Berlin, Germany


Marijuana possession for personal use in Berlin is tolerated as long as the amount does not exceed 15 grams. It can be prosecuted, but charges are almost always dropped. As of 2015 medicinal patients have began legally obtaining their medicine with permission from the “Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices”.

Law Enforcement

Avoid smoking in public and you have nothing to worry about. If you do decide to do so anyway, you still have almost nothing to worry about. Just don’t go making a big deal out of it and you’ll be fine, in other words don’t go waving a joint in front of a police officer and most chances are you will stay out of trouble smoking as much weed as you want.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Berlin

There are several ways to go about finding weed or hash to smoke in Berlin. However none of these methods guarantee any good quality or any fair deals, You will probably get ripped off or at the most get some low quality weed or some soap bar hash that you don’t really want to smoke but have no choice.

If you are still insistent on trying to score some herb on your own just be careful because sometimes you get really horrible weed and then you are pissed off because you lost your money and now you don’t even have a decent smoke.

You can try walking around some parks and trying to find the dealers, everyone in Berlin is quite friendly so if you are in a park and you ask some young people where to get some they will be happy to point you in the right direction, but again, be extremely careful not to lose your money, as there are scammers in those parks as well.

As of March 2015 we have the following advice from our users:

  • Hasenheide (just ask a black guy), Sbahn “Köllnische Heide” (walk over the street and their is a soccer field), Görlitzer Park (go out of the train and they will ask u if not ask them
  • No doubt one of the easiest cities to score in the whole of Europe. Gorlitzer Park (Wiener Strasse entrance) or Hasenheide (Sudstern entrance) are your best bet if you are here as a tourist. The bud is average but the sizes and prices are fair. As stereotypical as it sounds, just walk up to the groups of African guys in these parks and they’ll sort you out! –UKBerliner
  • Buying weed at the görlitzer park is really safe! Unfortunatly the police is raiding the place more often, but it doesnt matter.. 5 minutes after a police raid all is the same aggain.. poeple are dealing weed while others just go their to relax in the sun and smoke a joint! It is super relaxed! The downside is, that the weed isnt always that cheap, but always nice quality! And if u are lucky u can get a good price too! Another place to score weed is the park hasenheide in neukoelln and the “raw gelände” at warschauer strasse!
  • Been staying for two months in Kreuzberg and I got offered some on the street before I even got to my room. I had my backpack on so I screamed “tourist” but it was good stuff, legit. 50 Euro for a bag that lasted me a good month, I’m sure that’s high but I didn’t care (easily talked them down to 40 Euro the second time). For a sure thing just go to the big park in Kreuzberg between Görlitzer Straße and Wiener Straße (not sure the name of the park, it’s not listed on Google Maps, just search for Görlitzer Straße). There are always a ton of rasta/black guys there during the day selling, it’s practically a street fair!
  • Dudes just go to Görlitzer Park. Dealers just literally come to you if u just dont look like a family guy. Their start price is so high (maybe not for people from the US) but its real easy to bargain some. Like as soon as they realice you won´t just buy “anything” they´ll lower their prices. Buds are not so big but weed is better than avergae! Also ask any rasta or pothead lookin guy on the street, sometimes you get lucky and they sell you their own weed, that thats good stuff!!

For more information read: Görlitzer Park: cannabis culture or drugs dump?

Berlin Marijuana Prices

20 euros for a big chunk of hash or 30 euros for 2 grams of average quality. It varies, but usually between 7 and 10 Euro per gram of weed. The really exceptional weed like Kush or Haze can cost up to 15 Euro per gram.

Marijuana Types Available

It varies on availability, but in Berlin almost anything and everything is available, including wax and shatter. In any case, the grass is quite good here considering the price and if you know the right people you can find really high quality weed.

More information:

Just don’t go parading around with a backpack full of ganja and you really have nothing to worry about! Besides, there’s the Hemp Parade for that! Enjoy!

