Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Canada, but pretty lenient with enforcement.

Law enforcement: Most cops are pretty chill if you get caught with possession, unless your driving, then they can get pretty upset. just try to be as polite as possible and listen to the demands they say.

They have tossed marijuana pipes and accessories into the trash.

Where to buy marijuana: Sometimes tougher to find in Cambridge, best thing to do would be to go to the skate park and ask someone or go to the downtown Preston and Hespeler areas and look for the thugs.

You can buy it in downtown Cambridge (galt). Don’t give them the money until you get the weed, this happens a lot.

Marijuana prices: $10 = 1g, $20 = 2g, $25-35 (depending on strain) = 3.5g, $50-70 (strain depending) = 7.0 g, $70-110(strain depending) = 14.3 g, $140-230 (strain depending) = 28.6 g

Marijuana brands: Lots of really good hydros such as Champagne, White Widdows, White Rhino, Humboldt County, BC Gold. The supply is endless.

More information: Cambridge is a good place to get good herb.

Clyde Road.. Ask the right people and on this road, you can find ANYTHING.

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    Go to Crazy Bills on Ainslie Street (right outside Ainslie street GRT bus terminal). Go around 8:00, buy a cheap 7$ bowl, and ask whoever is behind the counter if they knew where you can get something to put in the bowl, or something like that. If they seem unsettled, throw a 20 on the counter and that’ll usually do it. Thats how I got my dealer. Dealers in cambirdge are unreliable, and pretty unprofessional, but its rly hard to get it over here. good product tho


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