Berlin, Germany


Marijuana possession for personal use in Berlin is tolerated as long as the amount does not exceed 15 grams. It can be prosecuted, but charges are almost always dropped. As of 2015 medicinal patients have began legally obtaining their medicine with permission from the “Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices”.

Law Enforcement

Avoid smoking in public and you have nothing to worry about. If you do decide to do so anyway, you still have almost nothing to worry about. Just don’t go making a big deal out of it and you’ll be fine, in other words don’t go waving a joint in front of a police officer and most chances are you will stay out of trouble smoking as much weed as you want.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Berlin

There are several ways to go about finding weed or hash to smoke in Berlin. However none of these methods guarantee any good quality or any fair deals, You will probably get ripped off or at the most get some low quality weed or some soap bar hash that you don’t really want to smoke but have no choice.

If you are still insistent on trying to score some herb on your own just be careful because sometimes you get really horrible weed and then you are pissed off because you lost your money and now you don’t even have a decent smoke.

You can try walking around some parks and trying to find the dealers, everyone in Berlin is quite friendly so if you are in a park and you ask some young people where to get some they will be happy to point you in the right direction, but again, be extremely careful not to lose your money, as there are scammers in those parks as well.

As of March 2015 we have the following advice from our users:

  • Hasenheide (just ask a black guy), Sbahn “Köllnische Heide” (walk over the street and their is a soccer field), Görlitzer Park (go out of the train and they will ask u if not ask them
  • No doubt one of the easiest cities to score in the whole of Europe. Gorlitzer Park (Wiener Strasse entrance) or Hasenheide (Sudstern entrance) are your best bet if you are here as a tourist. The bud is average but the sizes and prices are fair. As stereotypical as it sounds, just walk up to the groups of African guys in these parks and they’ll sort you out! –UKBerliner
  • Buying weed at the görlitzer park is really safe! Unfortunatly the police is raiding the place more often, but it doesnt matter.. 5 minutes after a police raid all is the same aggain.. poeple are dealing weed while others just go their to relax in the sun and smoke a joint! It is super relaxed! The downside is, that the weed isnt always that cheap, but always nice quality! And if u are lucky u can get a good price too! Another place to score weed is the park hasenheide in neukoelln and the “raw gelände” at warschauer strasse!
  • Been staying for two months in Kreuzberg and I got offered some on the street before I even got to my room. I had my backpack on so I screamed “tourist” but it was good stuff, legit. 50 Euro for a bag that lasted me a good month, I’m sure that’s high but I didn’t care (easily talked them down to 40 Euro the second time). For a sure thing just go to the big park in Kreuzberg between Görlitzer Straße and Wiener Straße (not sure the name of the park, it’s not listed on Google Maps, just search for Görlitzer Straße). There are always a ton of rasta/black guys there during the day selling, it’s practically a street fair!
  • Dudes just go to Görlitzer Park. Dealers just literally come to you if u just dont look like a family guy. Their start price is so high (maybe not for people from the US) but its real easy to bargain some. Like as soon as they realice you won´t just buy “anything” they´ll lower their prices. Buds are not so big but weed is better than avergae! Also ask any rasta or pothead lookin guy on the street, sometimes you get lucky and they sell you their own weed, that thats good stuff!!

For more information read: Görlitzer Park: cannabis culture or drugs dump?

Berlin Marijuana Prices

20 euros for a big chunk of hash or 30 euros for 2 grams of average quality. It varies, but usually between 7 and 10 Euro per gram of weed. The really exceptional weed like Kush or Haze can cost up to 15 Euro per gram.

Marijuana Types Available

It varies on availability, but in Berlin almost anything and everything is available, including wax and shatter. In any case, the grass is quite good here considering the price and if you know the right people you can find really high quality weed.

More information:

Just don’t go parading around with a backpack full of ganja and you really have nothing to worry about! Besides, there’s the Hemp Parade for that! Enjoy!