Antwerp, Belgium

Marijuana Laws in Belgium

No amount of cannabis is legal to possess in Belgium, you used to be able to possess 3g of cannabis as an adult but as of 2015 that law has changed. If you get caught you have to pay a 70 euro fine, but is still depends on the cop. Some will make you pay, others do not care.

It is also said that 1 female plant is tolerated. Police will take the name of an individual in possession, but the Belgian state will not prosecute. We’ve been told that a new law to allow for medical use of cannabis has lead the police to be more forgiving about possession of small amounts of non-medicinal cannabis. FA tells us that there is no legal way to buy or import cannabis or its seeds.

Law enforcement

It is illegal to smoke cannabis in Belgium, but like in much of Europe, the police will only confiscate if you have more than 3 to 5 grams. Also, if you have it cut up, you might be considered a dealer.  Elsewhere will depend on the policeman you get in front of you.

A WBH user added: “Every time I come in Antwerp I smell and see people smoking weed. Most cops tolerate the smoking (if it’s not excessive or in the neighborhood of schools) but dealing in public or disturbing the order will get you in trouble.”

Where to buy marijuana in Antwerp, Belgium

There’s a place called Groenplats which is one of the main squares in town. I approached some hippie looking people and they helped me out. Interestingly enough, the real key is knowing who to spot and coming off as a fellow smoker in whatever city your in.

One user added: “I think most young people will help you in finding good quality weed. As it is omnipresent you’ll find it probably yourself without the help of other people”.

If you have any new or updated tips on where to find weed in Antwerp please leave them in the comments below!

Cannabis quality and price

The price depends on the quality. Usually these days it will be close to 10€ per gram for something good. Pricing is comparable with The Netherlands (it’s just 10km to the north). Thanks to the multicultural society you’ll be able to locate almost every kind of weed or hashish.

More information

“shit” is french for hashish and ‘beuh” is bud. You buy per € and not gram.  Good smoking =)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Smoker’s Guide to Amsterdam

The glorious city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been the center of attraction for generations of cannabis enthusiasts, and in fact for over a century Mary Jane aficionados from all corners of the Earth have been rushing to Amsterdam to partake in the never ending reefer madness. Amsterdam’s top event of the year is this High Times Cannabis Cup which takes place each year in the month of November and brings almost 100,000 stoners from around the world together in celebration of this amazing plant.

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, flowers or concentrates, the city’s coffeeshops have everything featured on the menus, simply choose what you like and pay for it like you would in any other shop for any other product. Cannabis tours in Amsterdam can be found at the very end of this guide.

It’s important to note that cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands but it is decriminalized. You can buy cannabis at a coffeshop and the coffeeshop can sell it to you, but no one is allowed to grow mass amounts of cannabis so how the coffeeshops get their constant supply still remains a mystery to this day.


Dutch law allows 5g of cannabis possession to go unpunished.  This is due to the tolerant nature of Dutch society. The punishment for possession of 5g-1kg of bud is a fine, you do not risk imprisonment, and no one is going to make a big deal from small amounts of marijuana. You can generally walk around in the streets of Amsterdam having weed on you, smoking a joint, even if you are standing outside of a police station you can light up your joint and smile at the Dutch cops who will stare right back at you not looking very interested in your smoking habits.

Growing 10-100 plants generally results in a fine per plant and possibly a small (1/2day) sentence per plant. So up to 50 days for 100 plants. In general Amsterdam is considered very liberal but the same cannot be said for the whole of the Netherlands, as in some places like the South of Holland you can only enter the Coffeeshops if you have a Weed Pass which is only available for the local residents.


To enter the Coffeeshops you must be 18+ years old. Most Coffeeshops will sell you up to 5g at once. The truth is that some Coffeeshops will gladly sell you more than the 5g limit as long as you are friendly with the budtender, and show him you have cash. Coffeeshops are required to check your ID even if you are obviously over 18, some of them are not so strict about it, but in any case it is a good idea to keep an ID on you at all times. A valid drivers license is an acceptable form of identification, so you don’t even need to worry about having your passport handy.

