!! That is a good place to score bad stuff.

Santa Maria in Trastevere, and the bar “san Calisto” close by. Look for pierced homeless types, and make eye contact. Remember that they will hook you up, if you pay more. Also, if you go to Termini Station and walk the streets near by. Find a few moroccans. Many of them have family/friends who dealers. They can give great deals for bigger purchaces.

“San Lorenzo, kind of a student district i suppose. just walk around and keep your eyes open. albanians mostly, shaved head, some tattoed and scary looking. Otherwise ask for a place called “trenta-due” (=32) just opposite of the “trenta-tre” (33 i suppose). alternative place, just ask someone, smoking is socially accepted there. Be careful though – and nice… ”

For cheap Weed (in buds) but still good quality, you should check out Piazza di Santa Caterina della Rota. To get there, just go on Campo de’ Fiori and ask where Caffé Perù is (That place is awesome if you don’t want to pay insane prices for your beer/cocktail). You’ll be there in seconds (google streetview –> There will most likely be one or more guys sitting in front of the church’s doorstep. If he’s not there, he might be sitting on the doorstep of the building on the left. Go there and ask the guy/guys for weed. He doesn’t bag his weed so be prepared and bring some kind of container (empty cigarette pack for example).

The price is about 10€ per gram, but he’ll overweight the shit out of it as he doesn’t put it in bags.

If you’re looking for hashish, Ponte Sisto (Piazza Trilussa) is the right place for ya. It’s pretty standard quality though and the Police likes to be in the Piazza, so make sure they’re not around! Just ask people on the bridge for weed. Some might ask you to do some roleplaying (go away from the bridge and then act like you’re meeting a good friend and do the exchange). Price is 10€ for 1g there too.


Rome marijuana prices

Hashish is about 10 euros a gram, but a 10 euro piece ranges from .7 -1.5 grams. 20 euros for 2-3 grams, 50 euros for 6-12 grams, 100 euros – 30-50 grams (look for morrocans for good deals). Weed is not totally worth buying, but it’s actually the same price or slightly cheaper.


Mostly moroccan hash, but sometimes good zero zero first press kinds of stuff. Also napal, and black afghani too. Weed is usually homegrown crap, but sometimes I find really nice orange bud. Well dried and cured.

More information

I have lived here a year now. I recommend making friends, and learning a tiny bit of italian. If you buy only from the streets it might not be good, but if you get to know a guy, he can hook you up with what he is smoking.

Milan, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: In Italy you cannot sell, buy, smoke or grow cannabis. Soft and hard drugs are the same for Italian law. You must be very carefull if you smoke in public.

You will not go in jail for one joint but your driving license and your passport can be suspended. Probably actual left government will be more tollerant and there will be no problem if you have cannabis for personal use.

Law enforcement: Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Polizia Locale, (non ever in uniform, pay attention!) are almost averywhere in big cities as Milan.

a recent report we received argues that: “It is Illegal, but sold in some store, and parks. Hash, and marijuana are very tolerated.”

Where to buy marijuana: Marijuana is hard to find if you do not know poeple but hash is easy to find.

In the afternoon go to Park Sempione just behind the Sforzesco’s Castle. Look for North African guys alone under a tree or on a bench and ask for “fumo” (hash). Pay attention to policemen not in uniform and hidden cameras (a lot in the park).

a recent report added: “in parks look for young north african, or italian young fellas who can provide hash, and the herb practically upon demand.”

Milan marijuana prices: About 10 euros for 1 gram.

Brands: Moroccan. Quality may vary (nothing to see with Amsterdam quality).

and a recent report added: ” Fumo (hash) can be Nero (black), Cioccolato (chocolate), morocco (also brown, least good)”

Naples, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: As of recently the Italian Government passed a law giving out harsh penalities for possesion of .3g of ANY drug. Rest assured you would have to really mess up to get busted for hash or weed.

