Pattaya, Thailand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Thailand, and so is any related activity.

Law enforcement: Marijuana import, export or possession are strictly prohibited, except With permission from Minister of Public Health in accordance with approval from Office of the Narcotics Control Board.

Where to buy marijuana: Ask motorbike or taxi drivers around Pattaya who looks cool. They will hook you up and deliver. No problem at all.

another reporter added: ” Went to Pattaya twice. First time, I met a

TukTuk driver who took me all over the back roads of Pattaya to a little shanty town where I hooked up with a pretty shady dealer. While I was waiting, I took a few hits off a bamboo bong and talked with a Thai musician. Then an old topless woman with no teeth and bleeding gums came up to us and started yelling. Really trippy. David Lynch like. Anyway, I came away with a nice size brick for a good price. The next time I went, I kept getting bad weed from the Jetski guys. They try to rip you off and give you little for a lot. Make sure you get a brick. if not, it’s not worth it. Ended up picking up a young hooker and after we finished, she gave me the best deal. ”

Chiang mai Marijuana Prices: 2000 Baht ($50) for 2.5 grams. Bargaining is a must. the more you buy the more generous they are with quantity.

More information: The quality of the smoke in Pattaya is very good .

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Thailand, and so is any related activity

Law Enforcement: Marijuana import, export or possession are strictly prohibited, except With permission from Minister of Public Health in accordance with approval from Office of the Narcotics Control Board. However, police presence is scarce, and they make no special efforts for Marijuana legislation enforcement.

Where to buy marijuana in Phi Phi Island: I was staying in Phuket. I headed to Phi Phi island where u can find weed eaily.

PiPi island has 2 sides of beach. One with a lot of people and another with less people. If u go to the latter, there is a guy who rents little boats. As u proceed to him, he’ll ask you if u want some smoke.

If u can’t find him, don’t worry. Ask any white guy who looks like a pot head.He’s tell u the right spot. That’s what I did. I asked a random white guy with a spiky hair style. He showed me the way to get good weed.

In Thailand, It’s really easy as cake to find weed.If u go to some place with a lot of people, I’m 100% sure that u can find it.

and also: ” I stayed at Leam Thong beach in the north of Phi Phi Don.

You will see a group of longtail boats lined up waiting for tourists. Approach any boat driver and they will tell you which boat number to see and they will fix you up with a good deal of weed that they have just picked up from nearby Krabi.

Ask the right local and you will be in business in no time at all.

Most maintenance employees at hotels and resorts will also be able to assist.

Marijuana Prices in Phi Phi Island:

2000baht for nice brick weed, around 1/4oz Dried, compressed local outdoor grown hooch. Got me off my rocker but its not total couch lock, more get shit done kinda gear with a heady high.

Phi Phi Island, marijuana Brands: Local Thai weed. Medium potency but good enough.

Country: Thailand

Phuket Island, Thailand


Cannabis is illegal in Thailand but the police in Phuket Island is fairly corrupt.

It wouldnt be advisable not to smoke in public or in dodgey back streets, but smoking on the beach or hotel balcony should be kept discrete.

Another reporter added: “You definitely DO NOT want to get caught with weed in Thailand. The cops love to give you a hard time, and like most Thais, they love the smell of Farang money.”

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement generally corrupt, can be bought off for around 20,000B if you run into trouble, such as, possession, smoking in public, and getting narc’d out.

Another reporter added: “Stay the hell away from them. Be polite and smile a lot :)”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Phuket Island

If you are in Phuket Island, for a consistent score, head to Patong Beach where there are jetski rentals and parasailing. Be cool and ask the guys renting out the equipment to hook you up.

“Patong Soi Eric the Regee beer bar”. If you’re there – you surely know what that means…

Another one from patong bay: “Not from people who wrap their pot in tons of plastic and burn the edges. It will be a very little chance that it really is marijuana. Look for the mid 20s people who work on the beach.”

Another reporter added: “Taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers are the way to go. I recommend renting a cab for several hours.”

