Rome, Italy


Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement

Cops are very relaxed in italy. They will aproach you if you are smoking in their face, but as long as you’re in a crowded piazza, or in your home, they don’t care at all. They are too busy flirting with girls and smoking cigarettes.

Where to buy marijuana in Rome

Definitely not campo!!!! That is a good place to score bad stuff.

Santa Maria in Trastevere, and the bar “san Calisto” close by. Look for pierced homeless types, and make eye contact. Remember that they will hook you up, if you pay more. Also, if you go to Termini Station and walk the streets near by. Find a few moroccans. Many of them have family/friends who dealers. They can give great deals for bigger purchaces.

“San Lorenzo, kind of a student district i suppose. just walk around and keep your eyes open. albanians mostly, shaved head, some tattoed and scary looking. Otherwise ask for a place called “trenta-due” (=32) just opposite of the “trenta-tre” (33 i suppose). alternative place, just ask someone, smoking is socially accepted there. Be careful though – and nice… ”

For cheap Weed (in buds) but still good quality, you should check out Piazza di Santa Caterina della Rota. To get there, just go on Campo de’ Fiori and ask where Caffé Perù is (That place is awesome if you don’t want to pay insane prices for your beer/cocktail). You’ll be there in seconds (google streetview –> There will most likely be one or more guys sitting in front of the church’s doorstep. If he’s not there, he might be sitting on the doorstep of the building on the left. Go there and ask the guy/guys for weed. He doesn’t bag his weed so be prepared and bring some kind of container (empty cigarette pack for example).

The price is about 10€ per gram, but he’ll overweight the shit out of it as he doesn’t put it in bags.

If you’re looking for hashish, Ponte Sisto (Piazza Trilussa) is the right place for ya. It’s pretty standard quality though and the Police likes to be in the Piazza, so make sure they’re not around! Just ask people on the bridge for weed. Some might ask you to do some roleplaying (go away from the bridge and then act like you’re meeting a good friend and do the exchange). Price is 10€ for 1g there too.


Rome marijuana prices

Hashish is about 10 euros a gram, but a 10 euro piece ranges from .7 -1.5 grams. 20 euros for 2-3 grams, 50 euros for 6-12 grams, 100 euros – 30-50 grams (look for morrocans for good deals). Weed is not totally worth buying, but it’s actually the same price or slightly cheaper.


Mostly moroccan hash, but sometimes good zero zero first press kinds of stuff. Also napal, and black afghani too. Weed is usually homegrown crap, but sometimes I find really nice orange bud. Well dried and cured.

More information

I have lived here a year now. I recommend making friends, and learning a tiny bit of italian. If you buy only from the streets it might not be good, but if you get to know a guy, he can hook you up with what he is smoking.

Prague, Czech Republic

Marijuana Laws in Prague

Under the Regulation No. 467/2009 “small amounts” are a misdemeanor crime comparable to a parking ticket. Since April 2013 the Czech Republic recognizes regulated and prescribed use of medical cannabis.

Prague is often called one of the jewels in the crown of Europe. Well,if its a jewel, then it’s certainly a sparkling emerald! And for those who partake, that means that aside from Berlin, which is another story, this is your home from home when east of the ‘Dam.

However, if you think you are going to get a coffee shop style menu offered here, then you are mistaken. It is a common tourist misconception that just because Czech has liberal laws, that it is also going to cater to their every desire. This is simply not the case, as smoking is not such a ‘big thing’ here.

Amounts considered “Small” in Czech Republic:
  • Marijuana: 15 grams (or five plants)
  • Hashish: 5 grams
  • Magic mushrooms: 40 pieces
  • Peyote: 5 plants
  • LSD: 5 tablets
  • Ecstasy: 4 tablets
  • Amphetamine: 2 grams
  • Methamphetamine: 2 grams
  • Heroin: 1.5 grams
  • Coca: 5 plants
  • Cocaine: 1 gram
Law Enforcement

The 5-0 here are certainly 420 friendly. You can have up to 15 grams of weed or hash on your person, and the most you are going to see is a fine, for maybe 1000CZK (37 Euros, $50 US) and that’s if the man is having a bad day and you’ve done something to piss him off.