Bonn, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3-4

Legislation: Although marijuana is technically illegal, personal consumption is arguably decriminalized due to the “ban on excessive punishment” inherent in German law. According to federal guidelines prosecution can be declined in cases of up to 30 grams in several regions.

Law enforcement: Don’t smoke in public, but if you are chilling in a park it’s allright. The cops are pretty friendly but since possession is illegal in Germany watch out a bit, although they are not gonna check you. if you are 18 you r allowed to have it in your system, so things are pretty easy .

Where to buy marijuana: At the Hofgarten near the university, when it is getting dark. Black guys are usually selling weed, but they are expensive, although the weed is ok. Arabs or Turks sell hash, which is ok, and it seems to me that they are a bit less expensive.

Usually, you meet black guys OR Arabs, they don’t seem to be around the same time. Make eye contact, they will initiate the deal.

Whenever I went there, the dealers were pretty relaxed, since it’s not a big city. They let you check the merchandise first, which you should do.

During the day, there might be civil police you wouldn’t recognize.

Frankfurt, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Although marijuana is technically illegal, personal consumption is arguably decriminalized due to the “ban on excessive punishment” inherent in German law. According to federal guidelines prosecution can be declined in cases of up to 30 grams in several regions.

Law Enforcement: In the State Hessen (which is a state in Germany) up to 30 grams are considered just to be for own consumption. If you have more than 30 grams on you, you will probably be considered a Dealer. Yet, you might get arrested for only having 1 gram or even just a joint, it really is up to the police officer’s mood. On the other hand it is commonly known, that even Cops in Germany smoke up themselves. Sometimes when they catch you, they’ll just take you weed, say that the weed will be destroyed (probably by smoking it..) and you’re free to go.

Don’t smoke in public, but if you are chilling in a park it’s alright. The cops are pretty friendly but since possession is illegal in Germany watch out a bit, although they are not gonna check you. if you are 18 you r allowed to have it in your system, so things are pretty easy .

and also: “Your shit’ll be gone, but If you seem peaceful, don’t worry. They can’t even bust you. I once saw an argument between a crack-fiend or something, where the crack-fiend was really pissed off because they stopped him smoking his shit on the street, and they finally just took him with them, because it seemed he wanted to whop them.”

Where to buy marijuana in Frankfurt, Germany Our local reporter says “DO NOT BUY AT KONSTABLERWACHE! I am from Frankfurt, and absolutely NO1 buys there except tourists and stupid people who are on turkey. So PLEASE, do NOT buy at Konstablerwache (ok, you can buy stuff there, but you’ll most likely get dirty hash (real dirty) and it doesn’t even get you very high.”

In order to buy Marijuana just look out for it. As mentioned above, people smoke in parks, etc. so I guess that’s your best bet if you’re new in town.

Other tell us; Check near the Konstablerwache station. Look for the young “middle east” types, all of them seem to be selling hash. Some good quality, some bad. Two scores netted me a pretty good chunk (5 grams) of good quality Moroccan blonde, and a 4 gram score of very lousy quality I don’t know what. Be careful. Always check the shit before you walk away. If it doesn’t smell right, don’t buy it. The parks along the river near Romer mentioned in the original report don’t seem to have any smokers any more.

another reporter added: “Arabic people pretty much run the whole street-trading craft. Stick to them. As seen in your favourite gangster-movie it most probably will need some time to establish a connection to a person, that can take you deeper in the game. I think you really will find only hash at the beginning of strolling around searching. You go best with asking for a number, or if the dealer is more often around. Anyway, i would advise you to try to overjump the street-buying as fast as possible, because it’ll always be more expensive.

Konstablerwache is definitely the main spot. There is some area, close to the 2nd of 2 subway entrances (the first is the central one), which is not so crowded, even the city is full. Best times should be from 18:00, since then the city life already is calming down a little bit. Since a few months they got guards posted near the subway stations, i dunno if they’re there to look-out or just to verify no trouble in the city. Anyway keep an eye. German police can be recognized at the green suits. I think only the young officers are eager to catch you, as the older ones think that hash is not very harming. In Germany it’s more about expand already found contacs to search for a good one, because the good one is like 1 of 1000. If you’re only there for a short time and insist weed, let them know you are willing to spend money and this it be a problem. If the price is right, anything is no problem, alltough it can get cheeky.”

