Copenhagen, Denmark

Marijuana Laws and Legislation

Marijuana is not legal in Denmark, and so is any related action (smoking, buying, growing etc.). However, law enforcement efforts made by the police are scarce.

Law Enforcement

Copenhagen police do not look for smokers, or as one of our reporters noted:” several times I have walked right past 5-6 police officers while smoking a blunt… most of the times they won’t try anything because that will cause a sort of riot and lots of flying bricks.”

Where to buy Marijuana in Copenhagen

One place to get weed in Copenhagen is Christiania. Christiania is a city of squatters located within the city of Copenhagen. It is easily accessible by the metro. You just get off at Christianhavn. In Christiania there’s a street called “pusher street” with about 30-40 stands where you can see hash and various strains of weed. Don’t ask the dudes with the dogs, they are the pushers guards. It’s a very easy transaction, you hand them over the money when you see something you like on the table. There is no sale around the harbor.

Always feel free to ask them questions about the stuff they sell, their always pretty open to talk about it. You can buy from 1 gram to several kilos. List price around 100 danish kroner per gram of weed/hash. Discounts are common. Normally you can buy around 4g of the best quality for 50€.

You can also find hash in the urban area Norrebro, they are selling in several streets there, but its a little but more hidden. But I can not recommend going there, you could get mugged.

Another good spot would be by the river – lots of dealers sit while their partner tries to get customers..walk over to the dealer, sit down in a calm way, trade, and walk calm away. You can still get good quality stuff for the usual price…

Copenhagen Marijuana Prices

Prices are 5 to 15 euro per 1 Marijuana gram, or between 4 and 13 euro per 1 gram of hash

In Christiania weed is sold by the bag. A bag has 2.8 grams of weed and costs 200dkk for skunk. If you buy 3 bags you get a price break and pay 500dkk.


All types of strains and hash imaginable available. A lot locally from indoor grows. Copenhagen has best hash from all around the world and comes in many varieties. Maroc, Afgan and a whole lot more, some with local names..

Silkeborg, Denmark

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It is illegal to posess, buy, and sell, but not illegal to be under the influence of it.

Law enforcement: The Police are generally accepting smokers, a friend of mine was tokin’ on the town square with a chillum, when the police chief came over and asked them to use a normal pipe instead of the Chillum.

He didn’t mind the wacky tobacky, but he did mind the unlawfulnes showing 😉

In generel, you can toke anywhere, but if you don’t want paranoia, find a secluded place to fire up 😉

Where to buy marijuana: Well, if you take a walk down the partystreet, Nygade, and hook up with some young people, your chance to score some weed or hash is pretty good.

Avoid the 3 undercover cops that are patrolling (very easy to spot)

Marijuana prices: 50 kr. (10$) for a gram of hash on the street. – Normal price in Denmark.

and about 80 kr. (about 15$) for weed (skunk)

Marijuana brands: You can be lucky to sind such brands as Marlboro, B-52, and Red Lebanon, but it’s rare.

The stuff is good nomatter the brand though.

More information: Silkeborg is known as an “open city ” in the underworld, which means that you can get alot of different smoke from different sources.