Where to buy marijuana in Prague, Czech Republic

We are going to go over the same old ground here as other posts on the internet. We advise you to browse the newest comments below this article for recent postings in Prague.

  • AVOID the ‘Wenceslas Square’ area. Yes the nice friendly African man mumbling coke, ecstasy, weed, mdma, looks like a trustworthy character, but he is a mafia plant and you will walk away with a bag of fake weed or baby powder for your trouble.
  • AVOID asking barmen in the bars. They can lose their job for it. Sure, if you dont have a connect then some of the more popular bars are going to have something. But you are going to have to expect to sit, buy a drink, and make some conversation if you want to find someone. In the bars you are still going to pay premium price as a ‘freshie’ face, 400-500CZK a gram, but as the bars need to keep a reputation and don’t want trouble, their guys will have at least OK stuff. The earlier in the day you go the better the stuff, the dealers know they can make move the dregs of their stock later in the night when people are drunk/high and don’t know the difference. answers inquiries about chill and safe environments where fellow stoners, either local or foreigners, find each other, share a joint, and you can throw in the question, “so…..where can I find some of that good stuff?” In Prague will find more than a few options for good connections from cheap to expensive, mellow to heady. Everyone has a preference and are usually more than willing to share. You will also absorb some Czech culture, because hey, you’re here for that too, right? Expect to pay between 150-350CZK a gram and obviously you can easily find discounts on things like 5-10 gram purchases. So you can buddy up with someone to get a better deal!

Marijuana Prices

Oh while we are talking numbers…….everything here is done by the gram, and in Czech crowns(CZK). A high quality gram of weed is 350-450CZK when bought from ‘the man you dont know’ and about 300 from the man you do. Hash is gaining ground here, and is anywhere from 150-250 a gram depending on strain and quality. Discounts are rare, but possible if you meet someone ‘in the know’ and don’t buy from the random in the street, as they are just working for the mafia selling pre-packaged grams, and have no time or skills to negotiate with you!

So now you know it’s pretty safe, and what it should cost, where to get the good stuff? Well maybe its better first to make clear what NOT to do.


Then you have hash, which comes in usually from Morocco via Spain, or Turkey via the Balkans. This is cheaper than weed, and never faked. The Africans are not yet handing out oxo cubes or crushed mud balls to tourists yet so if someone offers you hash, it is probably for real!

Other things like hash oil, kief and edibles are not common at all, probably simply due to their production cost.

You will rarely see imported product here, except the hash of course, as it is easier to smuggle than grass and is less smelly. Czech is surrounded by countries with harsh penalties for weed possession and their own developed markets with higher prices to be had.

WeBeHigh Conclusion

In conclusion, what to expect of Prague as a smoker? My answer is a relaxed environment with friendly locals. Keep away from the tourist traps and spots, hit up the locals in their meetings, and don’t be too disappointed with the quality of the product available. Enjoy the ride whilst you are on it, and have a good time!

Vienna, Austria


The use of marijuana in Austria is not technically illegal. However, production and possession of cannabis is in fact illegal. You could face up to one year in prison for possession but Austria allows offenders to complete probation or drug rehabilitation instead. If you do neither of these then you will likely be subject to pay a fine to the courts.

Growing marijuana in Austria is not severely punished as long as you are not producing. The Austrian law recognizes producing as separating the buds from the plant. Large amounts over 200 grams is considered a serious crime and Austrian law enforcement will take into account any evidence they find at your grow. This can include old trimmings or other information pointing at an obvious past of production.

Law Enforcement

Vienna police make no special efforts at arresting Marijuana users.

A local reporter added the following story:

“In the late 90s I was busted in Austria for bringing a sack from Amsterdam on my way to Hungary on the train. They woke me up early with a knock on my door. I got up and opened it to see two military style police with submachine guns asking to search my bags. I was drowsy and gave permission. I didn’t think they’d find it, but they were incredibly thorough, searching through the pages of books and squeezing out my toothpaste. The room started reeking of Skunk, so I fessed up. They asked what else I had, so I showed them a huge knife I got in Nepal. That wasn’t a problem, but I got taken to the station and had to sign a confession for the weed. They processed me with photos, prints and the works. Then let me go minus the herb and told me I had pled guilty with a suspended sentence. If I get caught there again it’s straight to prison. The cops were pretty cool, but I’d be careful in Austria. Remember, always keep it on your person, never in you bags! That way you always have a chance to ditch it, or at least when they search your bags and find nothing you probably won’t have a body search. Be safe!”