Marijuana prices: Since the Soccer World Championship in 2006 prices have risen dramatically. Before 2006 you had to pay around 5-7 Euros per gram. Nowadays prices range from 7-10 Euros (at Konstablerwache around 12 Euros, so again, avoid buying there)

Other reports say:

Hash 5.00 – 6.00 € / g

Weed 7.00 – 8.00€ / g

Marijuana brands: Various like a rainbow, that’s all i can say. You could get shit, that’ll take your mind to the universe, from where you can see the dessert, the chinese wall and your mama house. Or you just sitting there coughin’ and asking yourself: “Am i high? Am i high?”

More information: Just try it. It’s definately possible to get high between 1-2 hours, so you won’t starve. But try to get a feeling for how it’s done here. You will go the best with that.

Enjoy it there are some chill people to hang out with check out Bergerstrasse it is a cool little street to walk and they have the best hamburger’s this side of the pond.

Smoking in Public: The only place where I personally would be afraid to smoke up is the very city center. Everything around the city center is no problem, just watch out for the cops. People will not tell on you, they might look very briefly, but that’s it.

If you are a real stoner, you should also check out Frankfurt’s headshops! There, you will be able to find all kinds of gear!

Again, let me warn you, Konstablerwache is definitely NOT the place to go to. If you want the good stuff just ask some random German kids who look like stoners, that’ll do.

If you get busted, don’t worry, won’t be much of a big deal.

In order to get a fair price, you should get to know people. That way you’ll get a little bit more every time you pick up weed.

One last tip: There were several American settlements in Frankfurt one of which is still actively being maintained. This settlement you can find close to the U-Bahn (Subway) Station “Dornbusch” (Subway U1, U2 or U3) in direction of Ginnheim, Gonzenheim, and Hohenmark. Once you arrive at “Dornbusch”, just ask for this American settlement (2 Minute walk). In the settlement you can find American kids who have had the same problem you are currently having. Thus, you can feel more comfortable in getting help finding weed.

Freiburg, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Smoking pot is widely tolerated in Germany especially among people who are younger than 40. The maximum of weed you can posses without having to fear prosecution is 3 grams in Baden-Wuerttemberg which is a State in Germany. However, if you get caught smoking pot by the police they will search you and arrest you depending on their mood and on how much they find. If they find more than 3grams then you may be considered a dealer and find yourself being prosecuted. If you are over 18 and have less than 3 grams the maximum penalty you will receive is 1 day in prison. If you are under 18 your parents or some guardian will have to come and pick you up.

Law enforcement: Police smokes weed also after work. But if they see you smoking weed or buying it, they will come and hassle you for sure.

Where to buy marijuana: In Freiburg there is one hotspot where most people will at first recommend you to buy weed. It is the park that’s right next to the Central Train Station where all the long-distance trains arrive and depart. I don’t know the name of the park right now but really you can’t miss it, it’s not more than a 1 to 2 minute walk from the station. It is located west of the station. There are always a bunch of strange looking people in the park. Go there and ask them carefully. Don’t go there with more than 2 people.

Otherwise, I would recommend you to ask students. Freiburg is a student city with a huge student population. You will see students everywhere around and your best bet is definitely to look for students who look like stoners and ask them. They will point you in the right direction. Also I can only highly recommend to make a few friends who are either students or local kids. They will hook you up.

Marijuana prices: Prices range from 7 to 10 Euros per gram.

Marijuana brands: Usually not many brands are available in Germany. But since Freiburg is somewhat close to the Swiss border there will be a small variety of weed. However, you can’t choose. You can only take what is offered. If you don’t like it, don’t take it. There will be more opportunities to find weed, so don’t worry. Also you should make sure that the weed is bud, the leaves won’t get you high.

