Bristol, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is a Class C drug in Britain. It has the lowest penalties: a maximum of two years and/or unlimited fine for possession; five years and/or unlimited fine for trafficking. It includes tranquillisers, some less potent stimulants, and mild opioid analgesics (eg buprenorphine which is used in the treatment of opioid dependency). It also includes liquid cannabis, cannabinol and cannabinol derivatives (THC) (as of Jan 29, 2004).

illegal but in practice own use is ignored if you are discreet. Transgressors tend to get their stash confiscated and maybe a small fine.

Law enforcement: The cops are not interested in cannabis users, but will bust growers. They are mostly keen to stamp out heroin and crack use, and good luck to them.

Where to buy marijuana: Ask around, particularly around St Pauls, St Werburghs, Easton, Gloucester Rd. Go to any reggae gig and chances are you’ll just have to breathe in. Bear in mind that the areas where the stuff is sold (especially Easton and St Pauls) are infamous for drugs and can be a bit unsafe.

Marijuana prices: Prices vary for hash, most of which is crappy soap bar. There’s lots of excellent home grown grass in Bristol, at around $140 an ounce, and worth every penny.

Marijuana brands: You name it, it’s there.

More information: Ashton Court music festival in August is a great place to go for a smoke. Everyone is stoned.