Any time you enter a coffee shop and plan to sit there for an extended period of time you are required to purchase something. It is assumed that if you are sitting down at a coffeeshop you will be ordering a service of some sort, whether a drink, food, or buying cannabis from the budtender. If you don’t really want to sit in the coffeeshop and just want to buy something to smoke then it is possible to simply buy the bud or hash and go sit somewhere else but if you decide to sit in the coffeeshop it would be wise to order coffee, tea or a cold drink to show respect towards the place.

Red Light District

When it comes to getting laid Amsterdam really provides a straightforward solution for this problem.

The Red Light District has been a worldwide famous attraction for horny men (and perhaps horny women) visiting Amsterdam for the last century.

Among the display you will find a wide variety of races, colours, shapes, sizes, women of all sorts, in fact if you have any sexual fantasy you will probably get to live it once in your life if you visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The streets of the Red Light District are literally full of red windows lit with red neon lights, and inside, sometimes standing up, sometimes sitting down, are half naked, sometimes three quarters naked women who try to lure the passers by in for a treat.

Usually a treat can cost you anywhere between 50-150 depends how generous you are feeling and how good the chemistry is with the girl you choose to work with.

In Holland the girls who work in the Red Light windows are legal prostitutes, meaning they pay tax on their earnings, and have medical insurance, as well as periodical medical check ups and they have to make sure they are healthy and do not have any diseases, whether or not they all abide these rules, we can never be sure, but it’s been said that the quality and the cleanliness of the girls working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is of the highest in the world.

Do not take pictures of the women in the windows, they will respond very negatively, if you really want to take a picture of a girl you must ask her first, and if she says no and you still really want to, then offer her some money and she might say yes.

Smoking In Public

Smoking cannabis in public is prohibited, but still happens all the time, just light up a joint, make sure there are no children in the area, and enjoy your freedom. You can feel free to smoke a joint anywhere in Amsterdam, it is very tolerant towards Cannabis, people know it and they simply don’t care, if you come from a country where smoking cannabis is strictly prohibited and you are used to smoke in secrecy and in closed spaces then you will not believe the amount of freedom you will experience while visiting Amsterdam, you can smoke a joint in front of a police officer and he will simply ignore you.

Alcohol In Coffeeshop

Most coffeeshops do not sell alcohol, however there are several coffeeshops in the Red Light District that do sell alcohol. Some bars allow smoking, so you can go buy weed and go smoke inside a bar that serves alcohol.

How do I know which place is a coffeeshop that sells cannabis or a coffee shop that sells coffee?

The Dutch refer to a coffee shop as an establishment that sells cannabis. You will see a green sign on the outside saying Coffeeshop, and has official dutch government writing on it, basically its the shop’s license to sell cannabis. its always found on the front window facing the entrance. A place that has this sign is licensed to sell cannabis and therefore will offer cannabis for sale. A place that does not have the green coffeeshop sign simply is not a coffeeshop that sells cannabis, but might just be a coffee shop that sells coffee, tea and maybe cakes too. A coffee house does not sell marijuana and a café is the equivalent to a bar. You will see these three terms advertised clearly on shops and that is exactly what they will mean. It is generally not allowed to smoke cannabis at cafes and restaurants, but some places do allow it, it’s always best to simply ask to be sure what is the smoking policy in each place you go to. While some places might be strict about it, some places wouldn’t mind if you smoke a joint while your enjoying your tea or coffee, but it’s best to do it in a coffeeshop that sells cannabis as well. It is possible to roll joints everywhere, so you can sit in a McDonalds or Burger King and roll a joint, then walk outside and smoke it after you finished your happy meal.

What kind of weed or hash is available and what are the prices?

You get what you pay for in Amsterdam. Generally if you hit up some of the more famous, crowded, or touristy shops you can expect to pay more expensive prices, and of course there are some tourist traps to be absolutely avoided, but you will quickly find out that you will be paying a higher price for the very high quality top shelf stuff, around 15-20 euros / gram of possibly award winning cannabis strains. Good hash can cost anywhere from 10-40 euros a gram, and Oil can go from 80-100 euros a gram but is currently not sold in any shops, if you are looking to dab some good oil it’s best to ask around some heady people that have the 710 connection.