Where to buy marijuana in Vienna

Recent WeBeHigh users have had success in a nightclub called “Flex” near the Schottenring metro station. You will crash a canal and might be hassled by some black guys into buying some low quality weed but continue into the club and find plenty of dealers. The price may be a little high, one user reported 4 joints for 20€.

Another local smoker suggested a pub called Camera as a good place to score. Another said visitors could ask other shoppers at Bush Planet, a local head shop, but recent reports state these guys might be hesitant.

If you are still on the prowl catch the train the Stadtpark. If you go around sunset or at night as you walk up the stairs of the train station you will almost certainly be approached by Gypsie. They sell decent chronic for roughly 10 euros a gram. If nobody approaches you just look out for the eye signal and the deal will go down. The more you buy the better the price you will get.

January 2016 Tip: “you can find it at the tram / metro station right opposite the kempinsky hotel. just walk to the station (above the ground) and local dudes will be staring at you, all u gotta do is wink and you’ll get whatever your lost soul desires… :)”

Read through the newest comments for the latest information.

Marijuana Prices in Vienna

Around 10 euros a gram.

Paris, France


Marijuana/Cannabis (buds of dry flowers or bars of hashish) is NOT legal in France according to the law. Though it is tolerated. It’s OK as long as you avoid being too obvious. If you’re caught smoking weed in Paris as a tourist, you will most likely get a slap on the wrist, in some cases with a fine attached to it, but nothing much worse than that, so don’t be uber-paranoid, but still be discreet about smoking and don’t smoke in crowded places.

Law Enforcement

Police patrols (in cars / bicycle / walking) are scouting different areas and streets, but they are not aggressive with tourists. Most likely they will not say anything or look away. Avoid being too obvious, goes without saying. Keep in mind that the police may arrest you for any soft drug related activity. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble. The courts are a bit more forgiving, and tend to release small amount private users with a warning, but if you don’t speak French it is better to avoid any chance or risk whatsoever. Of course the written law itself is very strict and restrictive but it’s hardly ever applied in Paris. Don’t smoke in public spaces or cars -your car can be stopped by traffic cops and that smells … no good! – but don’t freak out, french people smoke a lot!

Our most recent report is: “Well if you got one or two Spliffs of hash there will be no problems if you keep it cool but if you got more than 10 grams then you will have a problem just hide it remember they can’t check what you got if they have not seen you smoking (but french cops are a bit rough so keep it cool again…..)

And another report is: “They don’t hassle tourists for MJ unless you make it so that they must arrest you.”

In the streets of Paris you can smoke freely whilst walking ; don’t hang in the hoods or in dark places and beware of parks (small ones) where cycle police sometimes does rounds. Otherwise its really no stress ; but it’s better to be safe thansorry, french police are not a pleasure to deal with generally speaking.

Marijuana and Hashish and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking), are a criminal offense imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail in addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR, depends on circumstances, intention and quantity.

Where to buy Marijuana in Paris

Our local reporter had this extensive report on the latest scoring info: “Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to find good quality herb on the streets of Paris, the black “bro’s” and the arab “cousins” only hold low quality grade, and will most likely rip you off, unless you go to the suburbs … but even then, if one year ago, you could easily get a 10g bar of hash for 35 euros if you searched well and were not afraid to negotiate, this does not exist anymore. Nowadays, a 10g bar of good quality hash will cost you around 60-80 euros, and a gram of high quality bud will cost you around 15-20 euros.

Paris is a gigantic rip off if you don’t already know somebody, or can’t handle a discussion with the French “hustlers”.

