Bonn, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3-4

Legislation: Although marijuana is technically illegal, personal consumption is arguably decriminalized due to the “ban on excessive punishment” inherent in German law. According to federal guidelines prosecution can be declined in cases of up to 30 grams in several regions.

Law enforcement: Don’t smoke in public, but if you are chilling in a park it’s allright. The cops are pretty friendly but since possession is illegal in Germany watch out a bit, although they are not gonna check you. if you are 18 you r allowed to have it in your system, so things are pretty easy .

Where to buy marijuana: At the Hofgarten near the university, when it is getting dark. Black guys are usually selling weed, but they are expensive, although the weed is ok. Arabs or Turks sell hash, which is ok, and it seems to me that they are a bit less expensive.

Usually, you meet black guys OR Arabs, they don’t seem to be around the same time. Make eye contact, they will initiate the deal.

Whenever I went there, the dealers were pretty relaxed, since it’s not a big city. They let you check the merchandise first, which you should do.

During the day, there might be civil police you wouldn’t recognize.