Law enforcement: Cops don’t care. They may give you a hassle for being foreign and mock you. That is the extent of my experience. I did get slapped one time for lying to the cop… No ticket or deportation though.

Where to buy marijuana: HA. Naples, like the inner-cities of any major city has “bases”. Most are in an area called ‘zona 167’ near SECONDIGLIANO. most highways in the south of italy meet there. Good spot for organized crime. I would not suggest a foreigner going there without the assistance of a local guide.

A base for weed and hash will tend to have two guys, one for the money and one for the shit. Those are the drive thru ones. Some you have to get out and go in or up to a little bank-teller style hole-in-the-wall. The more ‘tude you show the better sticks and bags you get. That is my experience.

Mind you, italians are very lazy. So there are places to cop EVERYWHERE. One of my faves is behind the MacDonald’s resturant in Piazza Dante. There are kids from a soccer firm called the mastiffs. Good weed.

Good hash is not at bases, well not normally, ask about la pasticceria. they have afghan,morroc and turk normnally. and indoor grown weed.

Good weed floats around the base. generally in the outskirts of Guigliano, Torre dell’annuziata and marano you can find some good stuff before they cut the weed.

Yeah I said they cut they weed. They spike it with medicines and shit like barbituates and opiates. Watch out for that. If they weed smells wrong, it is probably wrong

Padova, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: There’s no difference between hard and soft drugs in Italy, but a new law is now being discussed in the parliament, so 5 grams should now be considered as personal use

Law enforcement: Police usually have better things to do than look for stoners, but if you get caught in the act of selling or you have big quantities on you then you’re in trouble.

Where to buy marijuana: If you have no hook ups then hit Piazza delle Erbe (The square of the herbs… ironic) and make eye contact with one of the many moroccan guys standing by the fountain or under the porches that surround the square. Padova is a university city, ask people that look like they smoke and quite likely they’ll sort you out even themselves or by pointing you to the right guy.

Marijuana prices: Hash, from morocco mainly, is about 6-8 euro a gram, weed is 10-12 euro a gram but the possibilities of finding weed without knowing someone are low. If buying from the moroccan guys in the piazza: get the hash he gives you for what you’re paying him (20 euro is usual) , smell it (as you do) and ask him for a bit more, THEN hand him the money and off you go, ready for a quiet smoke in a lovely city

Marijuana brands:

More information: As far as smoking in public is concerned just don’t make it too obvious and you’ll be fine, and if you’re a tourist even better, police won’t be able to spaek to you and they’ll just ignore you if you’re not causing troble like. I strongly recommend people to go to Prato della Valle (biggest square in europe) for smoking, lay on the meadows blaze up there, puff puff and then chill.

Hope this info was useful, stay high stay free.

Perugia, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: In italy if you’re caught with less than 500 mg THC (about 5 gr. low quality hash or 2,5 high quality hemp) they only make you an administrative fine, with more, you risk a trial for dealing.

Law enforcement: Many police around (3 diff types as well….carabinieri, polizia munincipale and polizia finazia) however they are easily avoided. One suspects that a casual pot user does not rate especially highly on the ‘to do’ list.

Where to buy marijuana: Being a student town, theres plenty of smokers around, lots of people smoking in the main square near the fountain and along the main street (Corso Vannuci). All you’ll find is hash..mostly polline of ok quality. Anyone offering bud will rip you off..belive me!

Marijuana prices: About €20 for a gram.

Pisa, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement: Police (Polizia In uniform) are bad Guardia Di Finanza get boring just if you meet em in airports stations or In The Streets with Dogs Carabinieri are usually knwon as the stupid ones in the police forces, so check out mostlye the first two ones.

Where to buy marijuana in Pisa: The Best Places are The Bastion San Gallo, a park known also as Giardino Scotto in school days in morning or in every afternoon you’ll recognize little punks with moroccoan people who have plenty of hash not weed.

