Hong Kong, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: It is absolutely illegal to cultivate cannabis in Hong Kong. As quoted from the “Dangerous Drugs Ordinance”:

“No person shall cultivate any plant of the genus cannabis or the opium poppy, but nothing in this subsection shall prevent the Government Chemist, in his capacity as such, from cultivating a plant of the genus cannabis so far as may be necessary for the exercise of his employment. (Amended 62 of 1994 s. 3)”

Law Enforcement: Hong Kong Police do not tend to look for Marijuana. However, NEVER walk down the street smoking– if the police notice they would bust you– even foreigners.

If you seem suspicious, the police will check you.The main thing is to act calm and act like a tourist.

If you’re smoking outdoors its nice to always hide your shit before hand. Cops tend to walk up to people and do random I.D. checks and also sometimes they will search you. (They rarely search your shoe ;)… _ If you are smoking indoors you should be A.O.K!

Not to put your marjuana in cigeratte box. The police here only search it concentrate on cigeratte boxes another reporter argued: “You will be arrested if you are caught with marijuana here. Very efficient and highly skilled. One of the world’s best and most professional police forces.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Hong Kong: Kwoloon is Hong Kong “downtown” hip area, where all the nightly action takes place.. In the Tsim Sha Tsui peninsula of Kowloon, there are two main spots: Chunking Mansions and the neighboring Mirador Mansions – just walk in to any of the two, get a feel for the place and ask around the West Africans or Asians loitering around busy doing nothing, one of them should hook you up.

The trendy and party animal locals say it is certainly a bad idea to smoke in a club Kowloon park in TST is also a great place to score – just walk around in the park at night and someone will usually try to get you to buy hash.

a recent report we received is: “In TST you will be ripped off if you are not asian or indian/paki. Only go to TST if you are desperate.It baffled me how i read on this site how people would spend between 500-650 for a bullet of hash. Jordan is the place to go if you know who your guy is.You can buy in Causeway Bay, Jordan, TST, and Yau Mah Tei(even though i wouldnt recomment the last one, and Causeway is skechy with the police, the amount of people, and in Causeway one slip could be trouble.)”

our most recent report is: “Purchased a bullet of Hash today for 900 HKD. I am a local, and the price was higher than expected..They started at 2000HKD.

Very good quality product. I am very very pleased.

My method of dealer finding was to simply ask one of the younger type touts selling watches/suites, ect.. on Nathan road south near Chung King mansion. Couldn’t have been easier to score.”

and another report we have is :”Just an update to my submission from December, I found a new dealer today and discovered I was getting hosed at 900HKD. I am now paying 500HKD for a bullet of hash, 1800HKD for a full once of weed. Hash is AAA quality, Weed is B quality (on a scale of AAA to F).”

and also: “I have been an everyday smoker for well over 6 years.. I have lived in canada most of my life, and for a short period the united states. That being said, i have now lived in Hong Kong for about a year. When I first got here I was dying to get some weed. Let me just say that if you want weed in hong kong you will be paying way too much for shwag (cess, whatever you wanna call shitty seedy weed). Your best bet is to go for hash. The majority of hash here is from Nepal (like previously stated) and can be picked up in tst just like the other guys said. I would suggest going with a nepalian or indian over a west african because they are much less sketchy and it will be much cheaper. If you are from the UK you know about soap hash and this stuff is just as bad if not worse. The hash is mainly composed of henna and god knows what else. But it does get you high. Always buy a bullet because they will be prewrapped so you will not get shorted. Bullets r ange from 500-700, however if you’re white, they will start at as high as 2000. Just laugh at them, tell them youve bought before and offer 500.. I pick mine up for 400 but that’s because i know people here… As far as papers go, I would pick some up in TST. If you forget, look around at the newspaper stands and you’ll find some rizzlas.. As far as quality goes, I have realized that I was very spoiled in Canada, but I can still get high here.. Do not smoke on the street cause you do not want to spend a night at the police station talking to cops. Police are great here though and I walk by them high all the time… just dont blow smoke in their faces and you’ll be fine. There are some shops that sell bongs over in Causeway Bay (I think near sogo in a small mall at the underground level)… They have lots of cheapo plastic pieces and a few glass on glass gems… but if you’re smokin hash stick to the js.. happy smokin and dont get too pissed at being asked ‘copy bag, c opy watch??’ a million times…”