January 2016 submission: “Chians Civilian reggae bar. at the end of a quiet lane way of sawatdirak rd. Find rayaburi hotel and turn in.

500 thb gets you a massive spliff of good weed. Ok for 6 people.

These guys really took care of me. After a long day drinking on the beach I passed out in the bar alone. Woke up with all my belongings and virginity intact with these guys nursing me. Cannot recommend enough.”

Phuket Island Marijuana Prices

An expensive 3000B for about 4-5 grams of shitty brick weed. But it’s good if you’re bud-starved.

another reporter added; “300Tb = 1.5g of thai stick. THC about 6 – 12 %”

Another reporter informed us of “1000TB for 10 grams”

and also: “I paid 1000 baht for about 5-7 grams of compressed outdoor sativa. It was absolutely seedless and plenty potent. It comes from the north of Thailand from what I hear. The guys who got it for me threw in a pack of Rizla Blues, and I rolled up a 3 gram spliff for us (of THEIR bud). I got reallllly high, and they complimented my rolling skills. :)”

Types of Marijuana

Thai Stick is the most normal type of weed in Phuket.

You should also be able to find low quality hash or as one reported Nepalese Temple Balls.

Sinsemilla Thai outdoor ganja. Good stuff!

More Information

Before embarkin I thought id have no pot during the whole trip cuz ive heard bad rumours about se asia and drugs. But once I got to phuket, thailand, I thought I should give gettin it a try. So I asked around – mostly vendors on the street. And within a few minutes I was heading to a locals house on the back of a scooter. We got to his gaff which was in pretty poor and run down shanty town. I walked with him into his house and imeadiately smelled pot. I found 3 people sittin on the floor toking on a massive bamboo hole. They greeted me with a lot of friendliness. I sat myself down on the floor and was offered the bong which I toked for a while. Another of the guys started emptying out a cig and making a secret agent which he then gave to me 😀 after a while I was offered a ridiculous amount of brick weed (about 2 grams) for an exp ensive 1000 bath (about 20 us dollars). The next day I thought id try again so I asked some blokes renting out jetskis on the beach. One of them went to get another guy and then came back with a bag of thai stick with about 5 grams in it for only 300 bath – 6 euros/dollars!! this stuff also tasted great. After having smoked it I tried again and a this time a diff jetski renter took me to his house and gave me some more yummy thai stick. This time I got about 5 grams for 500 bath. So..

I can’t be complaining.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Sri Lanka, and so is any related activity. Recently the government has launched a campaign against drugs.

Marijuana, although used in local ayuvredic medicine, is taboo. Smoking in public will get you into trouble.

Law Enforcement: Due to very high security measures in Colombo (related to recent escalation of Tamil Tigers problems) people seem to be quite cautious when selling.

Especially by night, you can expect to meet police patrols which will search your vehicle literally every few hundred meters.

Police and military do not harass foreigners but it is highly recommended not to smoke in the car nor create any suspicion.

Where to buy marijuana in Colombo, Sri Lanka: As of November 2006, there were several “Hotel (de) Pillawoods” restaurants in Colombo – the place which was pointed out here to be selling. Unfortunately, as a foreigner, all I could get there was suspicion.

Most of the Tuktuk drivers will have some or will be able to provide some info – check the ones which linger by their vehicle (eg. near Mt Lavinia, Odel, Cres-cat).

Significantly better quality I have found at the clubs – ask the “promising” looking guys/bodyguards/ticket sellers from the entrance and they will direct you (eg. R&B club).

For hashish you have to try the latter option. It did not seem safe to meet these people the next day so I have no info on the quality of the hash.

Marijuana Prices in Colombo, Sri Lanka :

200 – 250 Rs for a small bag bought using directions/direct selling of Tuktuk drivers.

> 300 Rs for the same quantity – significantly better, bought from

> karaoke/clubs

1$ = appx 100 Rs

More information: It is said that good things are available also on the beaches down south – eg. Bentota beach. Just walk out to the sea, look interested and very probably you will be approached by some offerers. Also, out of Colombo there is less police so you might feel safer!