And By Nights in the many squats of the town called centri sociali or in piazza delle vettovaglie where people use to smoke freely and friendly offering joints and other selling it but more hippy and touristic place with higher prices than squats and giardino scotto.

Pisa marijuana prices:


STREET 10 Euro : 2/3 gr

50 grams of Caramello 150 euro (less better more robbery) 100 grams of moroccoan Tablet called “Panetta da un etto” 200/300 euro Marijuana if found just from friends and usually not less than 250 euro for 50 grams of swiss quality.

Strains: Caramello(good),primero(good),Polline(shit), Cioccolato(shit),

Siena, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]:

Siena is a bad place where to smoke or to buy. The risk is enormous. Who smoke does not have to only worry of the police, but also of “contradaioli” that are perhaps worse of the policemen. Smoke in the open air is pure fantasy here.

Legislation: No distinction between heavy drugs and soft drugs, the police to Siena is constantly present.

Law enforcement: Smoke in the streets is the better way to end in the troubles. Siena is one small city, much calm and a lot watched, from the police and also the same people of Siena. Smoke in house is better

Where to buy marijuana: There are no public squares or roads where it can be bought. The “Corte dei miracoli” is a good club where, perhaps, something is found, but the quality and the prices are absurd. Acquaintance is the better thing. In the near campaign, better transactions are made. Other way is to go during the afternoon in Via del Pantaneto to the bar called Ortensia and making acquaintance.

To make friendship is the better thing. To know someone in a bar. There is a bar near to PIazza del Campo, in the “contrada dell’Onda”, where you can meet someone who has something to sell. It remembers to you that the prices are highest here. I suggest however not to make nothing in the publics spaces publics

Marijuana prices: 10, 12e x 1 gram of bad hash it is the norm, if you do not know nobody.

Marijuana brands: generally the quality is low. But often the hash comes from Florence. Coast more but is sure better. The better thing is to go to make purchases directly Florence for one greater choice and optimal possibilities to make optimal transactions

More information: Siena is beautifull but it is not sure the best place for the smokers. In Tuscany very many people smoke regularly, therefore great problems do not exist in order to find something. Siena instead is a lot controlled therefore to find something is much difficult one, the costs is high, the quality is low and the risk is truly high. Better drink a good Chianti watching the many girls who go to the university

In Siena, the “Palio” , the “Contrada”, is the center of the city life. The habitants of Siena hold very to their city and are therefore very mind closed.

Venice, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: According to the owner of a kiosk selling paraphenalia, “you can sell the stuff to smoke but not the *stuff* to smoke”.

Cannabis has recently been seen in a more negative light than in previous years amongst Italian law enforcement.

Law Enforcement: Within the city, the police are more anti-drug than on the neighboring island of the lido.

Where to buy marijuana in Venice: When in Venice searching for smoke, it has been my experience that the best luck can be had on the lido, the city’s beach. The town has a more laid back, smoke a joint atmosphere than the nearby city. A vaporetto ride taking less than 10 minutes allows visitors to the city of Venice to reach lido quite easily. Walk along the main drag near the beach *stretching the length of the island*

Venice Marijuana Brands and prices: Moroccan hash ; 40 euro for roughly one half oz. of the black variety Blonde hash and skunk are available as well, but the locals seem to gravitate towards the black moroccan.

City tale

Home to one of Europe’s most well known Carnival celebrations, countless canals, romantic gondolas and fabulous seafood, Venice is both visually stunning and hard on the pocketbook. While public drinking -and drunkenness- are tolerated in Venice, especially during the no-hold-barred Carnival in February, the fairly conservative locals frown on pot or hash smoking.

Unlike more tolerant Rome, getting caught with bud in Venice will probably mean getting expelled from the country even though jail time is now only a remote possibility. Anything more than a personal stash (an ounce or so, no more can mean spending time in the slammer.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, you can even lose your passport if caught with drugs. Just keep in mind levels of tolerance for smoking Maria (local slang for marijuana) varies widely throughout the country.