and: “Really hard to buyer. I am a trader as well but I don’t know how to get customers here either. ”

and a prsonal testimony we received is: “someone approached me the first night i was here in chungking mansion. he started at 500HK/bullet. told him i didnt want that much and he eventually gave me most of the bullet for 250. i suggest haggling and not pay more than 300 for a bullet (250 is about what the locals pay).

as for the quality, its pretty potent, but its not clean. real sticky/gummy. if you light it to dry it out you get a trail of black smoke…not a good sign. some locals told me later that its supposedly cut with all sorts of shit including charcoal and beeswax. they said its usually no more than 40% pure. probably not safe to eat.”

and: “IN HK, apart from Chungking Mansion, you can go to Wanchai and ask one of the Colombian girls. Some of the best pot I have had outside of San Francisco.”

and : “Chung King has schwag (low grade weed from China) and hash of various grades, from crap to excellent. Usually the softer hash is better, but it can be hard to tell when it’s wrapped up in Saran. Bullets should never go for over $300-350. You can get them for $200-250 if you know someone. Personally, I prefer not to smoke hash because of the risk of contaminants. If you know the right people, you can get good pot for good prices. I just picked up a 1/4 of a good indica hybrid for $800 HK (about $100 US). There are better prices to be had too, but I don’t have a hookup. Ounces of good indoor bud can go for as little as $2500 or as high as $4000, depending on who you know. There is a lot of good bud to be had in HK now. If you know some locals in Kowloon, you can get smaller bags, but normally you can’t buy less than a 1/4 in HK.”

Hong Kong Marijuana Prices and brands:

1/2 oz = 500 $HK (60 $US) for low quality pot

1 oz = 3,000 $HK (350 $US!) for real good hydro skunk, 1,000 $HK (120 $US) for swag.

Good quality hash costs about 50 pounds an ounce, if you konw where to buy it. In TST it will cost much more an is sold in small amounts. These dealers will always lie to you about the quantity. There is probably not too much risk for a tourist but be careful.

Hong Kong Hash Prices: Hash is much cheaper in HK, and costs around 100 $HK per 1 oz.(!) of poor quality hash

For hash, i had one man for two years and got the best hash for 230 HKD.. Being white, they will try to sell it to you for more then double the price, gotta act like you live there and never pay more then 300. The common price is 250 HKD.

The weed isnt worth it, stick with the hash

another report: “Here is where all of you retards are getting fucked over… Me and my boys… have NEVER EVER EVER picked up a bullet of hash for more then 350 HKD. I use to get them for 300… about 4 years ago… But now the normal price for a bullet should be 250 HKD…. Although if you don’t have a normal dealer I guess the price could be higher…?

Types of marijuana in Hong Kong: Mostly hashish…. but motha fuckin A Grade TOP NOTCH hash… Definately the best I have ever smoked… Now good ol’ maryjane is gonna be hard to find… You probably wont find it… sorry”

Country: China

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours

Dialing codes: + 852

City Tale:

“Chungking Mansions, was the place to buy Marijuana – just like webehigh.com says: Had a great time there, I went to and from at the chungking mansions 3-4X (day time). I was never approached, after a little convincing, my wife let me go alone. I was surprised that 3 beautiful chinese hookers tried to pick me up on the way to my firsst evening around chungking mansions just north of Salsbury rd on Nathan RD on the kowloon side in tsium Su SHuei TST. I walked up. My first evening in the tst district alone, was approached by many beautiful hookers, then on to some indian man of 28 yrs he asked me to call him killad anyways I had hk $200 on me that I was willing to spend so we took the elevator up to nthe n12th nfloor nthan walked down a few flights to the 10th floor and I waited there it was like 90 degrees and 98% humidity.

