Carrabassett Valley, ME, Maine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Ahh Carrabassett, one of the hidden gems of the state of Maine, this town/group of towns, sits right in the western mountains of Maine, the people here are just like you, they are just looking to have a good time, there is nothing really for lawmaking it is more or less take care of yourself and you will be fine.

Law enforcement: Nearly non existent, there is no town police, no county police, and the nearest state police station is nearly an hour drive east. There is however a few border patrol cars that swing through on their way to Canada. But really its rare to see a cop car in the area.

Where to buy marijuana: Well this is the thing, this area is amazing, over half of the people I have met while staying here over the summers and winter, smoke pot, many of the towns people are nothing more than an old hippie or old ski bum or snowboarder… there are many local bars, mostly around the ski resort (Sugarloaf) but as you head west into Stratton and the neighboring towns you will find small hometown bars where you can ask just about anyone, just buy them a drink and dont act too touristy. Go on the mountain if it is winter, ask some kids who you see hiking into the woods in a small group, they are most likely going to burn.

Marijuana prices: Prices here differ, they go up in the winter because Sugarloaf is a massive resort so you see a lot of people jacking the prices try to find one guy and stick with him he will most likely hook you up with the normal prices as they tend to charge tourists a little more.

$25-low dont bother with this there is plenty of green bud going for only 30-35 an 1/8 high quality beasters are going for 40 if you pay more than 40 an 8th in Maine for anything you are getting ripped off so keep that in mind.

Marijuana brands: A plethora of green bud, mostly BC’s and Northern Lights, but you get a good white strain and a true purple strain every now and again. All of the old hippies in this area grow their own stuff, they also take really good care of their stuff so you can find good bud for cheap here.

More information: Sugarloaf, 1 ft of powder, 5 star resorts, 5 star restaurants, 10 bars in a 5 mile radius, and a bunch of god pot, you cant go wrong with carrabassett valley.