Cape Cod, MA, Massachusetts

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $500. For first time offenders, the court will sentence the offender to probation and upon successful completion of the probation period, the offender’s record will be sealed. For subsequent offenses, probation may still be possible.

The state allows conditional release for people facing their first prosecutions.

Law enforcement: you can smoke the police might have something to say about it but if your not selling it and only have a some on you they will let you off with a warning.. but if you get caught and ready to sell, your done…. youll be in cuffs faster than a lamb can shake its tail

another reporter argued: “Some police are ok but 80% will arrest you ever if you have only a bowl pack.”

and : “The police will let you go if its under a 8th any more it depends on the cop some are cooler then others. If found dealing in right in cuffs no if ands or buts ”

and: “Many cops will let you off with warnings (especially to locals). Watch out for the few dick cops. They will jump all over a chance to arrest anyone since there’s not much action around there.”

Where to buy marijuana in Cape Cod: Conservation areas.

Where to buy weed varies by town. The lower cape you’ll anything from garbage to the finest on this side of the missisippi. Local skate parks or “hangouts” such as the chocolate sparrow in Orleans and Eastham. other good places are the local cape cod league baseball games in the summer, which cover the whole cape. As for the upper the Cape mall is a redzone for almost any drug.

another reporter added:”Almost ever where People don’t realize 90% of the capes full time residents smoke. The rest are cops and people on drug testing. You can buy it at any bar but the locals won’t sell unless they know your not a cop or trying rip them off”

and also: “Ask at any hangouts. Bars, skate parks, clubs, beaches, etc are all good places to start. Main Street in Hyannis (Barnstable) is a good place to look around in the Summer if you’re in the area. ”

Cape cod marijuana prices: Indoors headies: $20/g $75/8th $140/qu.

Outdoor: $10/g $55/8th $100/qu

and also: “$10 g mids

$15 g hydro-indoor

$20 g headies”

and also: “Mids $5g all day . $100 oz

Dro $10g all day $210 oz

Best of the best $20g 410oz”

and also: “Shwag: 5/g

Mids: 10/g

Dro+: 15-20/g

Ounces go anywhere from 100$-400$ depending on quality and who you know. ”

Brands: anything from local home grown to haze imported from vermont to the sweetest sweet tooth on the east coast.

seeded mids, headies, hydro, purple haze

More information: Don’t smoke on public beaches…cops typically make visits around 10 pm

“Falmouth cop”(summer of 03) -“I know your going to smoke but just don’t do it where any tourist can see you and don’t sell to them just go take a hike in the woods”

I would say at around 40-50% (not exaggerated either) of the local population under 25 smokes. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers for a hookup. Even many adults in the area smoke too.