Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: A new bill, passed by the Mexican Federal Legislature in late April 2006, has not yet been signed into law, but would decriminalize very small amounts of cannabis (under 5g) but would stiffen penalties for larger amounts and remove current discretion judges about the definition of “personal use amounts”.

Cannabis is illegal in all forms in Mexico and possession can result in stiff fines and long jail sentences. Police can often be bribed on the spot and it is said that police plant cannabis on innocent bystanders near the U.S. border in order to solicit bribes from tourists. (Unconfirmed, thanks MW and JH)

Law enforcement: Cabo is a tourist funded city, and as such the cops try not to scare many people away by busting them.

Where to buy marijuana: The main beach vendors or any of the small local trinket shops If for some reason you havent been aproached by one any of the beach vendors can either sell you some or point you to one of the many guys on the beach who can. Any of the trinket shops selling pipes will too.

Marijuana prices: approx. 10 grams for 30 dollars. Never take the first price they offer, they will go down quickly when they realize your not a chump and will bring the price down fast. In under a minute i went from 70 for aprox 10 grams to 30 and got a free wooden pipe. They make their money on dumb tourists who pay us prices

Marijuana brands: Not sure, medium strong Sativa, by no means brown frown. compressed, probaly from a brick at one point. dont be decived by “small” sized bags.

More information: It is hard to find rolling papers in alot of the stores and most of the cigars are useless for blunts. If they are not branded they could be a cheap mexican ciggarette wraped in a tobbaco leaf stuck into a plastic mouthpeice , i was tricked int o buying one of these useless things.

If you find a store with rolling papers or a machine made cigars buy them they are hard to come by.