Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Hashish and marijuana are totally illegal. However you can buy weed in a lot of varieties and in very good quality. A lot of Hungarian people smoke marijuana.

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Law Enforcement: The police will arrest everybody who use, buy, grow soft drugs, but sometimes you can buy your freedom on the spot. But be careful! Who only smoke and don’t sell or grow won’t get into prison, only have to count with penalty. But don’t risk police controlling, especially don’t drive car „high”!

another reporter added: “doesn’t seem like people seem to worried to talk to u about weed here and also try to tell u where to get it”

Where to Buy marijuana in Budapest: Our latest intrepid reporter tells us: ” Go to an Island called Hajógyári Sziget. It is actually the Island where the Sziget Festival is held at. But you enter through the first bridge to the Island which is the one close to Árpád bridge. Once you cross the bridge you will find yourself in an area with discos. Go straight from the bridge, pass the first building on your right hand and you will arrive to a marina. In the marina there are also 4-5 discos and one of them is on a boat. Go into the boat and go to the rear of it. Ask someone where you can shop? They show you the dealer and if you come in time you can get some weed. The place is only open during weekends until 5 am. But you need to be there earlier as demand is higher than supplies.”

Only buy marijuana from familiar people.

If you don’t know anyone, it will be a hard work, but don’t give up! Try going to the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station. When you face it, do not enter, but rather go along the wall that is to the left side from you and approach people of seemingly maghrib/arab descent, and ask for ganja. Do not go after 8 or 9, usually nobody there.

another reporter added: “if u get on the metro got to moskva station and ask for directions to the park to where the fringe festival is held. when u get to the park u will be surprised to see such a huge collection of young people just hanging around in the park, playing ball games or watching one of the various free theater shows they put on there. if you just walk round for a little and keep your eyes open for suspicious young people looking like they are up2 no good, don’t be to straight forward or the will suspect u of being a narc. so maybe the best idea is to have a little chat before you ask them for weed

A reporters adventure: Following previously reported information, I went straight to the East station and asked the first Arab guy I could find ( Mohamed was from Cairo ). He told me if I had come the previous evening ( Friday night ), there was a lot of smoke around. This was Saturday noon and everybody was still sleeping. No problems, we had an espresso while a couple calls were made. Then, we got into Mohamed’s car and drove to a Gypsy neighborhood next to the big Vietnamese flea market. We looked at several different kinds of weed and hash the gypsy’s were offering. I bought 20 grams of some locally grown Dutch weed. It was still on the wet side but the count was ok. Price was 10 EURO per gram straight up – but didn’t mind. Mohamed paid the gypsy in the stairwell and I assume he took a small cut. We stopped at an ATM and I reimbursed him. No problem. We rode back to the station and he dropped me off – leaving me his mobile number. Interestingly, Mohamed was under the impression selling weed was very dangerous in London ( where I am from ) and commented selling weed here in B’Pest was “no problem” in comparison. I know this is contrary to what others wrote but I’m puffing it right now – does the trick.

Brands: You will find Hungarian indoor as well dutch import. Probably you won’t get to know the name of the weed, but the quality is in general good, and often very good. The Hungarian indoor is frequently from dutch seeds.

Budapest marijuana prices: The going price around town is supposed to be 10 euros for a gram and that’s what they will tell u that ur gonna get but the deals are really small and i’m sure that they are only half a gram. but if you’re on holiday and ur a big pothead like me u probably will be relived to have that first cone and then u will forget about being ripped off.

Area: 52500 acres

Population: 1.8 million

Country: Hungary

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2

Telephone Area Code: 36

City Tale:

It’ not to easy to find marijuana in Budapest, if you don”t know any hungarian young guy. And it could be dangerous, too, because all these godlike plants are strictly illegal. You won’t see people smoking pot on the streets, but use your imagination, if you a fella who looks like a smoker, do not hesitate to ask for a lighter or something else, and begin a conversation. After few sentences ask him about marijuana. If he smoke you have luck, maybe he can help you, he won’t be trust less. If not you will know it immediately.

You will see more „roller” people on parties, there are a lot of dealers and smokers, too. There you have more chance to find something. You have more chance if you are on a private party.

Most of the older people don’t know marijuana or even the smell of it, because in their young era it was near impossible to buy weed. From the late 80’s you can see more and more smoker. Today between the young generation it’s a common thing. But the law is still with fully strength against it. There are more and more legalization movement, but they aren’t enough supported.

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  • Essa

    Hello, am an arab from Dubai going to be in Budapest next week for sometime over a month, if possible we can meet and i can talk to some of those sneaky arabs, might get something out of them! since we share the same language, i like to smoke and i need a hook up very fast.

    this is my email, kindly contact me in case ur interested in joining up forces and beat this thing.

  • löller

    As a guy from Budapest, I think you have been extremely unlucky Aaron. Not just pot-wise, but your whole impression of the city seems off to me. Its sad to read youre unhappy here. If you are still in the city, I think I can change your mind in a hartbeat. If intrested, feel free to contact me.

  • Twentyfive

    Hi guys, i will move to Budapest from Monday. Has anyone found a good dealer in Budapest? We could also smoke together! 🙂

    • Renátó Flaisz

      Hey man, if you want, we can meet up, im a Budapest lcoal who loves toking 🙂

      • Twentyfive

        Oh! Thank you mate! Hope you aren’t a scammer or a police man!! ahaha! How can we get in touch? 🙂

  • seanstrummer

    Hi all just landed today in Budapest for an indefinite period would like to find some weed as I am pot head 😉 or somebody to share a spliff sometimes 🙂 just let me know and we can meet ciaoooo

    • Renátó Flaisz

      Hey bro, just write to me on facebook and I’ll set you up 🙂 I’ve already helped twentyfive out, we met in person yesterday and got blazed 🙂 cheers man

      • seanstrummer

        Coool! Just replied to you on FB

        • Lena Hamdi

          Heeeeeeey Im moving to budapest in jan would also love to make friends with some like minded people 😀 let me know if you have any luck 🙂

          • Renátó Flaisz

            we ended up meeting, actually 3 times, and we hung out and enjoyed it 🙂 was great to make a friend through a website

          • Ri Csi


  • Renátó Flaisz

    You can always message me, I’m gonna help you, I’ve helped plenty already 🙂