I waited close to 20 mins and I was sweating bullets in the humidity and all of a sudden I hear like 4-5 west african men coming up the stairs, I was sweating and thinking this guy must have callen downstairs and told these guys to come up and get the rest id my$$$$ but they came and passed, by this time Im soaked with sweat, and Killad the indian guy comes out and offers me 2 fists one with a 1/4 oz of some super gummmmy looking and selling pot and about a 1/2 oz of some gooooooood smelling hash, needless to say I took the has as it is hhard to come by here in so ca, anyways besides all the adventure and stress I got decent hash at a goooooood price”

City Tale:

in hong kong the next week i went to a place called chungking mansions in kowloon. the place was filled with shops selling everything from fake d&g to snakes in bottles. it was weird cuz i could see any chinese people. everyone were african, indian, arabs. i walked around for about 5 minutes and an indian guy whispered “hashish” in my ear as i walked past him. he then told me to follow him and i was offered some of the weirdest looking hash ive ever seen. it was dark, gummy, oily, smelled beautiful. i was given 2 grams of this for 100 hong kong dollars which is about 10 dollars. the hotel room where i was staying was non smoking so i had to go to a secluded park with beeeeautiful sea views of hong kongs skyline with the 4th tallest tower in the world. here i could smoke and no one would notice. a few days later i went back to chungking mansions and another indian guy who told me to call him “rock” approached me. i walked with him for a while to his house where he then gav e me big bit of hash and told me to roll a joint. this was also black and oily and he told me that all hash that comes to hk is from nepal. and he told me that this was nepalese temple balls as u could roll the into little balls or anything. it was like clay this stuff was also lovely and i got about 8 grams for 200 hk bucks. then i went to mainland china on a ferry and took some with me which i am enjoying now! this has been one of the greatest summers in my life and i wanna recommend it to anyone!

another reporter added:

chungking mansion in tst is definitely an easy place to score hash (highly decent nepali), and probably pretty much anything else. just aimlessly mill about alone, or take a real leisurely walk around looking at all the shops, and sooner or later some local lowlife (indian or chinese) will lean toward you and whisper “sheesh?” to you. ask how much, and you’ll soon be in conversation.

the first time i took one of them up on his offer, it was hk$650 for a bullet (bargained down from hk$700). after haggling the price, he told me to wait for him here. he went somewhere and got it, then came back and asked me to follow him again, to a stairwell nearby. he produced a heavily wrapped football-shaped silvery nugget, i handed the cash, and i proceeded to exit the building. the hash smelled slightly lemony and piney and tasted very herbal. good times all around.

the second time i took an offer (hk$433 per hash nugget haggled down from hk$$500), the guy took me to a open-air shop in the corner of the building where he met someone else, who made a phone call there, we then waited 10 mins or so to be met by another guy. we then all went down a narrow alley in the back to meet the “boss”. the boss was a cool nepali guy whose father was a colonial police officer in hk (or so he said). while walking with the boss we finalized the haggle , and he said he could also get other things like cocaine. he said he could get green weed, but only large amounts like half-kilo. something could probably be arranged though. he also mentioned that the hash is from nepal, just like him. just before we parted he gave me his phone number to buy from him next time (i call it from a payphone just for the extra little bit of safety).

it ought to be perfectly safe to buy from the chungking locals, as they always approach you with an offer (no police could entrap you like that). just don’t act suspiciously during the deal, don’t attract attention and everything is smooth.

one time the hash i got was super sticky, your fingers would be brown after a minute of playing with it. that stuff was super powerful. eating a little bit raw (a couple grains of rice worth) ruled.

a visitor to hong kong testified:

“Hi, I’m visiting HK for xmas and as suggested here I went to Chung king mansions to score some hash, I asked one of the younger guys selling watches there and he hooked me up, i paid 500hk$ for the bullet, the hash was pure crap, smelled like menthol, black and gummy. I tried again at Mirador mansions, after a few minutes walking around there an asian guy says “hasheesh” in my ear, he wanted 500 for the bullet, i haggled down to 280, got alot more quantity there from the first buy and the hash was the same quality, smelled like incense this time. I only get a slight buzz from it, even if I put like a gram in a joint… i was wondering if this is the only quality you get herein hong kong, or is it just in TST? cause if so, you might as well stay sober.

hash is not supposed to smell like lemon, pine, incense or whatever, the smell is supposed to be similiar to weed… so stay clear of anything else unless you want to pay good money for a slight buzz…

I am familiar with soap and this stuff is just as bad, except i dont get a headache from it, anyone know of a good place to score quality hash here in HK?

on a final note i purchased the hash on xmas day in TST, the police were everywhere but the dealers didnt seem to mind, i just tried to look cool and everthing went fine…”

Nanjing, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4


Law enforcement: Locals are dealt harshly here, but as a foreigner, the maximum penalty is 3 weeks in jail followed by deportation. Police usually don’t bother with non ethnic Han Chinese due to language barriers and bureaucracy involved. Also, they focus more on heroine than marijuana.

I’ve seen foreigners smoking herb in the middle of public plazas before.

Where to buy marijuana: At some bars you will get approached occasionally. Some XinJianese will have hash. The best way is to go through other expats. Students studying Chinese such as at Nanjing University or Southeast University often know where to get it.

Marijuana prices: 100 RMB per gram for hash or bud, sometimes you can get 500RMB for an ounce during November-December during harvest if you have a direct connect. The bud is grown outdoor and seeded, and it will only get you high with a lot of effort, but it’s better than nothing.

Marijuana brands: Xinjianese hash or bud, also bud from Yunnan shows up occasionally.

More information:

Shanghai, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person.

Law enforcement: According to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usually they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t involve a native Chinese person.

Our reports say if you’re caught by the cops with over 20 grams of weed or hash, you’re fucked. its execution. the cops don’t really know what weed looks or smells like so no need to worry

Where to buy marijuana in Shanghai: Incredibly easy transaction here. Just head to East Nanjing Road, wait to be solicited for a “sexy lady massage”, and simply ask the solicitor if he has hashish. Generally, they will make a call and you’ll have the hash in your hand within 10 minutes.

and also: “Downtown Shanghai, around Nanjing West Rd. near the Portman hotel Or you can go to Zhe Jiang Middle Rd. (near Nanjing East Rd.) Or though the many expats smokers who live in the city (a more scure way of getting a good deal and weight)

In China, hashish is the most common street drug. People from Xin Jiang, darker and more aged by complexion, sell hashish to foreigners. Often when walking down Nanjing West Rd. near the Portman hotel somebody will say hashish, hashish! Or you can go to Zhe Jiang Middle Rd. (near Nanjing East Rd.) and go to the Xin Jiang restaurants, characterized by the strong odor of lamb kebabs and dirtiness.”

another reporter added: “Go to Nanjing road and people will ask you if you want to get some hash”

Our latest reports said: weed and hash are everywhere in Shanghai. you have to look for middle eastern looking guys (people from Xin Jiang) and they’ll usually say “Hashish? Marijuana?”. I’ve met some at the Jiu Guang Department Store at night outside of Windows. Also there is a dude behind a Mexican restaurant named “Zapatas” on YongJia Road.

Marijuana Prices in Shanghai: 500 RMB for 1.8 oz or their abouts

It’s easy to get ripped off but generally it’s 300 – 700rmb for a nice ball of hashish, quality is not consistant.

another reporter added: “1) 3000 Y for 40g of gold dusty hash. Type of hash that give you a sleep and munchies buzz. Not to strong so you can still go out and play in the city

2) 3000Y for 20g of weed. Nice skinny flower(bud) tast perfect expensive but it is good and this one make you want to stay home(stoner)”

and also: “$60/yuan”

Latest pricing info: 300RMB (approx. 44 U.S. Dollars) for a nice bag of weed (approx. 1/2 oz)

200-300RMB for a nice big rock of hash.