Marijuana prices

Currently inside Paris, you will get a gram of bad hash for 30 euros or more. It’s a ripoff, and there are no more good places to make a deal inside the city. You must absolutely know someone (then, suddenly you get back to the normal prices, 1 barette = 50 euros of normal hash… A 12 grams of normal quality is around 60 euros presently. (from 30 in the suburbs, up to 80 or more inside Paris)

The prices for weed vary from one extreme to the other depending on who you’re dealing with … So its really hard to tell, but don’t buy by the gram if you don’t know the person very well ! a decent price should be 12-15 euros a gram but we also heard about 20 euro a gram to be standard price for tourists in Paris.

City Tale

One of the world’s hippest cities, Paris is known for its decadence. Whether indulging in a rich meal or sipping an array of legendary wines, this picturesque capital of 13 million has always offered its visitors unending opportunities for self-indulgence. And the indulgence of a potent joint is no exception.

William Butler Yeats reportedly smoked hash during a Paris visit in the spring of 1898. Jim Morrison most certainly enjoyed a few joints before he died here in 1971. Now, despite a government that has tried to sweep away even soft drug use, the French embrace of joie de vivre persists. “Most of the people of our generation take some marijuana frequently,” said Emmanuelle, a 27-year-old French woman. High quality pot is allegedly grown in the French wine country alongside the grapes that make up their famous vino, while catching a whiff of burning weed is not unheard of on the Paris streets.

On Sunday, our day off, seeing that none of us had family in Paris we’d all meet at the local Algerian cafe where we spent all day eating couscous, drinking Algerian wine, listening to Algerian Rai music and smoking some of the best Moroccan hash,” noted an Australian named RV.

Normally in France they roll a joint as a mixture of tobacco and hash right off a tiny brick, with a bus ticket for a filter end, to make the cigarette easier to handle, easier to smoke down to the bit,” said a visitor named Blinkin. He added that his French companions produced a cigar-sized joint of “realistically pure hash.”

Otherwise, Paris boasts endless nightspots with possibility ranging from huge dance clubs to seedy bars. The Montmartre and Pigalle areas have well-known red light districts that are likely to have a few people willing to supply for a price. but it’s better to avoid street dealers as you are most likely to get ripped off.

Madrid, Spain

As of 2019, the safest and best way to get high quality weed in Madrid is to join a professional private cannabis club. If you are looking for marijuana in Madrid, you’ll be pleased to know that with Spain’s liberal privacy laws and other constitutional protections, you can do so completely legally. And with WeBeHigh now offering a direct connection to the city’s smoker’s clubs, you can apply to join right now with just a few clicks. To apply to join a private cannabis club in Madrid, CLICK HERE NOW.

In the capital city of Spain, you can avoid the black market and all of its associated dangers by becoming a member of a Madrid cannabis club. In general, you must meet the following requirements:

*Age 21 or Older
*Have Valid ID
*Habitual Cannabis User
*Sponsored by a Current Member

The problem for most people is finding someone who is a current member of a coffeeshop in Madrid to sponsor them. Fortunately, WeBeHigh can do exactly this for you, and it’s 100% safe and legal. CLICK HERE to Become a Member Now; we can sponsor you directly.

What exactly is a Madrid Cannabis Social Club?

Cannabis clubs in Madrid are associations where members have legally put their collective skills, resources and funds together to cultivate marijuana and provide it in a safe environment to its members. The members and Board of Directors are organized as a closed-circle group of people who band together in a registered Private Association for the purpose of “autoconsumo” – to produce and consume cannabis. These clubs are non-profit and only require members to pay a small yearly fee and for their share of the harvest efforts.

Most clubs offer a selection of 5 – 6 Sativas and 5 – 6 Indicas. Madrid’s cannabis clubs also generally carry hash, iceolator and other types of concentrates, and a few clubs might offer edibles from time to time.

Inside a cannabis club in Madrid, you’ll find spacious areas to hang out, comfortable seating, places to work from, and well-stocked dispensaries and bars – that’s right, you can get beer and wine too!

Most clubs also offer coffee, tea and other beverages as well as snacks and sometimes even hot tapas. Free WiFi, live music and DJs, special events and late hours make Madrid’s cannabis clubs great places to hang out in addition to being able to score some excellent quality marijuana.