Whether there for the masked glamour, stunning glass art or just top-notch food and wine, always keep an eye on the budget, as Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Italy.

“Shit is expensive and you get crap. But people don’t care what you drink, how much of it you drink, when you drink it, or where you drink it,” said a traveller who gave his name as Axd.

Featured in films from James Bond to Indiana Jones, Venice is unique among European cities. Composed of countless tiny islands separated by salt-water canals and connected by tiny bridges, there is only one main highway linking the city to the mainland.

The heart of Venice is Piazzo San Marco (Saint Mark’s Plaza) with a stunning view of outlying islands, grand architecture, including the Basilica di San Marco. “This plaza was incredible. At one end were the Basilica of San Marco and the bell tower and all around it were four story-arched buildings. There were two small string orchestras on each side of the plaza and the whole area was lit up with white lights — absolutely amazing,” said Ben W. from Texas.


The brave can face the hordes of pigeons that inhabit the plaza armed with small bags of birdseed, available from old ladies who man carts in the area.

“As soon as you start feeding them, pigeons surround you, land on you and in general envelop you faster than a pack of lawyers at the scene of a slip-and-fall accident,” said James K. from the United States.

The best way to get oriented in the twisting, turning canal-lined streets is to ride the vaporetti – the flat-bottomed boats that are the Venetian version of trams and busses. It’s possible to see most of the main canals, including the main Grand Canal, from the deck and it is far less expensive than the gondolas.

It isn’t as romantic as a ride in one of the traditional all-black boats, however.

“We all were cheesy American tourists and took a gondola ride. It was sunset, so it was so beautiful and very peaceful,” said 21-year-old Michele from Dartmouth College in the U.S., who was travelling with five friends. Regardless of how you get oriented, Venice is best seen by foot.

While hand painted signs pointing out Piazzo San Marco are everywhere, in recent years Italian jokers have added to the collection, confusing and misleading tourists. Maps, available at touristy stands everywhere, are a necessity in the confusing city, at least if you ever want to find your hotel again.

Shoppers should head to the Rialto Bridge, where mask makers, fruit sellers, Venetian glass, knock-off handbags and a stunning view fight for attention. Apply a close eye to what you buy. Make sure an artist signs your glass and double-check that freakish carnival mask to make sure plastic overlaid with plaster isn’t masquerading as paper mache. The vendors here are far more reliable than the cheap stands near San Marco. While fantastically expensive, handmade leather Carnival masks are by far the most beautiful for sale.

Wandering aimlessly around the city is a great way to find restaurants, wine shops and handcrafts tucked away into thousands of tiny nooks. If you get hungry or thirsty, just pick up a bottle of excellent Italian wine and enjoy.

“One of the great things about Europe is that there are no laws about having open alcohol containers in public. So one of the guys and I grabbed a 32 oz. Heineken and two bottles of wine each from a street vendor near the canal,” said Ben W.

And no trip to the city is complete without a seafood dinner.

Lining the Grand Canal are dozens of softly lit restaurants with outdoor seating and fresh scampi, squid risotto, stuffed crab and other ocean treats.

“We got a table by the canal. Ed had the mix grill with lobster, shellfish, and white fish. He said it was best seafood he had,” said Betty from Michigan, on vacation with her husband Ed.

Bologna, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In Italy if you’re caught with less than 500 mg THC (about 5 gr. low quality hash or 2,5 high quality hemp) they only make you an administrative fine, with more, you risk a trial for dealing.

Law enforcement: It depends on the officer’s . On railway station and on the city center sometimes there are policemen with dogs, so be careful.

Don’t carry more than 5g and you should be fine.

Italian police are not known for their vigilance, and Bologna is no exception. Everyone knows where all the dealers hang out but the police never mess with them. It’s tolerated, so long as you avoid the really flashy, touristy areas. I guess they want to make a good impression of the city.

