Burlington, VT, Vermont

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.3

Legislation: Possession of less than two ounces of marijuana is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine up to $500 for the first offense. For a second offense the penalty increases to a possible two years in prison and a fine up to $2,000. There is a possibility of deferred sentencing for first offenders. For possession of two ounces or more, the penalty is up to three years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Possession of one pound or more is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $100,000. Possession of ten pounds or more carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison and a fine up to $500,000.

Vermont in general (at least Chittenden County) is pretty relaxed. It’s a very liberal area, so legislation isn’t really concerned about marijuana. Burlington has more heroin and Oxycontin problems, so they’re more focused on that.

The state of Vermont has had a medical marijuana law since 2004 but only starting July 2007 has it started expanded so more than a handful of patients can participate. The new version “expands the definition of “debilitating medical condition” to include: “(A) cancer, multiple sclerosis, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or the treatment of these conditions, if the disease or the treatment results in severe, persistent, and intractable symptoms; or (B) a disease, medical condition, or its treatment that is chronic, debilitating, and produces severe, persistent, and one or more of the following intractable symptoms: cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe pain; severe nausea; or seizures.”” The measure also raises the quantity of medical cannabis patients may legally possess under state law from one mature and/or two immature plants to two mature and/or seven immature plants. Senate Bill 7 also

amends state law so that licensed physicians in neighboring states [New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or New York] can legally recommend cannabis to Vermont patients.”

Law enforcement: “Look out for UVM police, they have a vendetta. Burlington police are a bit more chill, but discretion is optimal.”

and also: “I’ve lived in Burlington for a little over 20 years, and I can say most cops don’t really care. Law enforcement is really only after the big guys (mainly the guys who are selling in pounds). Burlington is a HUGE college town, so cops are expecting there to be weed. As long as you are minding your own business, they won’t bother you. I’ve been caught a couple times with under a slice, and they just took it and let me go. Most cops are pretty chill, but beware of some that love to bust college kids. ”

another reporter added: “Burlington police aren’t your typical donut-cops, they’re big, and fast, never run… a good bit of Vermont folk have at least one good story of a friend getting taken down by a brut po-9. Don’t be too scared either, cause while they could easily kick your ass they are for the most part not concerned with pot, more with “keeping the peace,” so in the bizarre event you do get cornered by police in the midst of session he’s/she’s likely to take your bag, break your piece (often the most painful part), and write you a ticket.”

Where to buy marijuana:

Burlington is a huge college town, so finding weed is never a problem. The first place you should go is to the UVM campus. If you can’t find weed here, you’re not looking. Ask several students, any one of them can hook you up or at least point you in the right direction. If you don’t have any luck there, check out Church Street, there’s all kinds of stoners loitering here. The best thing about the B town area is that it’s really safe, so you really don’t have to worry about being mugged or shot by sketch balls.

another reporter added: “You could mess with the downtown area but I wouldn’t recomend it. Rather head to one of the universities, there’s St. Mike’s, Champlain, and of course the ultimate haven–the University of Vermont. Just ask a student (best bet a younger freshman or sophomore) walking back up the hill of main street cause then they’ll be walking back to their dorms from class and will likely be in a good mood and on their way to get a bag for themselves. Be polite if your a stranger and offer a connection fee or at least a future smoke up.

Burlington is home to some of the greatest glassblowers in the world, they’re about seven heady glass shops within a square mile in downtown; I guess you could always look for a friendly stoner around there for a connect. Don’t ask the employees, that’s just awkward as they’re require to be very careful when discussing the “tobacco water pipes” and such.”

and also: “”As an update, UVM is still all about weed, but the administration is trying to clean up the university’s image. As a result of policies enacted to this effect, the UVM Police (a full-fledged department of real cops) now have a drug dog, and do random walks through the dorms. If “Dozer” brings the cops to your door, get ready to be busted. It is a state school, not private land, so the cops will come in and bust the unlucky freshman. As a result of this, weed has been drive underground on campus. You’re better off looking downtown, especially in the student residential neigborhoods. Good luck. ”

Burlington marijuana prices: Ranging from $35 an eigth (crappy brick weed) to $80+ for the good stuff. Average is $40-$50 for the decent stuff.

and also: “Local Vermont outdoors–the best high, the sweetest smoke–>

$10 grams, $30-35 eigths, $60-70 quarters, $120 half o’s, $190-220 o’s…

Headies–always nice but always pricey–>

$20 grams, $50-60 eigths, $100-120 quarters… never could afford any more so I couldn’t tell ya past that”

Brands: All kinds of stuff goes through B town. One month there may be nothing but brick, the next month you might be bombarded with all kinds of AK47. However, the most steady stream of stuff seams to be really good outdoor (Northern Lights is really popular around here).

and also: “The outdoors in Vermont are magnificeint, a subtle fruity taste with sativa enriched high that doesn’t make you drowsy or dull. The outdoorsies can be fickle in between the harvests spring to late fall, but there’s always the headies to fall back on. Harder on the wallet and harder on your head, the headies are typically those of indica–I don’t follow the names to closely but I’ve seen and tasted many. Great White Shark, Diesel, and really Skunky Skunk were some headier buds I toked in Vermont.”

More information: Pot flows through the universities like a river during the semester school year, but dies down during vacation times, excluding summer–even suppliers need a break. B-town is filled with friendly folks, rowdy folks, spacey folks, and everyone’s a little crazy for living there through the winters right off of the windy Lake Champlain; but there’s folks there of every type (though they are all caucasian pretty much). It is by any standard though, a very weed-friendly place to be.