We wouldn’t recommend spending all your weed budget in the first place you go to, since part of the fun is going from shop to shop and trying a bunch of strains and different hash samples to compare the different qualities and different highs.

When you buy marijuana in Amsterdam you can buy a baggie of buds, pre-rolled joints, or hash. The combination of tobacco and marijuana in a joint is called a spliff, these are very common in Amsterdam. If you order a pre-roll you need to specify if you want pure cannabis otherwise you’ll likely end up with a spliff. Pre-rolls are typically made with the bottom bag left over buds that weren’t picked to be sold whole, so just keep that in mind, it’s always better to roll your own joint.

Many places offer vaporizers, clean bongs, and pipes for you to use. You need to ask the budtender for one of the bongs, he will give it to you to use in the shop. if you need a bong for your room you can buy bongs in every souvenir shop and many small shops carry bongs and pipes.

I hear Amsterdam has other drugs and not just Cannabis… Is that true?

While Amsterdam is known for its Cannabis Coffeeshops it is true that you can easily find literally any drug in existence, you simply need to know the right person, but it’s possible to get any drug that you want. Obviously it’s not a good idea to talk to street dealers, but you will be approached several times if you walk around the Red Light District at night, usually Moroccans or Africans will try to approach you and offer you all sorts, it’s better to avoid these people and ask someone who you know is a good person and will not try to cause you any trouble. If you are looking for a bit of a psychedelic experience while visiting Amsterdam you can also purchase magic truffles in special shops called Smart Shops. You will see several of these shops while walking around Amsterdam. These truffles are generally not overly potent, so you can take a good dose if you want a stronger trip. Fresh Magic Mushrooms used to be sold legally in Holland but few years back they changed the law and they can no longer be sold. The truffles are not actually mushrooms but something called a sclerotium which is not a live mushroom but still contains the psychoactive ingredient called Psilocybin.

Hard drugs like cocaine and heroin are illegal in Amsterdam. However in places around the Red Light District it is not uncommon to be propositioned into buying some blow from some young Africans. We definitely wouldn’t recommend buying drugs on the street or cannabis from a stranger.

General Behaviour
You’re in Amsterdam, if you treat this city right, it will treat you right back. Don’t do anything silly, do your thing, but don’t bother or disturb anyone else, if you are respectful of your surroundings and the people you meet, you will have a wonderful Amsterdam experience. If you choose to cause a problem you will end up being deported and barred from ever returning, so make sure to behave yourself even if you get into the wildest situations, know that even in Amsterdam there is a limit for every party.

If you choose to use other drugs please do so responsibly, and that includes drinking massive amounts of alcohol. Please try to keep yourself in check and under control, cases of alcohol related violence have been documented around the Red Light District, so please try to avoid any confrontations and if you drink, please do so responsibly. It’s better to smoke weed anyway. But everyone loves a cold glass of beer every now and then, and some Scotch is always good as well.

Amsterdam is a city where millions of people come to enjoy every month, a place where everyone always has a good time and relax and it’s up to each and everyone of us who visit this city to keep it nice and clean and ready for the next person who will come to have a great relaxing time. Just remember not to litter and to keep your mess to a minimum. Dutch people often frown

Where can I smoke marijuana in Amsterdam?

You may find it unpleasant to smoke in some public areas such as the quiet neighborhood streets. Although smoking in public is not legal, it is done all the time with the right precautions. For example lighting up near a canal, or at a park is not uncommon, it is better that you ask a local where it is cool to roll up and smoke, and where it is better to avoid it.

Is there a tour I can join to find out the best coffeeshops and spots?

Our Amsterdam Tours will let you experience the hidden jewels of this city. We will show you the best coffeeshops considering your needs and wishes. Get an insight on Amsterdam’s cannabis scene from a local’s perspective. We can even get you discounts on museums, bike rentals, cannabis college etc. Curious about extracts? No problem, we got the local hookups. Contact us today, for a custom tour!

