Saloniki – Thessaloniki, Greece

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: hash and marihuana laws dated back in the 30’s still exist and are in full use. A huge scandal with corrupted juges broke up a yeare ago and many of them went to jail. The penalty for posession and use came very high because the juges are afraid of beening accused of corruption. The prices of weed doubled imidiatlly.

Law enforcement: After the Olympic games of 2004 everything went bad. The number of cops on duty doubled so they are after everything. Stay away from cops of any kind. If you are tourists or foreign students you have less problem with justice in case you get caught. Low profile and a nice smile will get you out of truble most times.

Where to buy marijuana in Saloniki: In the center of the city and in the west side. If you are female just ask a rastaguy or potted guy on the street. The chances are extremely bigger. Don’t buy anything from junkies on the main squares – it’s a reep off. Locals prefer sharing instead of sellins to foreigners. In the islands on summer you will smell it everywere.

Saloniki marijuana prices: Prices per gram:

skunk 10 to 20 euro

maracess 10 to 20 euro both very rare.

The famous greek local kalamata stuff is super rare. Albanian grass is 85% of the weed smoked by the greeks today. It smells bad and it tastes bad. The price of albanian is 3 to 5 euro for one gram.

Strains: turkish, maracess, albanian, dutch, greek and bulgarian. Grass oil

More information: weed is illegal in greece and the limit of peronal use is about 5 grams. Until this limit cops may let you go always depending on the police officer.

Athens, Greece

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Use is forbidden, as well as dealing.

Law Enforcement: Keep in mind that you may be arrested – Greek policemen don’t tend to look for it, but if they’ll talk to you for some other reason, you may be arrested.

Where to buy marijuana in Athens:

“very easy to find marijuana hashish and everything else(….) is on geraniou str, menandrou str, evripidou str. and theatrou square(all are just a footstep from omonia square (the most central sity square). ”

and also:

“part from the ruins opposite Acropolis… most of the weed going around Athens is through local contacts… you have to know someone… no hash/weed street dealing.

Generally in down town Athens, it s easier to obtain heroin rather than hash/weed .

Generally it s Much easier to score during the summer.. you can smell hash/weed almost in every beach in & around athens A good spot during summertime is Kavouri beach and Limanakia… during summer it s for sure that you find people smoking there… and most of the times willing to share or/and sell you some”

another reporter added: “Street dealing is not common in Athens. You can find some law quality weed in Monastiraki area from Albans or gypsies but is not recommended. Full of seeds, not any kind of high. General rules must be followed as everywhere. Never give any money before you see the weed. Changes that you get even average quality from the street is very low.

What to do if you are a serious smoker in Athens: Try to meet with a local dealer, ask a Greek friend, contact young people.

Find a dealer, then give the order (ask what he’s got & prices) & finally wait (maybe even a few hours) to get the stuff & pay the price.

The majority of transations in Athens are arranged indoors. Be aware of the police. You are more safe dealing with Greeks, not Albans or Gypsies (this is not racism). Never carry a lot of weed or hash with you. Police can bust you

even for a joint. Avoid smoking in public.”

Athens marijuana prices: 10-12 euros per gramm.

If you connect with a dealer (not on the streets) you can find several buds. There is law quality stuff from Albania for 6 to 8 euros, Greek buds for 15euros per gram (hard to find), skunk for 15euros, hash for 10 to 12euros, charas 16euros atc

Type of marijuana: Albanses, Kalamata (really worth it)

Real Greek weed is hard to find over the past years. Kalamata or similar strong Greek buds can be found in villages far away from Athens or you have to be well connected to get the good stuff. Weed from Albania is quite common in


If you connect with a dealer (not on the streets) you can find several buds. There is law quality stuff from Albania for 6 to 8 euros, Greek buds for 15euros per gram (hard to find), skunk for 15euros, hash for 10 to 12euros.

More information: The thing with Athens & hash-weed is that you have to know somebody to get the good stuff & be safe. Always be careful with the police, never smoke in clubs & tourists must be very careful smoking in public.

Area: 428 sq km

Population: 3.7 million

Country: Greece

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2

Telephone Area Code: 21

Ikaria Islands, Greece

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: you can be arrested and prosectuted for even small amounts of bud in Greece and the cops are huge A holes.

Law enforcement: 3 out of 5 for Greece but ikaria is different. Ikaria gets 5/5 for very lenient any real stoners guide that mentions greece that leaves out ikaria hasnt done their homework. Ikaria is the humboldt county/jamaica of greece so to speak and every year the cops confiscate 1000s of plants but never make any arrests.

Where to buy marijuana: every beach on the evdilos side of the island people smoke every evening and at Nas in particular. also panagiria which are festivals help at churches that serve local wine are known gatherings for serious heads you will find hashish or marijuana or you can neither see nor smell.

Marijuana prices: 2-12 euros depending quality. Often times it is given free to travelers, so play your cards right, be friendly and you should do just fine!!

Marijuana brands: local ikariotiko, kalamata, skunk, albanian

More information: Ikaria is called the red island its a leftist sanctuary that is run by en elected socialist government. it is fiercly independent and home to a very heady subculture that cannot escape visitors.