Marijuana brands: Lovely golden polm hashish (usually from Yarkland in eastern china) very pungent and doesn’t need any manipulation by flame to be broken up.

Note: This hash was more potent than most hash I smoked in The Rif mountains ( Ketama – Chef Chouwen)

another reporter added: “Blond verry dusty hash and light green weed ”

More information: Enjoy the delights of what China has to offer, just look out for the PSB……

carefull with the cops because they are strict in China. Usually they bring you to Kazakstan people.


2013 Update:

1. Legal Circumstances

After staying and smoking nearly daily during my study year in Shanghai, I felt it was time to give something back to this site that has helped me on several occasions. I met several expats as well as Chinese minorities who enjoyed cannabis during my stay, and my friends and I had several different sellers we could contact whenever if we needed some green or brown.


The deal with Shanghai is that you never really know what kind of reactions the locals will have towards cannabis. The police will rarely bother you if you are foreign; in my class of 38 foreigners I only heard of one case were police got involved and that was when my buddy got into a stupid drunk fight out on the city.


My mandarin speaking friend did some recon regarding the laws before we started smoking, and based on his information gathering as well as hours of online research we came to the conclusion that in most situations the worst consequence would be loss of visa.


I had several close calls during the stay simply because I got so accustomed with buying and smoking that I eventually didn’t view it as that “serious”. I have rolled and smoked fatties in several bars, as well as smoking out on the street knowing that a lot of people would smell it. Heck one time a homeless guy even lighted up my joint while I was sitting drunk outside of a club, and another time my landlords saw two large bags of green in the apartment without even mentioning it.


2. Purchasing

When it comes to purchasing the goods this site directs you to west nanjing rd. and yes, in most cases you will be approached (nodded to/whispered to/eye contact) by sellers. However police constantly patrol this street during the day time, and at night it is impossible to find sellers at nanjing.


At night you are better off heading to certain clubs around Shanghai (i.e. Club 88, The Apartment, The Shelter), were you for sure will find someone selling if you are there between 22-03 (day of the week doesn’t matter too much).


The people you are looking for are the Uyghur, even though you will sooner or later run into Africans selling inside and outside clubs. The Africans in my experience have the lowest quality to the stiffest prices, as well as the possibility of getting scammed.


The Uyghur people are quite different than your regular Chinese. These people usually don’t speak Mandarin very well as they have their own language. Most of them try their luck in Shanghai, but eventually realize the job market isn’t that open for minorities. Especially minorities who doesn’t speak fluent Mandarin. This is the main reason many Uyghur turn to selling cannabis


Most of the Uyghur offer you a business card when you buy off them, don’t be afraid to call this number as it is very convenient. This business card is probably the best part of buying green in Shanghai, simply because they will literally deliver the goods at your doorstep if you ask them to. Most of the times they will just grab a taxi to the street outside your apartment (but expect to pay 50-100,- RMB extra for them to make the trip).


3. Prices

The prices in Shanghai doesn’t vary too much in my experience. The times I approached new dealers they always tried to screw me over on the price, charging up to 2000,- RMB for a bag containing 12+ guestimated grams of low to high mids (on a scale where soapbar is low quality and Amsterdam hash is high quality), often varying depending on their stash.


I haggled on the price a lot with a lot of different dealers during my stay in Shanghai. I ended up regularly paying 900,- RMB for two of the bags I mentioned earlier, which in retrospect was a pretty dumb thing to do considering I often carried over 20g on me, which could have landed me a lot more trouble if I got caught. I became very friendly with one certain dealer after a while, and he would often top of my bags or even throw in a couple grams of hash every once in a while for my loyalty.