Click here to learn more about coffeeshops in Madrid, including reviews, articles, photographs and more:

If you’re looking for marijuana in Madrid, the best way to get it is to join a cannabis club in Madrid. WeBeHigh can now make sure that you get connected safely, quickly and with extremely high quality cannabis products. To apply to become a member of a Madrid cannabis social club, please CLICK HERE.

London, United Kingdom

London Marijuana Laws

Cannabis is considered a Class B drug. Marijuana in the United Kingdom is regulated under the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’ which classifies drugs in A, B, and C categories with A being the most harmful.Possession, cultivation, transporation and sale are all illegal under UK law. In 2005 marijuana was moved from a Class C to a Class B with much controversy. A failed attempt to reclassify cannabis in England back to C failed in 2012. Due to this class B status, a user can face possession charges of a mandatory 28 days for 3 offences of possession.

Law Enforcement

Marijuana enforcement varies but generally the first two counts of possession of less than 3 grams results in confiscation and a warning.

Where to buy marijuana in London

The best weed can be found in greater London, most notably Brunel University and Thames Valley university or throughout the Uxbridge Road or even in Southall; known in papers as the heroin capital of London. Where simply contacting a dealer via word of mouth will do the job. Make sure you ask for the good stuff or you will end up with hash or something of low quality.

In south London, Brizon, Cold Harbour Lane there are many street sellers that will offer skunk, but this is not the safest place in the world to buy.

We have many reports to consider, also check the comments for the most recent connections:

  • Everywhere in the center of the city. Contacts are easily made in Kings Cross, Brick Lane, Soho, Camden Town, Brixton, and Ladbroke Grove. If you can smell the dope then there is someone selling it nearby. If you don’t know anyone, I suggest that you go to the markets in these areas and the stall holders will likely point you in the right direction.
  • Yes. I did. I took a train out to Brixton. Walked around until I smelled the smoke and got some weed. Trust me. They got the skunk and commercial.
  • A tip for Brixton and Camden Town: It is easy to buy on the street here as you will here offers as you walk along Camden High Street and Coldharbour Lane, but from a safety point of view it is better to get a hookup from someone that you trust, such as a local contact. It is risky to buy weed from these areas just by hooking up on the street as some dealers are crack addicts who just want your wallet. In other cases you may just get ripped off with something that looks like weed, smells like it but is either pure help with very little THC or some hermie rubbish. Use your common sense.

Check the comments below and sort by ‘Newest’ for the lastest postings in London.

Cannabis Prices and Types

£15 – £25 per 1/8 oz. (3.5 gr), £30- £50 per 1/4 oz, £60- £80 per 1/2 oz.

When purchasing a larger quantity, the price goes down to £100-£130 per oz. Prices are £20 for an eighth (3.5 grams) for an on the spot street deal. Only get a street deal if you’re desperate. If you have a good hook up you can typically get an ounce for £100 – 140. ”

Most cannabis is Skunk imported from Amsterdam.

Another reporter added: “Street dealers only advertise “skunk weed” and “hash”. Neither are really true. Skunk means any smelly weed that batters you over the head, and hash is soapbar which is bootpolish, milk powder, henna, rubber tyres and perhaps the odd bit of trim from a cannabis plant. Do not buy “hash” on the street in London. If you even think about it, at least test what you are buying if that is possible. If you have a good connection then what you can have is unlimited – much of the best stuff is imported from Amsterdam or homegrown and generally very high quality. London has more good weed than it does hashish, because of the sale of soapbar. Hashish is very hard to find here.

More Information

When buying anything from these street peddlers be very careful. Always ask them what they have and what price and always ask them to show it to you first.

  • I have been conned twice by these peddlers. Once they sold me two bags of happy pills and when I checked one of them was normal aspirin and the other was a bag rolled and tightly wrapped around it self.
  • Also once in Camden I bought skunk from the place I normally used to get it, but the guy not only gave me to bags short and then ran away, but the bags he gave me were black and contained wheat in it.
  • Some amusing examples of tolerance to dope can be found in London. At the Notting Hill Carnival each year, rastafarians can be found selling huge logs of weed out of supermarket bags on the street, and its good stuff.
  • Generally any music festival in town should see many dealers doing business aside from the more corporate sponsored shows.