More information: Again Freiburg is a student city and many of them are stoners or at least people who occasionally smoke weed. The population is over-average young in Freiburg, so there will be many opportunities to get hooked up!

Koln, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: The posession of marijuana for personal use in Berlin is tolerated, as long as the amount does not exceed a quantity of 10 grams. Nonetheless, I would not suggest traveling around the city with 10 one gram baggies in your pocket.

Law Enforcement: The police drove right passt, stopped, looked and kept driving. I wouldnt push your luck though Germans are tough.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Bonn: I am from Australia and have been travelling for a while now, I seem to run into some good luck when trying to score.

Anyway. Koln isnt a big city, nor a very popular city for tourists, besides the legendary Koln cathedral – there is nothing to see. And there are less people who speak good English. Don’t bother asking kids or punks in spikes and black tshirts, these days you can buy that shit at Kmart so clothing means fuck all. Its more of an older persons job to sell the shit and even smoke it, I got laughed at when I asked around outside the Koln central station and the Cathedral.

I have found that in order to get info on where to get drugs, drop a few coins into a homeless persons cup and ask them, they usually know where to go and will help give you directions if they an speak any good english, even if they dont, communication is generally ok. If you speak Spanish in any European country you will be OK. I have been asked in Italy, Germany, England and Finland if I speak spanish… so it pays to know it.

Where to score. If you are in the centre of town at the main train station Koln HBF – right next to the cathedral. Take an underground train 2 stops to Eberplatz. Right outside the tation there is a little open space with a big ugly sculpture in it and a few people drinking beer and hanging out. All sorts of people, locals, homeless, oldies, serbians and tourists. Ask one of the beer drinking German locals (younger not older) if they know where to get Hashish… there is a guy that can help you out, they will point you in the right direction… he is usually around between 1 and 6pm and might be able to get Hydro buds if you catch the train to his friends house with him… I got this info from a homeless guy sitting at the door to the Koln cathedral, it cost be 20 cents. It paid off. On the weekend, there are some dodgier looking people hanging on the steps to Koln Cathedral that might be worth asking.

from my experience, these people are generally harmless, jsut don’t give them a reason to hate you. I was lucky being Australian, they didnt like the idea of us being British and they hated the idea that we might be American. Sorry guys, you have a bad rep!

Koln Marijuana Prices: I got 4 grams for 20 euro. Great bargain. Average about 5 euro per gram if they like you. Or 7-10 euro if they are out to make some money. That is for hashish. Indoor buds might be harder to come across, especially in the winter months… and more expensive.

We were told to go to Bonn for better hash and ‘other stuff’ – Bonn is a bus ride or train ride from Koln centre. About 45mins. And the people to ask would be outside the station in Bonn. We didnt try though.

Brands: Hash is the go here. Hydro buds require more effort. apparently 10 grams of Bud costs about 50 euro and 1 gram costs 15 euro.

More information: Pay repect to the locals, try an speak a bit of German and dont be loud mouthed and arrogant. If they dont like you, walk away, most of the time they are happy for your business.

Oh and dont let them know how much you pay in your own country, they might up thier price if you are used to paying more.

2013 UPDATE!

Your Köln infos are a bit outdated. Yes: At the Ebertplatz you will probably get something. Another good address is closer to the cathedral below the philharmony, so next to the bridge on the rhine. It’s behind the cathedral towards the Rhine. There are usually at all times of the day some black folks hanging around. Just ask them…

Passau, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Please remember that you can go to jail in bavaria for possesion of any amount of weed… that is not a must of course, but possible… and an unpleasant experience in any case, especially if you do not speak German.

The posession of marijuana for personal use is tolerated, as long as the amount does not exceed a quantity of 10 grams. Nonetheless, I would not suggest traveling around the city with 10 one gram baggies in your pocket.

Law enforcement: The cops won´t search you or anything, unless you make yourself suspicious somehow, but it isn´t too smart to smoke on the street. Do it at home and nothing will ever happen. If you´re busted with less than 5 g (or, in fact, with so little that the cops will not assume that you´re dealing) you might be taken in for a night, which isn´t as harsh as it sounds here in Germany, and then nothing else will happen to you.

another reporter added: “Passau is a beautifull city, but it is by far the most conservative in the whole country (trust me I grew up there). It is one of the few places in western germany that actually has an active very right wing, xenophoic party scene. Cops are very strickt and “drugs,” which to them are all the same. Cops often times refer to drugs as “poison” and tokers as “poisoners”. and they are not refering to dealers. I would strongly caution against smoking in anywhere in public, especially if you do not know the area.

Also please remember that cops in Passau and Bavaria as a whole are racist to an extend that you rearely find in the UK or the US these days (exclude the deep south). If you are not white please be extra carefull moving about this area. ”

Where to buy marijuana: Best is to talk to either college students or people who look middle eastern. Chances are you ll have to ask a lot of people before you get lucky, but neither group will be bothered to much by your questions. They ll peopably tell you to fuck off, but they might just know someone. General advise for all of Bavaria: avoid anyone with a button down shirt or leather shoes… your best chance are the obvious rasta/bob marley shirt guys, but also guys who skateboard (just make sure they look at least high school age)…

Marijuana prices: The price range 5-10 euros pr gram is generally correct (also you generally won’t be able to buy more than a few grams at a time), but the quality is usually pretty low. most of the stuff you get (especially without a connect) is going to be standard marroc hash… that kinda feels and tastes more like dirt. i will get you high, but is not pleasant. weed if any is mostly from eastern europe and of mediocre quality. if somone has good weed he might smoke some with you, but he sure as hell won’t sell it to you.

Strains: mostly maroc hash (low quality) some weed (outdoor grown – low quality) people will tell you what great brands their weed is – most popular claims are white widow and orange bud, but noone really knows what the shit is they are smoking very rarely you ll find somone who has good homegrown or dutch or swiss stuff… you’ll imediatly recognize that just buy smelling and looking at the pot.

More information: Smoking pot is virtually 100 % tolerated among the youth of Germany, and mostly by others, not however by the cops. Remember: the more down South you go, the less Marijuana is tolerated by the police.

Passau is about as far away from holland as you can be in germany and the main supply route the A3 is one of the most policed highways in the whole country. that makes it extremly difficult to get good weed. Also: don’t even think of transporting weed in a car on the autobahn and if you go to the check republic do not bring any back and do not smoke before driving back… they will make you take a drug test. also please remember that the cops in germany can totally take apart your car and even do a full cavity body search without any recaourse or warrant. and trust me if you have shaggy hair, wear baggy pants or are a group of 2 or more males between 16 and 30 chances are pretty high (and that means about 10%) that you and your car will be frisked at the border. also be carefull around the trainstation and the trains in passau. though train stations are usually good places to find someone who has or sells weed (at least in germany). passau is one of the most heavily policed train stations in the country. so stay away from it… again double your caution if you are arabic/middle eastern looking and tripple it if you are african. it is sad that i have to say that, but that is the way it is around here

WeBeHigh City Tale:

At the very southeast part of Germany there is the city of Passau, lovely seated at the crossing point of three rivers. It is a very good place to go for a vacation in summer, you will find calm places like forests, hills, lakes, as well as a lot good pubs and party events.

Passau is a border city between Germany and Austria; Czech Republic is only a few kilometers away. For these reasons, the area has always been well provided with cheap and good weed from the plantations in eastern European countries, mainly Czech Republic. It costs between 3,50 and 5 Euro per gram. Holland weed has always been very rare and expensive (4,50 up to 12 Euro per gram dealers take) here because of the long distance and the strict repression on marihuana users in south Germany generally.

Today, the situation has changed in a happy positive way for stoners in this area: The University of the city is growing in buildings and branches of study opportunities, and the almost 9000 Students are more and more growing their own stuff. During the last 2 years, professional growing equipment has become affordable and easily to order. German speaking web communities like provide you with very good advice in taking good care for your plants. Really good homegrown Marihuana costs between 4 and 8 Euro per gram in Passau.

So the best thing to do for a visiting stoner is to go to the campus of the university and ask “suspicious” dudes for a good smoke. Even easier to get to know stoners is to watch out for flyers of students partys, there are plenty of them.

Although Passau has not a big downtown area with its 55000 citizens, nightlife shows a good variety of different places to go. Along the rivers there are many lovely pubs, cocktail bars, clubs and discotheques. Typically german beergardens are located on hills at places with great views over the so called “Tree-River-Triangle”.

There are also a lot good arts exhibitions, museums and impressive buildings located in the old part of the city with its beautiful alleyways. At the cone point of the Three-River-Triangle, there are often cultural open air events of all kind like comedy and livemusic.

Finally an important warning: The Cops are very restrictive about smokers in this area, so take good care! Do not drive in car when stoned and do not light a joint in the streets!

Wuerzburg, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: In 1994, a Supreme Court decision decriminalized the possession of small quantities of soft drugs for personal use. However, Bayern was not too happy with this decision, and they have interpreted it as narrowly as they can. Possession of any amount under six grams is decriminalized; anything more is illegal. Selling is strictly illegal, even small amounts.

Law Enforcement: There is a police training academy in Wuerzburg, and for this reason, the city has an unbelievable number of cops who perform their duties with typical German thoroughness. The police do not actively look for people who are smoking; however, they do try to bust sellers, and they take a very hard line towards anything other than cannabis. Smoking in public is safe at night, in an area that isn’t crowded, as long as you’re discreet about it; Germans usually mind their own business.

The park is a safe place to smoke at night, for example; indeed, any street should be safe at night. But doing it during the day is asking to get hassled. If you should get caught smoking, or with a small amount, you’ll probably be let off with a warning, but there are no guarantees.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Wuerzburg, Germany: Drugs of any kind are difficult to find in Wuerzburg; hashish is the only drug you can expect to find. Very few Bavarians smoke, even younger ones, and the ones who do are pretty paranoid about it; the friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who is the usual source in most of the world won’t usually hook up you, a stranger. The best bet, indeed the only bet, is to try students. German students are not usually a good bet unless you know them; even though drug laws in Bayern might seem lax to some foreigners, they are the strictest in Germany, and Germans are terrified of being hassled by the police. Ancestral memories, I guess. Foreign students are the safest bet, especially those who come from countries where a lot of people smoke (America, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Italy). Try a popular bar or club on a student night, or a student party. You might find someone who will be able to get some, although there’s a good chance you might have to wait a couple days. D roughts are frequent here.

Wuerzburg Marijuana Prices: Prices vary, depending on the quality, the quantity, how well you know the dealer and the number of middlemen between you and the ultimate source. Expect anything from five to eight euros for a gram of Moroccan; nine euros means either it’s an especially good batch or you’re being ripped off a bit. I’d recommend paying the nine–the supply is low, which can push prices up. Anything from eight to 12 euros is normal for a gram of Afghan, when it’s available (which is rare), and anything from seven to 10 for a gram of white widow. You can sometimes get a discount on large quantities, of more than 20 grams, but you’ll be lucky to find a dealer who can handle so big an order.

Wuerzburg Marijuana Brands: The only thing available most of the time is Moroccan hashish. The quality varies from batch to batch; it’s usually pretty good, although it’s often overpriced compared to the rest of Germany and Western Europe. Sometimes, you’ll find marijuana somebody got in Amsterdam; white widow seems to be the most common. This is always excellent. Very occasionally, you’ll find Afghani hash, which is always excellent, although you have to know how to break and roll it properly to get the full effect.

More Information: For a student town, Wuerzburg is surprisingly drug-free. Most of the students concentrate on their drinking instead, which is why there are so many student nights at clubs and bars with great deals. Enjoy your stay in Wuerzburg, and good look!