The dealers also sell hash if you would prefer that, less smell and definitely easier transport. I usually bought hash a couple of times through a month, the amount of hash in the bag varied a lot. But usually got a decent baggy at 400-500,- RMB. However I am a bit skeptical to the hash sold in Shanghai, it has a powdery form when broken up. Almost looks like keef, but I guarantee you it is not only trichomes in that hash. Also my mates and I grew very tired of smoking it just after a few hits, we got high but taste was sort of sickening after a while. Definitely not a good sign.


4. Smoking equipment!

I searched high and low for an okay bong. I went through the fake markets, I visited several streets where it had been spotted by online reporters. Sadly I couldn’t find anything but knock off rolling papers from street cigarette vendors for the first few months.


After three months or so I just happened to walk through a random street for the first time, and stumbled upon a tiny store selling knock off glass roor bongs, grinders, filters, papers and flavored papers. I cannot remember the name of this store unfortunately, but it is located within 50-100 meters walking distance of Club 88; if you stand facing towards Clubb 88s entrance, just walk to the right and go straight past it. You will see a Japanese restaurant with large decor rocks on the inside, take the street to the left of this restaurant and the store will be located on the left side of the street. They sell a lot of random stuff in there, but it was pretty easy to see the bongs from the outside.


Good luck 🙂


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5-3

Legislation: I’m sure smokin weed in China is illegal.

Law enforcement: Smoked in a bar when the police came looking for someone (Chinese). No reaction to the weed smoke.

Where to buy marijuana: Luo hu and also…Shekou. The expat area is rife with all the kinds of bar scenes and western fare. The bars are mixed with foreign workers and people not originally from Shenzhen. Typically finding weed is done through connections in bars at least from what I’ve seen. Hash is around in most social places, from the people working at the bar. Usually the boss or someone close to the boss, say a regular friend. Some foreigners smoke and will let you in the circle if you can provide something. Good buds can be had, but it’s quite expensive. They might be Canadian or American.

Marijuana prices: 6g hash 400RMB

1g sometimes 100RMB

Marijuana brands:

More information: Walk around the Shekou seaworld area near and far from the boat. Lots of bars off a few blocks from the main area. Be social.

Xiamen, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Most educated locals are very ignorant when it comes to drugs in general and categorize it with heroin and the like. The advantage of having such an uninformed public is that the law enforcement know little about marijuana, its smell and look.

Law enforcement: Foriegners are few and far between in Xiamen, as with many of the smaller areas in China. As a result, the law enforcement treat tourists very well and are much more leniant than they are with locals. Nonetheless, it is unadvised to flaunt MJ in public. Be descreet and smart about it and you’ll be fine.

Where to buy marijuana in Xiamen: All around Xiamen there are young guys who hand out business cards with scantily clad women on them advertising ‘massage’. They are by far the best connected and informed. When they approach you to try and sell thier services (If you are a foriegner, especially a male, they will definitely come to you and are usually hard to get rid of) decline and ask if they can get you some weed instead. People who speak english are extremely limited in Xiamen, so you will have to mime. The Chinese for weed is “Daa Ma”, say that along with miming what you want.

Xiamen marijuana prices: Very easy to get ripped off, but you are looking at around 500-800 RMB ($60-$100) for about 5 grams. But wieght and quality vary. The locals always jack up the prices for tourists, whatever you are buying, so be sure to bargain.

Brands: Usually mid-level bud.

If you’re lucky you’ll get a hold of the black hash similar to the type sold in Shanghai. It’s a better smoke than the regular weed.

More information: Xiamen is very similar to many of the smaller cities in China so the advice applies to them as well (such as Guangzho, Shenzen, Donghuan). If you have no luck with the locals try asking any of the foriegners. As always, get a feel for the person before straight out asking, but at most they’ll just give you a cold NO.

One of the best areas to find the young, card giving men is near the Marco Polo hotel in central Xiamen. There is the highest population of foriegners in that area so they always hang around trying to sell thier so called massages.

Yunan, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana in china is still considered illegal. But since it is available in China because people use it for hemp, as long as youre not open about it, you can get away with smoking there.

