Boston, Massachusetts


On November 8th 2016 the residents of Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. The bill goes live on December 15th 2016. However the first licenses for cannabis clubs in Massachusetts will not be issued until January 1st 2018.

The reason for this delay, is that the state will need to take time to give out the business licenses for legal cannabis clubs to open, and there are many other details that need to be figured out, but it is indeed happening and you will not need a medical card to purchase cannabis.

The bill, going into effect this December, will allow adults to grow 6 mature plants per household, per adult, in an enclosed, locked space. This means if you have 2 adults in your household, you are allowed 12 plants.

Adults 21 years of age or older will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana outside of their residence and up to 10 ounces of marijuana in an enclosed, locked space within their dwellings.

Without pot shops, you must obtain cannabis in the mean time through a “gift” program. Someone can legally give you marijuana, and you can possess it, but it is technically not legal to sell it yet. This is the same thing we saw in Colorado and Washington when they first legalized.

Massachusetts is the first state on the east coast of the USA to legalize recreational marijuana. Due to this, it is unknown what effect this will have on the rent prices, job opportunities, and unemployment rate in the state, but now you’ll be able to legally get high and attend a Patriots game.

There are already talks by Massachusetts politicians and law enforcement about how they are not prepared to deal with this new bill, so prepare for delays until the pot shops open.

Law Enforcement

You can smoke the police might have something to say about it but if your not selling it and only have a little on you they will let you off with a warning, but if you get caught and it’s bagged up, IT’S OVER FOR YA…. you will be in the clinker and most likely face he judge in the morning….

More recent hemp fests have been less tolerant of smoking in the open. When friends and I attended the last hemp fest, we were kicked off the common for smoking a bowl. Just be smart about it, avoid the cops on horseback and any sketchy guys standing with headsets on/ on the phone. They ARE watching for deals.

a local reporter added: “Law enforcement is fairly lax in Massachusetts. I know several people who have been caught in public by the cops and they were only made to toss what they had or told to take it inside. Living in the city, I often can smell or see people smoking on the streets, in parks, or in cars. I don’t recommend this, but rule of thumb is that if you’re caught with what is clearly personal use and not dealing, you’ll be okay. I advise Blacks to use much more caution. There is a lot of legal racism here, and the biggest concern is searches. Clubs and Bars search people at random, as do security people in many government buildings, on the train or subway. If you are black you are MUCH more likely to get searched, and searched more thoroughly- note to rastas- they may even search in your dreds! And in these cases you will get busted. NO ONE should bring it inside with them to a bar/club, and if you bring it on the public transportation (especially if you’re black) make sure to hide it really well and NEVER have a lot on you on the trains! ”

additional anecdotes provided my locals stated ” I Was busted in public once but since we were in the parking lot of our work right after hours they essentially let us off. “Just in case you guys were doing something which might be socially acceptable but legally reprehensible, next time just do it at home.”

Where to buy Marijuana in Boston, MA.

You can find some of the best marijuana on the streets of Boston… Go up and down Blue Hill Ave and you are bound to find some one with the type of smoke you want. There are many other place to get it as well, such as going out to the local night club, chatting online line with some on in the neighborhood that you might be visiting, or just plain ol’ somebody that know somebody…

a local reporter added: “Blue Hill Ave is good as a last resort or if you’re a local, as it has your old fashioned, easily identifiable dealers hanging out on the streets with little police interference. However, not advised for out of towners. Blue Hill Ave is in a poor residential area that is not easy to get to or near any of the tourist areas. Plus, although busts are very rare, a lot of the dealers hang out in close proximity to the police station which is bound to make them nervous. Also often can’t get good quality there. The best places to go are Harvard Square on the red subway line in Cambridge and in front of Berkley college on Mass ave by the Hynes Convention Center T-stop. Ask the young punks, indie kids, or Jamaicans and you’ll find someone. But almost never will you get pot on the spot, you’ll have to get their number or go back with them to their place. WARNING: In the summer Boston is DRY AS A BONE. The college kids are all gone, and they are the ones that really keep the pot economy going, both on the supply and demand side. It is possible to get lucky by asking around enough, but if school’s not in session pot is extremely hard to find. Your best bet is to check around Berkley. Also ask around at a club (less likely to get a hit at the bars). Start chatting with people outside in the smoker’s area and you’ve got a good chance of getting someone’s phone number who can help you out. People know how it is around here, most smokers are very friendly and even if they are not dealers themselves they won’t mind being the middleman to help out a fellow head in need! I’ve had people go out of their way for me who I just met and chatted with briefly. Don’t be afraid to ask. You may not get lucky but people are cool with being asked.”

Marijuana prices and Brands in Boston, MA. 

Want the Haze, got it, want some fish got that too… As for prices – ½ oz. Of regular quality goes for approx. 75$, and ¼ oz. of regular quality goes for 45$. If you want premium quality, well- it costs: ¼ oz goes for 90 to 120$, a ½ oz. For 150$ and a full oz. Goes for 240$

A different report we later received is: “300-400 oz hydro Northern Lights or White Widow”

and a local reporter added: “here are huge disparities of pot in Mass. I have friends who consider fairly seedy stemmy mids “good” weed, and there’s a lot of that around, it’ll getcha high but not great stuff. There’s a lot of $50 1/8 hybrids that are nice. In the upper range ($60-$80) you have your Purple Haze (most common)/ Strawberry Haze, Juicy Fruit, Bubblegum (less common)/ Northern Lights, Cherry Berry, Blueberry, and high quality hybrids (rare)

shwag: $20-25 an 1/8 mids: $35-40 1/8 kind bud: $50-75″

additionally there is Good New Hampshire weed. This is stuff that’s solid usually fruity, occasionally you’ll get some stems, always has a different name but it’s really pretty unreliable. Almost all of it just comes from farms in NH It is good, it works, but won’t smoke as smooth as tasteful or have as very strong an effect.

Critical Mass is a local great dank bud.

1/8=70, 1/4=130, half = 250

Top of the Line: Trainwreck, Knockout, T-Strain, White Widow, Scooby Snacks Very very dank and the best high I’ve found in Boston.

More information

Smoking at concerts is totally cool if it’s an outdoor show (obviously with appropriate music. A snoop Dog, 311, or Korn concern will be a haze of blunts, not so much with Barenaked Ladies or Josh Groban). Every mid to late September, the Boston Hemp Fest is held on the Boston Common. Thousands of people openly smoking, cops don’t do anything, great music, great food. Amazing glass bowls for dirt cheap. However don’t go to this event to sell or buy, you MUST get a stash before hand. Cops leave smokers alone but have eyes peeled for deals going down and will NAB YOUR ASS! This is well known though, I’ve never encountered a dealer at this event. But it is a great smokers social event, and you can make connections to get some bud at a later date.