To contact a tour guide in Amsterdam e-mail

Toulouse, France

Legislation: Marijuana/Cannabis (buds of dry flowers or bars of hashish) is NOT legal in France according to the law. Though it is tolerated. It’s OK as long as you avoid being too obvious. If you’re caught smoking weed in Toulouse as a tourist, you will most likely get a slap on the wrist, in some cases with a fine attached to it, but nothing much worse than that, so don’t be uber-paranoid, but still be discreet about smoking and don’t smoke in crowded places. Toulouse is a more liberal place than most French cities, lots of young people smoke weed and it is socially acceptable in many social circles.

Law Enforcement: Police patrols (in cars / bicycle / walking) are scouting different areas and streets, but they are not aggressive with tourists. Most likely they will not say anything or look away. Avoid being too obvious, goes without saying.

Keep in mind that the police may arrest you for any soft drug related activity. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble. The courts are a bit more forgiving, and tend to release small amount private users with a warning, but if you don’t speak French it is better to avoid any chance or risk whatsoever.

Of course the written law itself is very strict and restrictive but it’s hardly ever applied in Toulouse. Don’t smoke in public spaces or cars -your car can be stopped by traffic cops and that smells … no good! – but don’t freak out, french people smoke a lot!

Our most recent report is: “If you smoke on the streets of Toulouse you will generally have no problems if you keep it cool but if you got caught with more than 10 grams on you then you might have a little problem, just hide it in your balls, remember they can’t search you if they have not seen you smoking (but some French cops love to keep it frisky so keep it cool)

And another report is: “They have bigger problems in France nowadays than looking for casual MJ smokers, as long as you don’t walk around with pounds of weed you should be just fine”

In most streets of Toulouse you can smoke freely whilst walking ; don’t hang in the hoods or in dark places and beware of parks (small ones) where cycle police sometimes does rounds. Otherwise its really no stress ; but it’s better to be safe than sorry, French police are not a pleasure to deal with generally speaking, and they do not speak ANY English (or they know how to but won’t speak any English just to make your life more difficult)

It’s always good to keep in mind that Marijuana and Hashish, just as Cocaine, Ecstasy and Heroin, and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking), are a criminal offense imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail in addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR, depends on circumstances, intention and quantity.

Where to buy Marijuana in Toulouse: Our local reporter had this extensive report on the latest scoring info: “Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to find good quality herb on the streets of Toulouse, the black “bro’s” and the arab “cousins” only hold low quality grade, and will most likely rip you off, unless you go to the suburbs … but even then, if one year ago, you could easily get a 10g bar of hash for 35 euros if you searched well and were not afraid to negotiate, this does not exist anymore. Nowadays, a 10g bar of good quality hash will cost you around 60-80 euros, and a gram of high quality bud will cost you around 15-20 euros.

Toulouse, like Paris, can be a huge rip off if you don’t already know somebody, or can’t handle a discussion with the French “hustlers”.

If you want to go for sure, and not get ripped off, then you should definitely give a shot to our brand new Toulouse weed smokers tour service “WeBeHigh Tours Toulouse”.

Our local 420 certified Toulouse tour guide will take you around the city of lights in proper high fashion, stopping for “refreshment” breaks, you will be able to light up yourself and enjoy Paris in a whole different manner, like you would enjoy at home.

According to the most recent reviews, WeBeHigh city tours in Toulouse are some of the best cannabis tours in Europe, as they allow you to meet the best and most interesting people in the local cannabis scene.

To book a tour with WeBeHigh Tours Toulouse please email: with subject : WeBeHigh Tours Toulouse

Where to buy weed in Toulouse

Canary Islands, Spain

Marijuana in The Canary Islands

Laws and Legislature

Spain’s constitution gives considerable protection to what people do in the privacy of their homes.

