Camden, NJ, New Jersey

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It is deffinetly illegal to smoke in new jersey with 1000$ fines for possesion of small amounts, but its such a rough area cops are interested in other things. Its to the point where you can smell the weed just when you walk down the sidewalk.

Law Enforcement: There is a huge heroin problem in camden and mostly the cops are out to get the hard drug users and they even these huge vans “meat wagons” picking these people up and throwing them in jail for seven days to straighten them out. They usually dont do anything about weed just stay out of there way and they won’t do anything.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Camden NJ: Federal street has mostly nickel bags of reg weed which is like really good shwag that isnt bricked up. You can also go to camden county college to find kb and the exotic weed.

Camden NJ Marijuana Prices and brands:

$5 dollars nickel bags which like a blunts worth of weed.

15$ grams of kb

45$ eigths of kb

250-275$ onces of kb

20$ grams of exotics

55-60$ eigths of exotics

More information: This was just rated the most dangerous small city in the US of 2005 so don’t mess around out there ulness you know people and stay away from the dope spots because cops will just pick you up if they see you there.

Do not even think of going to Camden unless you are Black or Hispanic, or know someone of the same ethnic group living in Camden. If you are white, you will get off lightly with just being held up or carjacked; if worse, murdered, robbed and carjacked. The city lost 80% of its population since the 1950’s and has under 25,000 people, 80% of whom are unemployed and under 25, the remainder dead or in prison. Add to the scenery, miles and miles of burnt out buildings, toxic waste dumps from closed down factories, abandoned buildings, missing street signs, etc., don’t even think of going into Camden, NJ. I live in Florida now and I lived in NJ most of my life close to Philly, so I know what it is like. The only unofficial hope for Camden would be to bulldoze the whole city with every living thing within the city limits. That is how bad it is! Yours truly, Tom P.S. Now South Philly in the Irish and Italian neighborhoods is a really cool place to score herb, and people grow in on the black asphalt-topped roofs of their rowhouses, which can’t be seen from the street.