Brussels, Belgium


No amount of cannabis is legal to possess in Belgium, you used to be able to possess up to 3 grams as an adult but as of 2015 this is NOT legal anymore. Police will take the name of an individual in possession, but the Belgian state will not prosecute. We’ve been told that a new law to allow for medical use of cannabis has lead the police to be more forgiving about possession of small amounts of non-medicinal cannabis. FA tells us that there is no legal way to buy or import cannabis or its seeds.

Law enforcement

It is illegal to smoke cannabis in Belgium, but like in much of Europe, the police will only confiscate if you have less than 3 to 5 grams. Also, if you have it cut up, you might be considered a dealer. as elsewhere depends on the policeman you get in front of you.

Where to buy marijuana in Brussels

Matong (near Louise metro stop) is an african quater. Very average quality, usually only bud. Rue de la poste used to be the place to get it but NO LONGER!! Generaly in town you will ‘follow your nose’, and if approched correctly, some young North African guys can help.. but be careful. Personally, from Bruxelles, the Dutch border is an hour away.. but there are often police checks in the train staitions, no problems via car/motorway.

The easiest thing to do is hop on a train to Holland: they go every hour. Go to Dordrecht or Rotterdam for the day, and go to the coffee shops there. Go during the day time and dress conservatively to fit in with the commuters. I’ve rarely seen cops on the train and they seem more concerned with busting illegal immigrants who disembarked in Schipol (Amsterdam) airport.

WeBeHigh recent tips
Some users suggested:

  • Just near Louise metro stop come on man ! it is about 800 mts far from Quick Burger here is some detailed information N4 19, Ixelles, Burssels
  • Find Matong sign wich is purple and under that sign you can see our fellas will be in your eyes, nod your head befor walking thru him and watch out there are a lot of cops around.

But others warned:

  • Don’t bother, the quality is terrible. Try going to the VUB, it’s the biggest university in Brussels, ask around at the Kultuur Kafé. It’s located at the tram station Arsenal which is accessible with line 7.
  • Don’t bother going to Matonge, the weed you can get there is very bad. If you need weed then go to the VUB, it’s a university where a lot of stoners hang out. Ask around and you’ll most likely find some decent weed.
  • Beware of the train stations in Brussels. The police have too much time on their hands and they will search. If you get caught with a small amount, they’ll take a statement from you and send you on your way. But it’s still a buzz kill.
  • At Ribaucourt metro station you can find hard drugs and down town at the Bourse by night more likely on wads you can find some buds or hash but be careful it might be a rip off

Marijuana prices & types

480€ for 100G of marocan ‘No.1’ hashish smaller quantities more expencive ie 125€ 25g hashish. Bud is +/- 3.8g/25€ but can be more expensive. All marocan and Dutch brands, K2, super skunk, orange bud, etc (dealers usually go to holland to buy).

More information

“shit” is french for hashish and ‘beuh” is bud. You buy per € and not gram. Good smoking =)