Boulder, CO, Colorado

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Colorado has passed Amendment 64 which allows people 21 and over to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana. Currently state and counties are working out legislation behind the opening of public pot shops. Colorado also continues to be a medical marijuana state and dispensaries are in every town.

Law Enforcement:

Police are not that common. They drive mostly, and foot patrolling is rare. They rarely approach potspots like Pearl Street, so smoking in public is not uncommon. It’s still a good idea to do it in an alley or offstreet, just on the off-chance of a copper busting your ass. Indoor smokers – you’re good to go.

a later report added: “Boulder Police Department doesn’t give a fig whether you smoke pot or don’t. they will respond on complaint. If under an ounce the process involves no detention and run $100 with $30 Court costs. The rub is that pipes or any paraphernalia or smoking in public is a misdemeanor. Boulder County Courts do not sent folks to jail for pot. Possession of pounds and/or Sales will earn probation with weekly $12 to $20 UAs.”

And our most recent report is: “Cops are always outside the courthouse on Pearl Street, the hill has a police station ON it, and Boulder High park is patrolled by cops. If you are inconspicuous and in a group of people, smoking shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t light up in front of them. Cops stay in their cars and usually will just tell you to not smoke in public if they catch you.

If you REALLY want to play it safe and its a beautiful day out, drive as far up baseline as you can until you get to Chataqua Park. Boulder law states that it is ILLEGAL for police to patrol Chataqua Park. they can be called on a complaint, but no one cares. You are safer smoking at Chataqua park than in an apartment. If you are really up for a challenge, Keep driving up Baseline road onto flagstaff road. there are plenty of lookout points where you can light up and enjoy the view of all of Boulder and the eastern plains of Colorado. ”

Where to buy marijuana in Boulder: It has been a year since Penny Lane closed. The trade center closed in June.

The County Court House lawn is still where people congregate. A better, more laid-back place to score is Central Park, two blocks away.

Kind Bub runs $50 an eighth and on the best of days will run $320 a z.

A lot of good B quality Mexican can be had in Denver. When it crosses the line to Boulder it is $100 to $125. It is not in great demand.

A medical card holder can find a caretaker who will charge from $75 to $280 an ounce. There is one care-giver that supplies his five charges nothing, providing up to an ounce a week.

And our most recent report is: “There is one street you need to know. Broadway. Broadway takes you by “the hill” where all of the older college kids live, eat, and party. NExt stop 500 yards north is Boulder High School and a large open park where you can score some buds off the homeless hippies there. Another 500 yards down the road is Pearl Street, an outdoor mall which is home to seemingly hundreds of hippies. Look around for someone with dreads or a tie die shirt, and you should be set. ”

Brands: Local Colorado buds, primarily Skunk and Purple Kush, are most common. Rarities include White Widow, Orange Crush, and the occasional imported Trainwreck.

Another reporter added:” orthern Lights, Strawberry Cough, Kush, AK-Cherry Lime, Sour Diesel, Blueberry, and Headies around in Boulder.”

Boulder Marijuana Prices:

Prices run a little cheaper in Boulder, generally around $25 for an eigth of great locally grown bud. You can score quarters for as low as $50, if you know the right people. Ounces are typically $200 on a good day, $220 on a bad day. Cheap prices are due to an abundance of CU frat houses that grow to support thier inane ability to get drunker than shit.

More information: Boulder is a wonderful place to get stoned. After you do your toking, instead of sitting on your ass eating chips and listening to Bob Dylan, get up and take a hike. Literally. Boulder is a phenominally georgeus town. Take a nature walk down by the Chitaqua (shi-tock-wa) Center, or walk around the Mall. There’s live music pretty much 24/7. The Penny Lane Coffe House is a popular hangout (and a last-ditch place to score bud) that hosts open mics every week, I think on Thursdays. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill kareoke open mics. You get a lot of intriguing poetry, solo guitarists and bassists, and some really interesting bands. Definitely cool stuff, especially for the high-minded. Boulder is full of cool people who are more than willing to converse with you about pretty much anything – just beware of scavenger smokers. Another great thing to do is to check out the Shambala Center, which is a Buddhist temple/monastary a block north of Pearl St reet. You can’t miss it – it’s a 7-story building with a jade green roof. Go there and meditate in the fabulous shrine, if you’re into that kind of thing. So overall, there’s a shitload of cool stuff in this town – or you can just crack open the Fritos and listen to Blonde on Blode if you want. It’s all good!