Bloomington, IN, Indiana

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Indiana law states possession of 30 grams or less is punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of $5000, and more than 30g is up to three years and double the fine. First time convictions are usually dealt with very lightly.

Very liberal municipal government, but indiana is a very conservative state. Although bloomington would probably be the first city to legalize green in indiana, it will be held back by the fact that most conservatives will refuse to change the law at the state level.

Law enforcement: There are actually two police departments to worry about, Bloomington’s and IU’s. IUPD’s concerns are overwhelmingly centered on alcohol, traffic violations, and sometimes bicycle theft. Fairly little attention is paid to marijuana.

Police tend to only look for the big people in the game, not messing with small tokers, mostly because it there are too many people smoking it. However, if you give them a reason to arrest you they will, so dont flaunt anything. If someone wanted to go on a cruise simply go off on a back road away from campus.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s fairly trivial to find all varieties in Bloomington. On campus, some of the more liberal dorms, particularly Collins LLC and Forest, will have lots of people in the marke. Off campus, there are lots of parties around in apartment buildings to the north and east, or in some of the houses in the neighborhoods to the south, and many will be open to selling. The bars (sports bars, especially) on the west end of town, the Greek housing to the north, and most of the other dorms are generally not good places to look.

Our most recent report is: “If you’re trying to buy on campus, you’ll most likely run into people looking for upwards of $25 a gram, or even $70 an eighth. This is what out-of-towners try to sell for, and almost all of the people slinging weed on campus are from out of state.

The best people to buy dope off of are townies. You can reliably find smokers at almost every park near downtown Bloomington. There are usually multiple tokers (most of which are high school kids, but they tend to have decent bud) hanging out around most parks, so feel free to ask anyone who looks like they might smoke. Townie prices for Primo shit are usually around $50 an eighth.”

and: “Look for people blazing all around IU campus at parties, people are very liberal about it if you seem cool, jus ask around and have a beer while ur at it.”

Bloomington, IN marijuana prices: Varies very widely. IU attracts students from all over Indiana and the rest of the country, so it just depends on whom you’re buying from.

More information: Do not tip off dorm supervisors and/or RAs to the notion that you’re looking to buy, or they WILL call IUPD.

The people throughout the town, especially on campus seem to be very accepting of smoking, since so many people do it. It is not uncommon to walk into someones apartment and find bongs and blunts laying around, ready for use. It is rare to find someone who is anti-green… they simply wont touch the stuff because there are a lot of drinkers on campus. Most people are cool with it and there are a lot of heavy dank smokers throughout town. There is also very lush trees and beautiful scenery around the Bloomington area (aka Tree City) to accompany the euphoric feelings one experiences in their visit.