Law enforcement: I’ve talked to the police in Yunan, believe it or not. They said no one really smokes weed in china. The villagers eat the seeds and use marijuana for hemp. They simply just throw the buds away/

Where to buy marijuana: you cant buy weed there. BUT. i kid you not that it naturally grows out in the mountains. I was visiting one of my uncle’s friends, and i saw a marijuana just on the side of the road. since i went during july, it wasnt budding season, so there were no buds. if you go around november and december, i guarantee youll get some serious if not exotic types of weed. You can even take a travel in the mountains and take the weed yourself, though chinese people will think youre a bit weird doing that, but hey, youre just trying to get stoned.

Marijuana prices: none. if you can find it you can smoke it.

Marijuana brands: i saw a five foot marijuana stock, and i guarantee its some exotic type.

More information: i had a lady come up to us selling us seeds. she told us shes been eating them ever since and she’s 88 years old to live to tell us. weed is definitely here you guys. and if you want it free, i would def take a look in yunan the weed in the mountains are untouched and naturally grown. the thing about yunan is that the weather never gets cold, even in the mountains. its always moist and humid sometimes so the bud must be dank.

Zhengzhou, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5-4

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person.

Law enforcement: According to Lonely Planet it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t involve a native chinese person.

Where to buy marijuana: from xinjiang people ….go to some xinjiang restaurants and ask them for some hash chances are gud when u speak thier language(salam malekum ….. nisa bama ) or da maa , but do check the stuff ….. sniff well …..some are bad , some will blow the shit out of u …. enjoy

Marijuana prices: well prices depends but usually u`ll get a ball from 100- 200 rmb

Marijuana brands: local hash ..powdery(pollen)

More information: Watch out for thieves

Dongguan, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Smoking marijuana is illegal, but it is legal to grow for hemp production.

Law enforcement: If you are a foreigner, the police will say nothing to you about anything. They love foreigners, especially white foreigners.

Where to buy marijuana: very hard to find. for a foreigner, you have to know somebody who knows somebody. I have been here two months and have found it only once through a guy who knew a guy (I’m sure you have that experience). I keep looking to find new places

Marijuana prices: last time i spent 500rmb about 60US dollars for 5 grams, I’m sure it was marked up because it went through a couple peoples hands. Was not that good, but bad buds are better than no buds.

More information: Anybody else in the city please post, would love to find a regular connect.

Guang Zhou, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in China, and so is any related action. Since Cannabis is quite a big industry in China (cloth making, rope making etc.), cannabis cultivation is legal.

Law Enforcement: Weed or so called marijuana is iligal in china so if u get cought you will be in a deep shit. Police over here dosne’t accept bribes but the good thing over here mostly they don’t know what’s pot weed or marijuana.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Guang Zhou:

(huan shi dong lu) It’s near garden hotel you can see a 7/11 over there mostly some black guys hang out over there you could ask them for the stuff (beware) – sometimes they double the price.

Guang Zhou Marijuana Prices and brands:

1 gram costs 100 rmb =$14 usd and the price for hash is around 100 rmb =$14 for one ball.

Marijuana brands:

weed is a soft weed no hydro or what so ever hash came from pakistan

Hangzhou, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person

Law enforcement: The police here do not look out for marijuana smoking and some people smoke outside with little to fear from law enforcement.

Where to buy marijuana: Look for a bar called Raggae on Shu Guang Lu near Zhejiang University. Lots of University students including smoking blacks, Indians and Europeans. They have a secluded stairway with tables where people sometimes buy/sell and smoke. Many of these people are students of the University studying Chinese, who are somewhat well off and having a good time.

There is also a West Chinese Muslim community which may or may not have hashish, but I have never dealt with them as I do not want to buy (or smoke but have Chinese people)

Marijuana prices: To buy, about $10 USD a gram (or about 100 RMB).

Marijuana brands: Good green weed. Nothing incredibly strong. Have had good local hashish before.

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