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: No information yet.

Law enforcement: watch out fore regulare chek points ,and the police might stope you in your car just 2 chek licensc validation. dont hot box the car and youll be fine..

trust me.

Where to buy marijuana: go to karanteenah or al ballad between old houses, youll finde plack pepole ask for some hash but try to look cool. and smile like u dont give a shit..

or ask some pepol we call khadam thay have no teast in any thing ,but good conections thats baisiklly it

Jeddah marijuana prices: 250 half a finger 500 a finger , but your better of with half a kilo witch iz 4500 sr

Brands: all kindes of hash changez every week or month

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: No information yet.

Law enforcement: Saudi Arabia isn’t the place you want to get caught with shit because you’re probably asking to get yourself into serious shit. However, as long as you’re not a local you can probably pay your way out of the jail cell but you’ll definitely be at the station for at least a night and you’ll see some pretty sketchy shit there, not cool.

Where to buy marijuana: You actually won’t be able to find pot but hashish is everywhere. There are two pretty easy ways to find hash: 1- spend a lot of time on the corniche and just walk around, eventually you’ll find someone that looks like they blaze and if they don’t sell everyone knows who to get shit from…2- if that too hard the easiest thing in the world is aramco camp, find someone who can sign you on to the aramco compound and look for kids anywhere from ninth grade through college years. The only way they’ll get you shit is if you ask and don’t be a sketchball about it or they’ll rip the f*** out of you.

Dhahran marijuana prices: It’s awkward, weight has no significance and if you talk in grams people will think you’re a dumbass…for about 100 riyals you can get a piece of hash just a bit longer than your pinky finger…there is a small problem with some dealers, they only sell by 250 riyals and so they get to make more shit off of you. when you ask for a piece just be like “yo, do you have shit cuz i need a 100” something like that.

Brands: Most the stuff you find is going to be from saudi (another city called qatif). Also, its pretty common to find afghani shit and sometimes moroccan hash is available too. Try to stay away from “shegra” it’s blonde looking instead of brown but I’ve bought shegra that didn’t even get me buzzed so stay away from it, its too easy to get shitty stuff.

More information: The good thing about hash that isn’t possible with weed is the quality is easy to tell by the smell. When you get the piece break it open in the middle and check to make sure its not dark black and give it a little sniff, even if you can’t tell what the shit is its a good idea to do that because most likely you’ll make your hookup think that you know something about what you’re getting. However, no matter what you get never seem too pleased because its very common to rip people off and being pleased is like consent to letting people jip you.

Male, Maldive Islands

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: No proper legislation exists. Supposed to be illegal but the majority of the population either smokes brown sugar or hashish oil.

Law enforcement: Police usually don’t bother foreigners. But as a rule its always good to be safe and smoke your stuff indoors at your hotel. Police are more interested in arresting political dissidents, so do not have much interest or time to bother with drug users.

Where to buy marijuana: Lets put it this way: its easier to buy hashish oil in Male’ than it is to buy a beer. The best way t go about scoring some hashish oil (oil derived from marijuana plants and the only stuff u can get in Male’) is to start up a conversation with a local youth. Usually any guy with long hair and funky clothing will do. As a rule if you spot 8 local youths on the street, its more than likely that 7 of them are hashish oil smokers. The best locations to go to are the famous surfing point on Male’ island and also around the carnival near the ferry terminal to the airport.

Marijuana prices: Asish oil is usually sold in old cemara film conatiners (for large quantities) or in plastic wrapping paper (for smaller quantities). The smallest amount u can buy is MRF 100 (USD 9) worth of stuff from which you should be able to make 2 decent joints. Alternatively u can go for full (which is full film container) which would cost around MRF 7000 (USD 500).

and also: “1 inch packing for 100 Rf”

Marijuana brands: The only good stuff you get is Hashish oil.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Mongolia. But it grows naturally almost everywhere in the country so no one really cares. Easy to bribe the cops if youre caught in smoking or possesion its usually max 20.000 tugruks (20$). Anyways cannabis is not very popular in the country so most people doesnt even know what it is.