“The Spanish law says that personal behavior in a private place, and this includes private land and outbuildings, is protected by the constitution,” “The controversial issues are that police are allowed to determine if what you are doing is personal or if it is meant for distribution, which is illegal, and they are also allowed to arrest you if your cannabis activities or possession are outside of your private domain.”

Law Enforcement

Drug use and possession for personal use do not constitute a criminal offence under Spanish law. However, public consumption is penalized with administrative fines.

Public possession of less than two ounces of cannabis is not a criminal offense, although heavy administrative fines can be levied. Possession of more than two ounces, growing for sale, or selling are considered criminal offenses, but prison terms are not as severe as those levied in the US.

Where to buy marijuana in the Canary Islands

I was walking around las palmas downtown and there was a guy trying to sell something else in spanish. I asked for hash and we went to a couple of kilometres away from downtown by taxi (I payed it of course). He said hash costs 20€/10g and he would take half of it for resale profit. It was fine to me, since it was so cheap, but the result was really poor also. It was the crappiest hash I’ve ever seen, but considering the price, it was ok.

Tourist resorts are actually better places to find quality hash, there seemed to be someone always selling coke and hash outside those bar/club centres in Puerto Rico and Playa del Ingles. Quality hash cost 6€/g and was pretty good a-level product from Marocco.

Prices and Types of Marijuana

Really poor quality was 20€/10g, better quality hash from resorts was 5-10€/g. Moroccan hashes are everywhere, quality ranges from the poorest I’ve seen to very good 0-0 quality. You just need to find a good person.

[sabai-directory address=”Canary Islands, Spain” sort=”distance” is_mile=”1″ perpage=”12″ list_map_show=”0″ scroll_list=”1″]
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Malaga, Spain

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Spain but it is not a major concern if the police catches you with some pot as they will most likely just confiscate the gear and then leave.

Law enforcement: If visiting Malaga, watch out for police with names such as “Policia Local” (local police), “Policia Nacional” (you can probably work this one out), and “Guardia Civil” – the feared Military police – the civil guard.

The Local Police will most likely only confiscate the drugs alike the nationals but the Civil Guard will give you hell. My friend was threatened to be shot in the head for possession of 5 grams. They are corrupted assholes.

Where to buy marijuana in Malaga: Most areas will have available pot for tourists, but avoid areas such as Montemar and San Andrטs because the inhabitants have low respect for tourists. Benalmadena is a growing tourist town where morrocan hash can be found easily. Head for the Paloma Park and the skatepark as locals mobsters sit there. Just ask one of the hispanic boys ( usually between the age of 17 to 21 ) sitting on a scooter and ask for: “Chocolate” (choclate – common term for hashish). They will then ask you “Cuanto” being how much. Dont reply in grams or ounces just say the amount of money you wish to spend. eg. 10 ,20 euro or more. This is the safest way to hook up with some nice morrocan hash.

Malaga Marijuana prices: Morrocan hash is relatively cheap with the price being about 50 euros for and ounce and 10 euros for an eigth. Buds are a little more expensive but if you hook up with the right person ( usually english ) you can get some suberb mind blowing skunk. This is usually homegrown or imported from Amsterdam.

Brands: Morrocan hash is most widely smoked in southern Spain, being to close to Morroco. The potency is ranged – sometimes you can hook up with a massive block of hash for 10 euros but unfortunately the quality does not match its quality. And at times you can find blonde-coloured “Rubio”. This is the best you’ll get in Malaga. Skunk is also available but is unfortunately most scarce. However when you are lucky enough to get some the quality is never doubted and can be very to extremely potent.

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Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana (buds or hash bars) is NOT legal in Monaco according to the law. Though it is tolerated. It’s OK as long as you avoid being too obvious.

Marijuana and Hashish and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking), are a criminal offense imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail in addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR.

Law Enforcement: Police patrols (in cars / bicycle / walking) are scouting different areas and streets, but they are not aggressive with tourists. Most likely they will not say anything or look away. Avoid being too obvious, goes without saying.

