Cannes, France

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana and Hashish and any related action (buying, selling, growing, smoking), are a criminal offence imposing a penalty of two months to one year in jail in addition to a fine of 56 EUR to 1680 EUR.

Law enforcement: As long as you don’t smoke near a policeman it will be ok

Where to buy marijuana: Buying is easy when there is no major event in cannes, go to the promenade, across the casino, near the mcdonald’s and you will see some Marrocan teens.

If you will walk near them, they will ask you if you want hash.

few warnings: they might sell you mud so insist on checking the hash dont agree to go to back streets with them they might tob you!!! (it happened)

Marijuana prices: 30-50 euros for 12 grams of haschich, the weed can be from 50 to 90 for 12 grams.

Marijuana brands:

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