Leuven, Belgium


Currently in 2015 it is illegal to possess any amount of Cannabis in Belgium. The old law was that you could possess 3g but it was overturned. Though you are legal to have weed in your posession, you are not allowed to smoke it in public places and especially not nearby minors.

Law enforcement:

Since Leuven is a city with a high density of students, you can smell weed all over town, especially on hot summer evenings; but the police is always trying to stop people from smoking and they can definately cause problems. The best way to keep yourself from getting caught is by smoking somewhere private or in the woods, park, etc.

Where to buy marijuana in Leuven

Weed can be bought easily around the old market, which is a place with a lot of bars, but you have to be careful because it’s right near the police department. If you cannot find weed there, you can always try talking to some students and you will probably find some weed.

Marijuana prices & types

The prices vary from 4-5 euro’s to 7-10 euro’s per gram which should give you some high quality weed. Most weed is grown locally by in- and outdoor growers, but you also find a lot of shopweed that has been imported from the Netherlands.

Graz, Austria


The use of marijuana in Austria is not technically illegal. However, production and possession of cannabis is in fact illegal. You could face up to one year in prison for possession but Austria allows offenders to complete probation or drug rehabilitation instead. If you do neither of these then you will likely be subject to pay a fine to the courts.

Growing marijuana in Austria is not severely punished as long as you are not producing. The Austrian law recognizes producing as separating the buds from the plant. Large factories exist that sell marijuana clones legally, but once you take it into the flowering stage you are committing a crime. Large amounts over 200 grams is considered a serious crime and Austrian law enforcement will take into account any evidence they find at your grow. This can include old trimmings or other information pointing at an obvious past of production.

Law enforcement

Generally they will not seek out smokers but you would be wise to keep it in private.

Where to buy marijuana in Austria

If you have no connections, go for a walk in the city park. Sit down and observe or walk around looking out for either black men on bicycles, groups of Albanians, Arabs or Austrian youngsters in hip-hop style clothing. Usually they will notice you and walk by asking “Brauchsch was?” meaning “Need some?” or “Haschd Was?” meaning “Got some?” Be careful of undercover police.

Denver, CO, Colorado

Denver Marijuana Guide

Laws and Regulations

Colorado has passed Amendment 64 which allows possession of up to 1 ounce per adult 21 years or older. CO Residents can buy up to an ounce per purchase. Non-residents can buy up to a quarter ounce per purchase.

You may give to or trade marijuana with any adult, but you may not sell it to them. That means you’re allowed to trade your Sour Diesel with your friend’s Blue Dream, but you can’t take cash for marijuana.

You MAY NOT take any marijuana products out of the state.

It’s not legal to smoke in public. It’s a fineable offense. With that being said, most people and most cops generally won’t hassle you if you’re not being an asshole about it. Go find somewhere secluded if you want to smoke outside. Like the top of a mountain, for a start.

You can be charged with having an open container of marijuana in your car. It needs to be in a sealed container anywhere that is not accessible to the driver. The trunk is the best place to store your weed at all times.

Marijuana possession has been banned in the Denver Airport, and is still technically illegal in National Parks under federal law. State and local parks are still okay. Public transportation is okay also.

It is legal to ‘display’ marijuana in public spaces, meaning that you’re allowed to walk around town holding a bag of weed above your head, singing “BAG OF WEED, BAG OF WEED, EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH A BAG OF WEED”

Where can I buy marijuana in Colorado? is by far the best resource for finding dispensaries. Take a look at their map, click on a dispensary, and take a look at their menu and pricing. The prices are currently hovering around $350-$400 / ounce plus about 30% tax.

Craigslist is still a resource for cheaper black-market weed. Legally, the buyer is at no risk since it isn’t illegal to purchase marijuana, however buy at your own risk because these are not licensed dispensaries. Of course we all would prefer that you pay tax in the recreational dispensaries, though.