Keep in mind that the police may arrest you for any soft drug related activity. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble. The courts are a bit more forgiving, and tend to release small amount private users with a warning.

Of course the written law itself is very strict and restrictive but it’s hardly ever applied in Monaco. Don’t smoke in public spaces or cars -your car can be stopped by traffic cops and that smells … no good! – but don’t worry, people here smoke a lot!

Our most recent report is: “Well if you got one or two Spliffs of hash there will be no problems if you keep it cool but if you got more than 4 or 5 grams then you will have a problem just hide it remember they can’t check what you got if they have not seen you smoking (but french cops are a bit rough so keep it cool again…..

And another report is: “They don’t hassle tourists for MJ unless you make it so that they must arrest you.

In the streets of Monaco you can smoke freely whilst walking ; don’t hang in the hoods or in dark places and beware of parks (small ones) where cycle police sometimes does rounds. Otherwise its really no stress ; but it’s better to be safe than sorry, The Monaco police are not a pleasure to deal with generally speaking but they are used to tourists.

Where to buy Marijuana in Monaco: Our local reporter had this extensive report on the latest scoring info: “its hard to find good stuff in Monaco, especially if you don’t already know somebody or can’t handle a discussion in French …”.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Marijuana Laws and Legislation

Marijuana is not legal in Denmark, and so is any related action (smoking, buying, growing etc.). However, law enforcement efforts made by the police are scarce.

Law Enforcement

Copenhagen police do not look for smokers, or as one of our reporters noted:” several times I have walked right past 5-6 police officers while smoking a blunt… most of the times they won’t try anything because that will cause a sort of riot and lots of flying bricks.”

Where to buy Marijuana in Copenhagen

One place to get weed in Copenhagen is Christiania. Christiania is a city of squatters located within the city of Copenhagen. It is easily accessible by the metro. You just get off at Christianhavn. In Christiania there’s a street called “pusher street” with about 30-40 stands where you can see hash and various strains of weed. Don’t ask the dudes with the dogs, they are the pushers guards. It’s a very easy transaction, you hand them over the money when you see something you like on the table. There is no sale around the harbor.

Always feel free to ask them questions about the stuff they sell, their always pretty open to talk about it. You can buy from 1 gram to several kilos. List price around 100 danish kroner per gram of weed/hash. Discounts are common. Normally you can buy around 4g of the best quality for 50€.

You can also find hash in the urban area Norrebro, they are selling in several streets there, but its a little but more hidden. But I can not recommend going there, you could get mugged.

Another good spot would be by the river – lots of dealers sit while their partner tries to get customers..walk over to the dealer, sit down in a calm way, trade, and walk calm away. You can still get good quality stuff for the usual price…

Copenhagen Marijuana Prices

Prices are 5 to 15 euro per 1 Marijuana gram, or between 4 and 13 euro per 1 gram of hash

In Christiania weed is sold by the bag. A bag has 2.8 grams of weed and costs 200dkk for skunk. If you buy 3 bags you get a price break and pay 500dkk.


All types of strains and hash imaginable available. A lot locally from indoor grows. Copenhagen has best hash from all around the world and comes in many varieties. Maroc, Afgan and a whole lot more, some with local names..

Northampton, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal and is now a Class C drug. It’s against the law to possess it, sell it or give it away, grow it or let your place be used for smoking it.

The local government allows doctors to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes, while the herbal medicine is also administered regularly on the streets and in the clubs.

Law enforcement: fairly light – i’ve smoked just in the street and been ok jst put it out if u see the police

Where to buy marijuana: the top of abbington street just ask around

Marijuana prices: hash £10 for a 1/4

skunk £20 for 1/8

Norwich, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]:


Law enforcement:

Where to buy marijuana: Its hard to get hold of without knowing locals, but there is an elevated square by the market with benches, all the stoners hang out there. You’ll definitely be able to pick up something if someones is there. Almost always £25 for 1/8 but likely to be good quality.

Marijuana prices: £25 for 1/8 but likely to be good quality.

More information: