Bucharest, Romania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Very strict. You can’t be arrested for consumption but 1g in your pocket, if found, means jail for sure.

The law strictly forbids the use, possession or selling of MJ or hash. You’ll get 3-5 yrs for consumption and 15-17 for drug-dealing.

It’s highly illegal to smoke/own/sell marijuana in Romania. The legislation is conservative and everything linked to any kind of drug is a criminal offense. There are more and more voices that say the consumption of drugs should not be considered a crminal offense and it’s very likely the laws will change in the coming years.

Law Enforcement: Undercover cops in most of the clubs, pubs, bars. Usual policemen knows the look and smell of weed, so home is the best place to enjoy your smoking. You can drive high as long as you can keep it straight if police stops you. But they are not allowed to do that as long as you’ve done nothing wrong.

Where to buy Marijuana in Bucharest: Just friends and friends of friends. Asking ppl on the street or clubs is a bad idea. But if you have buddies, I’m sure someone will know a pothead which can help you have some…And if you bother enough, maybe they will trust you to get in touch with a good dealer 😉

Don’t try to get hooked up from people you don’t know. Especially when purchasing weed it’s better to use recommendations, because it’s very easy to cheat, so you need a reliable source. When buying hash it doesn’t really matter where you get it from, they’re all good, but be careful to the weight. It’s also more likely to find hash than weed

Where NOT to buy marijuana:

– clubs, bars, discos

– suburban, ghetto-like areas

– concerts or public events

In general, in Romania marijuana or hash can be bought safely only from people you know. Don’t buy from strangers ! You don’t know who’s watching them !

Prices: Price depends on many things. Usually, it’s about 20 euros/g, no matter the quality. But knowing a 1st hand or even a 2nd hand dealer (hard to get) can give you better prices and help you find good quality. Also, big quantities (over 20g) can get you a discount. Hash is a little cheaper, about 15 euros/g and usually it’s good or very good quality.

Depending on where it came from, prices/gram are variable:

2-4 eur for bad, romanian weed [still good though, but tastes horrible]

10-14 eur for better romanian weed [will get you going]

15-25 eur for imports [from Germany or The Netherlands – reel good stuff]

20 eur for the best hash you’ll ever smoke [Made in Romania]

Brands: Too many… from the worst romanian weed grown in parks to dutch champions. 🙂

White widow, hawaiian haze, holland’s hope even ak47(rare). Hash is Moroccan, Afghani or Pakistani… Lately, very good quality.

More information: As i previously said.. make friends and enjoy your weed at home, with them. In this way, nothing worse can happen.

Country: Romania

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours

Dialing codes: + 40