Neat shit to do

Weekly event listings in Denver (thanks to /u/rDenverPosts[7] )
Illusionz Glass Gallery is a top-of-the-line headshop that contains pipes and bongs that are described better as works of art, including this giant, fully smokeable motherfuckin pirate ship[8] selling for like $30,000. Complete with chillum cannons. On every 1st Friday of the month and on 4/20 they have a free live glass-blowing demonstration with a few kegs and a smokeout tent out back for anyone 21+. Definitely worth checking out, if nothing else just to get baked out back and see all the glass.

Smoking Clubs and Lounges, such as iBake Lounge in Denver[9] , or Speak Easy Vape Lounge in Colorado Springs[10]

Go hiking! The mountains are super close, and are absolutely beautiful all year round. Denver is just another big city, for the most part, so it would be a huge shame if you came all the way out here and didn’t enjoy the natural beauty of our state. Make sure to take all your trash (including your roaches!) with you, because we Coloradoans love our open spaces and want to keep them clean. Blazing up at the top of a mountain with a few good friends is definitely a moment you can’t put a price tag on. SO DO IT!

Red Rocks[11] is a must-see. It is widely regarded as the greatest and one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world. During the day it is a city park with lots of great hiking, beautiful scenery, interesting geology and a pretty sweet museum. Even the amphitheater is open to the public during the day, which is hella cool because you can walk around the stage that so many super famous people have played on. If you get a chance to see any concert, DO IT. I’m honored to live so close to such a legendary place. The concerts are also mostly tree-friendly, as long as you’re not doing it right in front of security.

Boulder is a nearby college town right on the front range of the Rockies. Almost anywhere in town you have a sweet view of the mountains. In fact, you can hike straight into the mountains from downtown. It is my home, and I love every minute of living here.

Skiing/Snowboarding is of course what Colorado is most famous for. Some favorite spots are: Vail, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Keystone and Winter Park

Other neat shit to do[12] – Scroll down to “See” and “Do”.

Neat shit to do on 4/20

Civic Center Park 4/20 Rally[13] – Ever have the urge to smoke with tens of thousands of other people in front of the state capital and a bunch of cops? Go here. It’s widely considered the largest smokeout in the world, and it’s free and open to the public. The cops will give out MIPs, so only go if you’re 21+. Hopefully we don’t get any assholes shooting people this year…

The High Times Cannabis Cup[14] – A world-famous competition to find the best marijuana, edibles, and concentrates. It’s essentially a trade-show for cannabis vendors. Event-goers last year waited in line to get free dabs and bong rips from the different booths. There’s a smokeout at 4:20 on 4/20, but is much smaller than the one in Civic Center Park. Want a local’s suggestion? Leave the Cup at around 3:30, go to Civic Center for 4:20, then go back to the Cup if you so desire. You won’t regret it. Last year’s Cup had reports of overcrowding, but this year’s event is at the Denver Mart, a much larger venue.

Food and Beer

You’re in a different place, so don’t get the same shit you could get at home. Hit up some good local restaurants and breweries, because Colorado is home to some outstanding craft beers. If whiskey is your thing, we also have a great craft whiskey market.

Lucille’s[15] – Seriously the dankest breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. Their homemade sausage is the best.
Snooze[16] – This get’s the silver medal for breakfasts. Locations in Denver and Boulder.
Vine St. Pub[17] – Good burgers and a great selection of craft beers. My favorite is the Vagabond IPA. Locations in Denver and Boulder.
Falling Rock Taphouse[18] – The bar is meh, but they’ve also got a great selection of beers and is right in the middle of downtown.
Casa Bonita[19] – The same Casa Bonita featured in the South Park episode. Shitty cafeteria food, bad acting, mediocre cliff divers, but still worth the experience.
A more detailed list of local restaurants can be found in the /r/Denver FAQ[20]

Other Tips

Altitude sickness sucks. At a mile high in Denver, you may have trouble catching your breath and a slight, persistent headache. At higher altitudes, say if you’re going into the mountains, you may feel dizzy and nauseous. Drink lots of water and if you’re really not feeling well, pick up some Diamox from the drug store.
Even if it’s warm during the day, it usually gets really cold when the sun goes down even during the summer. Always have a jacket with you if you’re planning on being out past sundown.