Law enforcement: Bribing the cops are easy. If you won’t bribe them immediately before getting all attention on you, having less than a 5 gramms of hash or cannabis you can stay locked about day or two and will pay fine of 50$ in a local police station. Selling it will make you in trouble of at least year in detention.

Where to buy marijuana: mostly nigth clubs, or ask the hippy looking guys in front area of state department store.

Marijuana prices: Prices vary a lot depenting on a dealer. Usually 5$ per joint or 3 grams of hash for about 20$.

Marijuana brands: Almost all natural grows almost everywhere. The high is medium uplifting and stone effects mostly, hash and oil imported from neighbour countries

Kiryat Ata, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Illegal, but no cop is gonna search on tourists.

Law enforcement: personally, at night i smoke a joint while walking on the street and never had problems. still i would be just a bit careful and aware of any police approaching.

Where to buy marijuana: as a tourist, any man with long hair will usually love to help 🙂 also young people wearing kind of hippie clothes. very few of those types in kirat ata though, so it’s better to try in the nearby Kibbutzes of ramat-yokhanan, kefar hamaccabi and usha. there are a LOT of dealers in Kiryat Ata but most of them are suspicious and u need to know someone to get a ‘ticket’ in. In the other krayot nearby it might be easier to find people with ‘the look’ of a stoner (i’d recommand on kiryat bialik for that 🙂 ).

Marijuana prices: 1 New Israeli Shekel = ~4 USD = a bit more than 5.5 Euro = 10 Indian Ruppies 🙂 (November 2007)

Home grown weed (called hydro among smokers, eventhough it might be grown in soil) – between 50-80 NIS per gram. but very hard to get in Kiryat Ata. try central israel for that.

Egyptian Ganja – 50 NIS per a box of matches packed with weed (about 5 grams. 100 NIS for 25 grams. 150-200 NIS for 50 grams.

Hash – 100 NIS for 5 grams.

Charas – 300-500 for 10 grams. very hard to get.

Marijuana brands: Today (november 07) it’s very hard to get the cheap weed in israel. the egyptian weed has many seeds and stems but sometimes can be not bad at all. since the egyptian border has been sealed with more law enforcement forces, people started growing at home for sale. but in kiryat ata it’s hard to get.

easy to get is the hash which is either from Lebanon (relatively bright, soft and soft high is one kind. the other kind of lebanese is darker but very hard – called adolan (methadon) on the streets, eventhough it’s bullshit) or from afghanisthan (dark but softer).

Some people talking about morrocan hash, it’s possible but mostly it’s all just names for the same lebanese stuff.

Indian Charas is possible only if u know someone who just came back from india and he’s got big balls (many israelis go there, some come back with surprises in their pockets 🙂 )

More information: Kiryat Ata has nothing to offer tourists 🙂

Luang Prabang, Laos

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.75

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Laos, but is widely sold and used by locals and tourists.

Law enforcement: Minimal. The Laos government are trying (and succeeding) to turn Luang Parabang into a tourist mecca. They dont want to put people off. Be discreet though.

Where to buy Marijuana: From tuktuk drivers, cyclo taxis and on the street, there are a few guys who hang around the nackpacker hotel lanes, not far from the night market.

Marijuana prices: most will want 100,000 kip (about 10 us dollars) but you can get for 50,000 kip

Brands: Buds – pretty good quality for outdoor grown local bush. Dont expect skunk but the stuff we bought was fresh, tasty and in good shape.

and also: “everything from seedy week weed to very strong sensi with a fine fruity smell and taste … ask to see before buying … if its a huge bag with seeds …leave it alone … if you refuse to buy this you will be offered a better quality …smaller bags but much better … ask for not-seedy … you will be rewarded …”

More information:

hang around luang prabang for a while and absorb the atmosphere here … gorgeous place with gorgeous weed …. very uplifting …

dont bother with the opium …