Where to buy marijuana: In Via Zamboni (university street) there are lots of junkies and Moroccans selling hash, sometimes weed. Junkies usually try to sell fake or bad quality hash (if they say something like: “police is coming” and try to make it quick, they’re almost surely trying to sell you fake stuff), Moroccans usually sell a little bit better hash, rarely weed

Your best bet is the university district in the eastern part of the city. More specifically: go to piazza verdi and look for the Greek restaurant. Immediately facing the Greek restaurant, there is a small open space with a couple of trees and phone booths in it. You’ll see the dealers there (usually with their dogs) almost all the time. Approach them with a smile and a “biongiorno”, and just ask for hash. They’re very open and quite friendly.

another reporter added: “i wanted to inform that piazza Verdi DO NOT GO THERE becuase now with the new senator they have put hundreds of cameras in that area and u will be caught as soon as u buy they have a surveillance truck there that normally does not move so i strongly suggest that if u don’t wanna get caught do not go there , also if u do buy there they normally sell u dirt actually dirt they don’t have any hash , the university’s all the dealers leave in the summer cause there no class no students no hash !!!! everybody goes to the beach if u wanna find bud just be a stoner and recognize the stoners ask them they hook u up most of the times that’s it and peace ”

Our latest reporters tell us: “In Piazza Verdi is difficult find hashish. Too many cops and cameras. Just walk down via Zamboni until you reach Piazzale Puntoni, the Moroccans are now there. Better moroccos then junkies”

Marijuana prices: It’s easy to get ripped off if they know you’re a foreigner. Mostly, you’ll be paying about 10-15 euros for a gram of hash.

Marijuana brands: Hash ranges from dark, terribly brittle stuff to some good hash oil. Moroccan, mostly. It’s really a crap shoot when it comes to quality.

Catania, Sicily, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In italy if you’re caught with less than 500 mg THC (about 5 gr. low quality hash or 2,5 high quality hemp) they only make you an administrative fine, with more, you risk a trial for dealing.

Law enforcement: In Italy the laws are often read personally, so if you are a cute girl maybe you can joke cops if you are some kind of immigrant you’re a little bit fu**ed up.

any kind of amount over a couple of joints goes with you to the police office.

Where to buy marijuana: CENTRUM – Piazza Teatro Massimo Area -> This square is the main smoking area by nights , so if you need some few joints during nights you can ask 4 a pub called “fondo bianco” which is full of pushers or going to the “nievskij scalinata – ladder?” – those places are for tourists in the nights, if you need some more big quantity there is a Napoli-style drug supermarket in the Quartiere S.Cristoforo a diagonal from via Plebiscito near Castell’Ursino, you see a lot of shaved heads which are criminal kids who will surely help you. and if you look around you see kids standing still at certain corners throu the whole noon selling pot like in jamaica.

Marijuana prices: Stecca (USUALLY 5/10/20Bucks) – 2/5grams

25 grams – 70 euro

50 grams – 120 euro

100 grams – 200 euro

1KG – 500euro (From August to October usually and supreme quality) 1KG – Rest of year – from 500 to 1000 euro and less quality except the sottovuoto one without air.

SKUNK or Indoor weed @ 8/10 euro for 10 grams.

Hash Usually Bad , if good at 10€/gr

Brands: SICILIAN SATIVA – A Quality grown In Glasshouses throu the entire sicily , mostly grown in Pachino And Ragusa Area, Siracusa Highlands, Catania’s Province,Francofonte, and other small insignificant towns which produce it for the entire island.

More information: The Difference Visible from rest of italy is that you can realize where the mafia is present like calabria sicilia puglia & Campania you have big quantity for few money for example in puglia u buy hash for less than 1 euro per gram, in sicily and calabria you have local sativa for 0.50/1€/gr and in campania you have swiss weed for 3/4 euro x gram even 2.5 sometimes, and theese are places in italy where you have weed , the entire remain of italy is filled with often good quality hash with prices usually from 2 till 10 euro