Bermuda, Bermuda

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2


Legislation: Marijuana and any related activity and/or paraphernalia is illegal in Bermuda. Penalties and fines are very strict, especially for locals.

Law enforcement: Bermuda is a tourist hot-spot two hours by plane from the east coast of the USA. Tourism is the islands second major source of income after international re-insurance. The island is very stern about protecting its image; and all drug related activity is severely punished. Locals caught in possession of even the smallest amount of weed risk heavy fines ($500+), and being put on the dreaded ‘stop-list’; a policy restricting residents from leaving the island. Tourists caught in possession of event the smallest amount of weed also risk similar fines, and the risk of being deported.

Where to buy marijuana: Despite the severe punishments for marijuana possession, marijuana use is quite common, and it is usually quite easy to find, if you have time to spare. If you don’t have any connections yourself, your best bet is to go into town on a Friday night and make some friends. Many people smoke, and Bermudians are very friendly and will usually hook you up, or will know someone who will hook you up. If you are shy about asking random, try asking Rasta’s, or anyone with dreadlocks.

another reporter added: “Had luck in a place called Spanish Point, outside of Hamilton. Was approached by some local rastas as soon as we pulled in. Brownish, earthen bud, but smelled great and was a good high. Much better than it looks.”

Marijuana prices: Get ready for this…

A startling $50 per gram.

$125 – $150 for a 1/4 ounce

(the Bermuda dollar is tied to the US dollar; and either, or both currencies can be used for purchasing anything on the island).

Once again, if you have connections you might be able find better deals, but prices are fairly stiff, and better deals are hard to come by.

Marijuana brands: Don’t be picky when it comes to looking for specific brands, take what you can get. Most weed in Bermuda is imported and it is usually a dark brown color. Occasionally you will get some green bud, but don’t be turned off by the color, as it is usually ok weed, and dealers will have no problem selling to someone else later if you are too picky. Very rarely some light green will find its way in from Canada; but this will go very quickly and for outrageous prices $75 per gram.

More information: Bermuda is a beautiful island and there are many great places to blaze; but be smart and smoke privately, and not somewhere where you will get your self caught. Concerts, raft-ups, and large outdoor parties are an exception; feel free to spark up if you smell the sweet sensi! If you do happen to get caught, be polite, and you may get lucky. You may just get your weed taken away and sent on your way (if the cop feels like a bit of a smoke). If you’re a tourist and you get caught, your best bet is to play the naןve tourist card, and polity explain that you weren’t aware of the laws, apologize, etc. Once you do manage to score some grade, your purchase will probably look smaller than it is supposed to be. That is because the weed has usually been compressed for transport purposes. It doesn’t hurt to mention that your baggie looks a bit small, but once again, your dealer will have no problem moving it later on, so don’t complain too much 😉 happy blazing!