Not in a smoking room? Don’t know where to smoke? Ask the hotel front desk. They’ve been asked the question hundreds of times before, so no need to be embarrassed. They will tell you where the safest place to smoke is.

Buy a cheap pipe that you won’t mind throwing away, because you can’t take a used pipe out of the state. Support the local glassblowers.

Watch how much you drink and smoke. The altitude does funny things to your body and you will get drunker much quicker. The first night I moved here, I went to the bars and was hammered after just a few beers. The altitude doesn’t affect how high you get, though, but be careful because you’re smoking some of the best bud that the world has to offer.

Like anywhere else, you get what you pay for here in Colorado. If you buy weed on the cheap side, don’t be surprised if it isn’t dried and cured properly. While you’re here, spring for the top-shelf buds. You’re not obligated to buy anything if you’re not impressed with the quality.

If you’re coming for 4/20, note that the big 4/20 smokeout on the CU Boulder campus has been stamped out by CU Administration and the local police. You will be escorted off campus if you don’t have a CU student ID on 4/20.

We Coloradoans cherish our parks and open spaces. Littering really rustles our jimmies.
We’re also quite flammable, so don’t flick your cigarettes or roaches.

Brussels, Belgium


No amount of cannabis is legal to possess in Belgium, you used to be able to possess up to 3 grams as an adult but as of 2015 this is NOT legal anymore. Police will take the name of an individual in possession, but the Belgian state will not prosecute. We’ve been told that a new law to allow for medical use of cannabis has lead the police to be more forgiving about possession of small amounts of non-medicinal cannabis. FA tells us that there is no legal way to buy or import cannabis or its seeds.

Law enforcement

It is illegal to smoke cannabis in Belgium, but like in much of Europe, the police will only confiscate if you have less than 3 to 5 grams. Also, if you have it cut up, you might be considered a dealer. as elsewhere depends on the policeman you get in front of you.

Where to buy marijuana in Brussels

Matong (near Louise metro stop) is an african quater. Very average quality, usually only bud. Rue de la poste used to be the place to get it but NO LONGER!! Generaly in town you will ‘follow your nose’, and if approched correctly, some young North African guys can help.. but be careful. Personally, from Bruxelles, the Dutch border is an hour away.. but there are often police checks in the train staitions, no problems via car/motorway.

The easiest thing to do is hop on a train to Holland: they go every hour. Go to Dordrecht or Rotterdam for the day, and go to the coffee shops there. Go during the day time and dress conservatively to fit in with the commuters. I’ve rarely seen cops on the train and they seem more concerned with busting illegal immigrants who disembarked in Schipol (Amsterdam) airport.

WeBeHigh recent tips
Some users suggested:

  • Just near Louise metro stop come on man ! it is about 800 mts far from Quick Burger here is some detailed information N4 19, Ixelles, Burssels
  • Find Matong sign wich is purple and under that sign you can see our fellas will be in your eyes, nod your head befor walking thru him and watch out there are a lot of cops around.

But others warned:

  • Don’t bother, the quality is terrible. Try going to the VUB, it’s the biggest university in Brussels, ask around at the Kultuur Kafé. It’s located at the tram station Arsenal which is accessible with line 7.
  • Don’t bother going to Matonge, the weed you can get there is very bad. If you need weed then go to the VUB, it’s a university where a lot of stoners hang out. Ask around and you’ll most likely find some decent weed.
  • Beware of the train stations in Brussels. The police have too much time on their hands and they will search. If you get caught with a small amount, they’ll take a statement from you and send you on your way. But it’s still a buzz kill.
  • At Ribaucourt metro station you can find hard drugs and down town at the Bourse by night more likely on wads you can find some buds or hash but be careful it might be a rip off

Marijuana prices & types

480€ for 100G of marocan ‘No.1’ hashish smaller quantities more expencive ie 125€ 25g hashish. Bud is +/- 3.8g/25€ but can be more expensive. All marocan and Dutch brands, K2, super skunk, orange bud, etc (dealers usually go to holland to buy).

More information

“shit” is french for hashish and ‘beuh” is bud. You buy per € and not gram. Good smoking =)